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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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You need to rethink one of your long-term goals. You have more potential than you think. You can set the bar higher. It is clear that you could do better, so you have to act accordingly. Do not be afraid of having bigger ambitions, because you can do much more extraordinary things. You can impress people and you have all you need to achieve your goals. You have learned a lot from your past mistakes and you really are more battle-hardened than you believe. A failure in the past does not mean the end of a dream. On the contrary, you have great abilities and you can get much more out of yourself (in your work, efforts, reflections, etc.). It is time for you to bounce back, because you can really take giant steps to face one of your main goals in life. If you think you are at a dead end, do not hesitate to take a new path. It is useless to move like a turtle if you can fly like a bird. In this regard, you are your own obstacle. You put the brakes on yourself without good reason. You must have more faith in yourself, because what you can accomplish is fascinating.

A man of about the same age as you comes to you because of financial problems. It could be a neighbour or someone from very close to where you live. He tells you that he needs money for food. His behaviour is demanding. He recently went into mourning. Not mourning over a person, but mourning in a broader sense of the term. He wants you to ease his suffering. He wanders in parks and often tells people nonsense. This man is more in need of psychological or psychiatric help than your financial support. You must be wary of him because he is often bossy, exasperating and unpredictable. Any help that you might give him should not be the result of a moral question, but rather out of wisdom.

This concerns a sustainable success in your life. This success is specific to a particular field. Even if you have difficulty in reaching your goals with regard to some of your dreams, in other words, there is a field in which you will succeed and in which you will stand out from the others. We are speaking here about an activity that you engage in or a way of working that is your own. You really have a prodigious talent and you demonstrate it in what you do. Indeed, it is your talent that will allow you to realise your dreams, so you need to stop doubting yourself once and for all. If you stick to what you do best, you will be a leader or a star in your field. You already excel, and so you will impress people a lot in a few years time. Your fame will clearly be your glory and people will certainly want to learn all about you.
You will have a serious disagreement with the person you love. You do not have the same vision as him/her concerning a very delicate question. This discussion will be unpleasant (perhaps even offensive). Your concern will be real and long-lasting (anxiety). One of you two will have to make a greater compromise than the other. You will have to listen carefully to what the other has to say, otherwise ambiguity will grow. The punishments of love are painful, so you will have to do everything in your power to ensure that this situation is resolved quickly. Caution: Even if you show yourself to be strong, you have weaknesses just like everyone else. Your love relationship is not protected from the vagaries of life, so you will have to show yourself to be open to an adjustment or an accommodation. You are being asked here to carry out a reasonable and fundamental action. This event will leave its mark on you, but you will come out of it a bigger person. Great joy will follow this testing experience.

You will receive a spiritual teaching. A high-profile person (feminine entity) is going to transmit immutable knowledge to you. Be careful, because this is knowledge that is not meant for everyone. Also, you need to understand that this person is not from our world. She is alongside you, but she comes from beyond. Yes, you have a very great power and you will have to learn to make use of it. You must learn to make use of it, because certain situations truly necessitate that you use it.

Someone is trying to take advantage of a confusing situation to influence you. A decision that you have to make is creating anxiety and this anxiety causes disorder in your mind. This person can see this and he/she is trying to take advantage of your weakness. You are currently vulnerable and he/she knows it. You have to get over this anxiety, if not, you will not be able to make a rational decision regarding the dilemma facing you. You need to restore a peaceful mind, if not you will end up by being influenced by someone who is above all protecting their own interests rather than yours. The decision you need to make is regarding money (finance, budget, investment, exceptional spending etc.). The person in question here, is older than you and someone close to you. This person is trying to dissuade you from doing something. Take your time to think over the question, because there is really no rush to react straight away as he/she demands (asking, demanding, complaining, claiming or anything else). The more you can relax, the more serene you will be when making your decision. You must take this decision for you alone and not to please anyone else. Your financial situation is (or soon will be) favorable, so do what you have to do and you will improve your quality of life.
A love is showing up in the form of an affliction, disappointment, disillusionment, worry, or something of the sort. Strangely, you experience this love as suffering (or apprehension) rather than great happiness. Here, you aren’t in control of your feelings. You would like to pay no attention to an individual, but you are utterly incapable of doing so. This individual causes you stress even as he/she makes you dream. You would like to do all sorts of things with him/her, but nothing of importance comes of it. This situation involves a person who is part of the inner circle of one of your (male) friends. This individual has great communication skills and a matchless ability for transmitting ideas and having conversations with just about anybody. This individual is playful and is a go-getter, and he/she is in a position of influence with many people. Currently, you share a good friendship with him/her, but nothing more. You often get the impression that he/she seeks more of your company, but you aren’t entirely sure that this is so. Even if your intuition is confusing you more than enlightening you, you remain strongly attracted to this individual, and feel this in an even more undeniable way in his/her presence (feelings that you sense physically). Some events will soon take place that will strengthen your bond with him/her. Your perceptions are not as incoherent as you imagine. This individual truly has feelings for you - it’s only that he/she hasn’t yet found a good way (or the right circumstances) to communicate them to you. He/she no doubt has a very concrete obstacle to overcome (one that you may not know about) in order to get to where he/she can approach you.

A young person is very attached to you. Despite his/her (more or less evident) embarrassment, you feel his/her affection. We are talking here about a young person who is in love with you (or who is falling in love with you). Even if a serious relationship between the two of you is unlikely or unreasonable, you know that this young person is gifted and you want to keep him/her in your inner circle (circle of preferred friends), because he/she is extremely useful to you (competence, impeccable work, natural talent or other). However, you cannot control everything and this is equally true for feelings. This young person is charming and he/she can (voluntarily or not) influence your decisions. As you are a person who greatly respects moral principles (social values), you will have to strive to avoid a heart-breaking decision. Nonetheless, a choice is not necessary if you make the right decision. This message may seem difficult to understand by its very nature, but you will manage to decipher it for yourself.

An elderly woman is worried about you. She is saddened by what you are going through (or by what you have recently gone through). This woman is watching over you (indirectly) and wants the best for you. She is worried about your health, both physical and psychological. She thinks you do not take sufficient care of yourself (or that you are not careful enough). She wants to help you but has no power to convince you. This woman loves you very much and her concern is palpable. We are speaking here of a car (automobile, route, etc.). Has someone in your circle had (or is constantly having) problems connected with a car? For some reason this car is immobilised. It can no longer be driven. The police are on the spot. A policeman is writing something (taking notes) (violation, police report or other). You will have to be careful about with whom you take to the road, because someone close to you does not respect the law and is highly unpredictable. They think they have full control over what they do, but they are mistaken.

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