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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 52
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You will make a journey connected with your professional life (work, business, mutual assistance or other). This journey will take you out of your routine. It will be beneficial to your health because it will allow you to get rid of stress you have been accumulating for a long time and which you must absolutely free yourself from. Be careful, however, because someone else (a rival) wants to make this journey in your place. This person wants to usurp the privilege you have concerning this journey. He/she is looking for the perfect opportunity that would allow him/her to achieve his/her aims. Nonetheless, this journey is intended for you personally and it is yours as of right. You must therefore protect your interests. Do not leave a door open to possible competition from this person because this is what he/she expects from you. We are speaking here of someone quite young (in his/her twenties or early thirties at the most). He/she is the same sex as you and has a lot of ambition. He/she want to make this journey at any cost, so you must expect him/her to be opportunistic and uncompromising with you. He/she is instinctive and imaginative so it is better to be on your guard.

A young man is impressed by an older woman. He is totally charmed by her. This woman is ambitious and very experienced in business. She is also a sensual woman who has great power of seduction. She is over 40 years old, but still has the power of attraction of a woman in her early thirties. She has a great power over men and can easily manipulate them if she wants. This woman has a large fortune. She has received a lot of money due to an inheritance (or perhaps after a divorce).

A friend wishes to talk to you. This is a man and he has been your friend for a short while. He is part of your social circle (sport, hobby, culture, social club, volunteer or other). He wants to help you reach an objective you have set for yourself. This is a man who is (more or less) well off financially and who has the time to devote himself to you. He knows that you have taken a tumble with regard to a project and he wants to help you bounce back. He is a joker (he loves to laugh and to make people laugh) and he has a beautiful way of expressing himself. From a professional point of view, this man is self-employed. He is courageous and persistent. Although he is not afraid of risks and sometimes seems adventuresome, he is cautious and never takes decisions lightly. He has contacts that you do not have and can organise things in your favour. He is interested in what you do and you can speak to him about your situation openly.
A man of a higher social rank than yours will be compassionate towards you. This man wants your well-being and will take concrete actions in this regard. He will spend money for you and he will work less often in order to look after you.

A person who is in love with you will set you a trap. This trap aims to compromise you at the romantic level. In a roundabout way, this person wants to get you to reveal to him/her the feelings you have for him/her. He/she is preparing his/her trap methodically. It will be during an outing, at a restaurant, a bar or any other indoor public space that promotes the approximation of two people. You will soon receive his/her invitation. But, before, he/she needs your consent for something else, which is directly related with his/her actions. This should make a light go on within you (give you a good indication of his/her intentions). His/her trap is very well thought out and, consequently, you will have almost no choice other than to accept his/her request. In any case, you already have good feelings towards this person so, for you, this will not really be a trap. This is about someone that you have felt attracted to for a long time (perhaps even secretly) and with whom you feel good both in private and in public.

You will have to place a small ad (in a newspaper, on the Internet, etc.) to receive some kind of service or assistance. A woman will respond to your ad. The context will be strange, but not especially troubling. Nature and an animal will be at issue. It concerns the place where you live. You will observe a very curious phenomenon. In fact, you are subject to a situation over which you have no real control, therefore you will need the assistance of someone else (a specialist, a professional…) to settle your problem (or your complication).
A personality conflict exists between two people in your professional circle (work or otherwise). You know them well, but there is no (for the moment) causal relation between their behavior and your personal situation. The first person (m/f) is an opportunist, and he/she is using his/her charm to increase his/her influence with others. He/she is a manipulative type of person, and manages to impose his/her ideas relatively easily, even if they are not necessarily the best or the most sensible. The other person (m/f) is stubborn and intuitive, and has a great sense of judgement and objectivity. Both seek to maintain their image with others, but this is always at the expense of one or the other. This conflict is increasingly unhealthy, because constructive actions are not undertaken because of their incessant disputes. Jealousy is involved on both sides, and this conflict is leading nowhere. As their disagreements become more frequent and more pervasive, it is clear that you will soon have no other choice than to develop a plan in order to not let them get you involved in their incessant quarrels. Above all, try to keep both feet on the ground, because it is obvious that these two people have not for a long time already.

You will have to judge events but avoid interfering. A situation does not concern you personally (or directly), but it affects you rather closely. You have to show patience, because interference is not permitted for you. This is about a young man who has against him his vanity and his excessive greed for money and power. He is pretending in order to take advantage of the naivety (or the too great generosity) of people. Here, more precisely, he is looking to extort money and/or privileges from someone in your close surroundings. This person is one of your close friends. This young man is very skilled at manipulating others and usually he succeeds fairly quickly (or easily) at arriving at his ends. Unfortunately, you can do nothing to thwart his plans, because he has already won the trust of your friend. As such, if you try anything against him now, your friend will rebel against you. Be patient, and continue to be patient, because the context is honestly not favourable to you. One day, this young man will make one move too many and it is only at this time that you will be able to talk to your friend. This young man is abusing your friend and actions will one day have to be taken against him. This day will come and it is only at that time that he will finally be able to be banished from your surroundings and those of your friend.

There is a love without formal commitment. If you are currently married or in a couple, this means that you have a close relationship with someone other than your spouse. Either you are having an extramarital affair, or you are in love with someone other than your spouse. More precisely, your emotional bond is stronger for this person than for your own spouse. Otherwise, if you are not currently in a couple, this indicates that you have feelings for someone who is inaccessible for you romantically. We are in this case talking about someone who does not allow you to hope that your relationship will persist or deepen. In other words, you love a person who is already bound to someone else (impossible love), or you have a superficial love affair (no real emotional commitment) (lover, mistress, one night stand, lie, or other).

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