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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 49
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Someone in your family has started (or is about to start) procedures to return from abroad. This person has gone abroad for work. He/she has a job outside the country, or on the other side of the country. He/she has a family relationship with you, or is someone whom you consider as being family, though you might not really be related. He/she travels abroad often for work (or as a part of his/her work), and it is often for different jobs. Because of his/her many trips, your contacts with him/her are becoming increasingly rare and often very far apart. His/her return is soon and he/she is looking forward to seeing you again. We are talking about somebody who likes change and who is very attached to his/her freedom and independence (especially being able to travel). This person is linked to the sea, so he/she lives close to the sea, he/she was born close to the sea, or he/she often travels by sea. A sudden change (or an unexpected event) occurred abroad and this is why he/she has to come back. Seeing you again will do him/her good, because even if he/she is happy to travel, he/she misses you often. This person is also at a point in his/her life where he/she feels the need to recharge, and so he/she plans to take a (more or less extended) break when it comes to travelling.

Someone is in love with you. However, this person is already in a relationship and he/she does not have the freedom to confess his/her feelings. His/her current relationship seems well entrenched, but it is actually strangely confused. Although this person may have an unreasonable, or perhaps even inappropriate love for you, this love is nonetheless quite real. This person cannot get closer to you, but he/she would actually like to do so. You have already noticed this, but you cannot (or do not want) to believe it, because this seems too insane to you. Here, we are talking about a young person who is smiling and full of energy. His/her actions (which are intended to make you happy or to get your attention) are barely veiled. Even if all of this appears implausible or incomprehensible to you, we are indeed talking here about someone who is madly in love with you. He/she will soon show this to you, and in a rather unusual way. You will be very surprised!

You have to focus your energies in order to complete a task that has been overdue for too long. Work on it needs to be finished once and for all because it is hindering your progress with the other projects that you have in front of you. You definitely have to give yourself to the task because soon you will not be able to move forward on your life journey. The opportunities that are open to you are dwindling day by day, and this is not due to chance. You are at fault, therefore it is imperative that you regularize your situation quickly. You do not have the right to allow yourself to fall due to the weight of events because you are endowed with a great personality (dignity, courage and perseverance). In this situation, the longer you wait, the heavier your burden will be. You have a very promising future, even an exceptional one, but first you must complete what you started.
Wisdom and respect for human values will be your best allies in your relationship situation. Your honesty and generosity will have a major place in your daily actions and thoughts. Even if your professional life has a great impact on your personal life, you must make sure not to neglect your love life.

A woman is sad or depressed. You have a profound attachment to this woman. She is faced with a separation which is proving painful for her. You must stay closer by her side. You must show her all of your support to help her get through this testing situation. It is imperative that this woman updates legal or financial papers due to this separation, but she does not have the strength or the motivation (or the necessary skills). A money transfer complication or interruption (pension, allocation, inheritance or otherwise) is at stake. You must also take this woman to a place of rest, healthcare or vacations, so that she can regain her strength. All of this will cost you a lot of time and effort, but you have the necessary ability and willpower for the task. This duty has been imposed upon you, but it is also a personal desire for you. You are very attached to this woman and you are more than willing to do all of this, putting your own little everyday concerns to one side.

A great wonder is awaiting you (magic, surprise, excitement …). Your situation will stabilise and a promise will be kept. A trip is coming and you will know enchantment. The preparations will be long and sometimes discouraging, but the result will be extraordinary. A dream will be realised, because you are a determined and talented person. You have worked hard and your efforts shall bear fruit. You will take a trip and it will be the trip of your life. This trip will be unparalleled and will transform you totally. It is genuine and is also related to your love life. You will cross rivers and will stop in extraordinarily fertile lands. You will settle down in the country and you will cultivate your happiness. You will be married and happy, and your honesty will be your greatest virtue. Never will you be separated from the one you love, because you will cling to life and you will love with an unbounded love. Nothing will hinder you for you believe in your future and in absolute love. You are an artist and it is through your art that you will succeed in life and impress others. You believe in the afterlife and it is this that makes you strong. You understand the messages you receive and your dreams will never be illusions. You are a fascinating person and will undoubtedly leave your mark. Your faith is your greatest wealth and you will be rewarded because of that.
You are preparing for travel, a journey that has been planned for several months now, and you are taking meticulous care to plan everything down to the smallest details. In a sense, or in part, this journey will represent a pilgrimage that you have longed to make for a long time. It will offer you the chance and the opportunity to take on challenges that promise enticing future benefits. A woman somewhat younger than yourself will be involved in this adventure. Your interactions with her are set to be positive and will play a determining role in its unfolding. You do not know her well, but she knows you better. She is a Capricorn with highly developed artistic gifts. Key words: air, intrigue, music, beauty, enjoyable activities, giving in, similar, Friday morning, month of June.

A business (or professional) meeting has a lot of importance. You will have a meeting to reach an agreement that will have significant effects (or developments) on your long-term financial situation. Following this meeting, you will be more confident regarding what the future has in store for you, and this will allow you to plan (for very soon) a new way of living that you have been desiring for a long time. This meeting will have as its goal to meet a woman that you do not know (or know very little). This woman has a dominant personality and she has great skills (knowledge and experience) regarding the financial world. She can allow people to get out of financial difficulties, just as she can allow others to get rich. For the opposite sex, she is a very attractive woman, but in love she is uncompromising. This is a woman who is both fascinating, and a go-getter. She will also have something to talk about with you regarding you work (or your career plan). She knows (or will be informed) that you have had health problems in the past and she has (or will have) solutions (or new opportunities) for you. This woman is symbolically linked to the forest and birds, which indicates that she symbolizes both stability and liberty (especially financially). She will therefore be very favorable to you, no matter your situation.

You will receive or will obtain confidential information from a businessman, a salesman, or a man who manages relatively large amounts of money. This information is related to a matter or an event that will have consequences on the level of justice. A woman who represents the law is involved (lawyer, judge, policewoman, prosecutor, witness, or other). This woman is barely older than you and is determined to enforce the law. A payment (or a transfer, theft, or misuse) of money was done fraudulently and somebody will have to be accountable for his/her actions in front of a tribunal. The amount of money is considerable and this action cannot stay unpunished. For now, this information is more the subject of a rumour or a suspicion, but evidence exist and they will soon come to light.

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