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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 51
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You are in love. You are romantic and you dream of a future which is filled with love. Your emotions are strong and powerful. The presence of the loved one dazzles you. Your encounters with him/her are planned like a theatre production where everything must absolutely end well. However, you know that the person that you love has his/her little caprices. Quite often, he/she draws a little too much of your energy and this is exhausting for you. In fact, it’s only a question of adaptation, as much for you as for your loved one. You also have little faults and everything must not be called into question following banalities. A trip is to come (without children) in the month of May. The distance is the basis of your connection. You will travel on a pleasure boat. Keywords: charm, eccentricity, emotion, port, Sunday afternoon.

You’ll need to learn to use elements that you hesitate to employ or that you’ve given up on using. It’s clear that you’ll need to change your attitude towards a person that is harming you or slowing you down. You have way too many things to accomplish to continue to let yourself be annoyed by someone that isn’t worth it. You’ll have to set your kindness aside once and for all. You must be firm and authoritarian. Your courage is at stake and it’s necessary for you to overcome your hesitation or your fears. You have everything to gain from showing inflexibility towards this person. He or she is harming you and you know it. You need to react energetically, even if this means paying a high price emotionally. Emotions will quickly be under control and you’ll get rid of a huge weight you’ve been carrying for too much time. A new beginning awaits you. You need to agree to a sacrifice for your own well being. A connection must be broken. You mustn’t allow yourself to be held back this way.

You will visit a place where many people have made a sacrifice in the past. There is a bridge or a quay near this place (human construction) (watercourse, river...). It is a place where a ritual occurs. This is probably on an annual basis or something like that. There is a gathering of people, and a spiritual ceremony takes place at these times. Actually, it is a place of worship and offerings. A particular magic (real or imaginary) haunts this place (a spiritual, divine or other presence). People have testified to having an extraordinary (amazing, marvelous, fabulous) experience at this site. This is why you too will go there (curiosity, tourism, conviction?).
Several discussions that you will have with someone (who you don't know yet) will open a door that will offer you great opportunities for the future (business, investments, etc.). This person is of the opposite sex and is barely older than you. He/she manages a lot of money and will only be transient in your life (for only a few weeks or a maximum of a few months). The interactions that you have with this person will allow you to embark on a large-scale business venture. You will sign a contract or a legal paper with him/her and your meetings will thus end. For you, this will be your starting point for a greater achievements in the coming years. From now on, it is a matter of volition, ambition and daring. You know what you want and you will act with great determination. You will be frank with people and they will trust you. Your initiative is associated with success and your success will be complete. You are talented and you will be able to conclude agreements that will be enormously profitable for you. You have the vocation for business and you will do great things (large-scale international investments). You will make a fortune in real estate and your possessions will be many. In addition to announcing wealth, this prediction is also the harbinger of incomparable happiness and a very high social reputation.

A woman, older than you, will offer you a job. This job will involve in travelling. This woman, by her nature, is beneficial and protective for you. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She belongs to your professional environment. She is charming and has a physical beauty that is quite useful when negotiating with others. This woman seeks for your friendship for a long time, but it has not yet been fully acquired. In fact, she finds that you have an exceptional potential in your area of responsibility or expertise, and seeks to have a unique interpersonal relationship with you. She recently went through a painful experience at the professional level and for her; you are the ideal person to help her get back on her feet again. Keywords: communication, warmth, friendship, sensibility, pride, relief from pain, on Sunday afternoon, month of February.

Some heartache has left you in a state of exhaustion. You must recover your strength, for you will end up no longer being able to face reality. Your soul has lost all its energy and your mind is facing extinction under the pressure of recent events. You are currently living a bad dream and you must at all costs overcome your pain. You must rest, for the exhaustion will end up affecting your thoughts and compromising your ability to reason coherently. Your situation can be resolved, but it will only happen with rest and not with your current state of disorder.
You need to familiarize yourself with a work method. This method is fairly easy, once you master it well, but learning it is rather difficult and requires good observation skills. If you are looking for employment, this can indicate that you will land a good job and that you will finally be able to take advantage of your expertise. From a legal point of view it can also mean that due to a painstaking procedure, legal papers will favour you and will allow you to freely demonstrate your know-how in view of your professional aspirations. However, in every case and regardless of the situation, it is certain that you will need to negotiate before reaching an agreement on the professional level. A difficulty will be smoothed over, but only after a compromise on your part.

You will witness disconcerting behaviors. A young woman that you like a lot has an inconsistent behavior for reasons she insists on keeping secret. This young woman is intelligent but she is under the romantic influence of a person (m/f) who flouts her. She spends (or gives) all her money for him/her and she is on the verge of a romantic nightmare (both financially and psychologically). She’s humiliated by this (despicable) person but she is too much in love with him/her to put an end to it. She accepts the most implausible excuses and she continually forgives the unforgivable. Here it’s a question of unrequited love but most of all of manipulation of feelings and emotional blackmailing. This young woman is shamefully manipulated (emotionally and psychologically). She fears a break-up so much that she lowers herself to accept compromises that are clearly unreasonable. She’s probably a victim of adultery (otherwise of extreme and possessive jealousy) and her naivety causes her considerable harm. Attention: this young woman could also do something under the influence of some sort of threat (to be verify).

A friend, a young woman, is going to be in distress or despair, and will need your friendship, your reassurance and your good words of advice. You will need to help her surmount an obstacle that you yourself have overcome in the past. Her suffering will be great and you will need to pacify her. You will need to prevent this young woman from sinking into a state of depression that could become very damaging both for her physical and her mental health. She will be required to take a decision or to do something, and you will need to urge her to act as quickly as possible to avoid her slipping into a state of emotional inertia that could severely disrupt her ability to function on a social or even a psychological level. You will need to be strong and persuasive, because this mission will not be easy at all. Her despair, if mishandled, could also weaken you and make you vulnerable to the tension that she will propagate around her. Your skill at mastering this situation will match the challenge you face, but to succeed in helping this young woman, you must take care not to let yourself to be dragged down, too, by her wretchedness. Stay alert and apply yourself to remaining rational, because her despair will be overwhelming, and almost as much so for you as it is for her.

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