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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 53
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There will be movements, changes or rotations of individuals, materials or works, and these will be large and remarkable. This upheaval will be very positive for you as it will improve your environment and will give you much greater ease regarding the things or people that gravitate around you. This important development to come will lead you, or force you, to enjoy much greater freedom of action in many domains, and even new ones, and will let you take advantage of better opportunities for personal fulfillment in your present activities. This turn of events will be very beneficial to you. It will bring you magnificent opportunities on the professional, financial or material level, and will result in much greater enjoyment of all aspects of your life path in general. This situation represents, then, the coming of progress or of a process that will bring you a lot of good and hope for the future.

You will move with the help of a horse or you will make a trek on horseback. Your relationship with this horse will be remarkable. This animal will bring you closer to nature and allow you to detach yourself from the complexities (or your complications) that are connected to urban life. You'll discover a very special facet of small pleasures that are linked to a rudimentary life and this will be very beneficial for your health. The chemistry between this horse and you will be excellent. You will take the time to admire the scenery in all its simplicity and you will see existence on earth in a new light. You will appreciate this moment greatly. This opportunity will also allow you (and above all) to forget an unfortunate event that you lived in the past and from which you still have had trouble freeing yourself.

A person loves you but he/she is under the bad influence of (or pressures from) those around him/her. This person loves you with a love that is deep and sincere, but people keep him/her away from you. Worse still, they lead him/her into situations that he/she does not want to experience. Normally, you should have a privileged relationship with this person, but this is not the case because he/she is subject to psychological manipulation by people over whom you have no influence or authority. Your relationship with this person is therefore inconsistent and irregular, whereas it should be stable and warm (maybe even intimate). In the coming months (or weeks), this person will be led to make mistakes that will have important consequences for his/her emotional life. Unfortunately, he/she will experience major difficulties. This situation is highly regrettable, but you have no power to intervene in order to free him/her from the grip of these people. You will have to show understanding and patience when dealing with events to come, because time must do its work.
Your thoughts are powerful and your projects are realistic (feasible). Do not doubt yourself because on your horizon the path to success is well marked. It is your mental abilities that make your strength and one simply cannot compete with you. In your personal as much as your professional life, you can defeat any opponent thanks to your determination and energy. Your intellectual honesty will always be the guarantee of the respect people have for you, so do not hesitate in front of the choices that are available to you. You have all the potential to reach the highest summits, but maybe you still doubt yourself? Your tenacity will leave others confused and you will be feared. Yours is the path of the winners and it is of you that an example will be made. You are a proud person and you will always have full control of your destiny. You will leave your mark!

You will have to respond to some questions. A person of authority will investigate you and he/she will question you. You will have to provide explanations regarding past events or concerning your current situation. You must provide this information to a person that has decision-making power over you or that must or must not accept a request that you have made. It will be your duty to be frank and honest and not to hide the truth. Here, it is a question of law, a legal process or documents (legal, administrative or financial) that directly concern you. You will not have the possibility of avoiding the questions that will be posed to you, thus you will have to prepare accordingly. It is therefore a question of a court, tribunal, a banker or even an investigator or some administrative agent. It could also be in regards to an interview for a new job or a background check related to getting a job.

A loss is difficult to handle. You have to give up a bound. This is a sad situation, but it is an inevitable upheaval and you need to accept it. A person is gone and will be replaced by another. A dream is destroyed, but you must understand that a renewal is offered to you. Your sorrow is great, but you are not alone to suffer it, because many people support you. Be careful to keep the full control over your life and not to regret anything. There is no need for you to return in your thoughts constantly to the past, because you can never go back in time. Your past choices and decisions matter only to the past and now it is the future that holds your biggest challenges. Take care of those who are still with you, because they are the ones who currently have the most to bring you. Your future still has much to offer you and a supreme love undeniably continues to accompany you. Here, your loss is a gain, because large and beautiful things are clearly visible, but they are simply not unveiled. Remember that in the other world someone is watching over you. It is an indisputable fact, even if sometimes you seem to forget (or doubt) about it.
An event has deeply hurt you at the emotional level. The sincerity of a person must be seriously questioned. This person is of the opposite sex and is slightly older than you. This is someone who is part of your indirect family. He/she has used his/her charm (or false feelings towards you) to abuse your kindness or generosity (or your naivety). His/her friendship (or love) for you was not true and he/she has demonstrated a despising hypocrisy towards you. You have to offer yourself some new projects (life goals) in order to cure your wound and forget the evil that this person made you suffer. If this person took some money from you, forget everything because unfortunately he/she will not pay you back and these funds are lost forever. If he/she has had intimate relations with you, you have to be strong because unfortunately it was only for sex (adventure, selfish pleasure, desire for novelty, personal challenge, adultery or other) and you have fallen in the trap. In short, this person has abused you and you must now focus on something more constructive to stop suffering without purpose. You will get only scorn from this person, therefore you must stop thinking that at the time he/she was honest with you (or even that he/she will eventually change). From now on you will have to stop looking back at the past all the time, because this only oppresses you more. Only by changing your ideas, your wound will eventually heal. Forget this person, because the more you try to reconcile with him/her, the more you will open the door for him/her for further abuse.

You have to be strategic about your love life. You are facing an unfavourable situation and it is creating doubt in your mind. It’s a question of someone on whom you base high hopes. Although currently the situation leads to more complications than opportunities, the emotional bond you have with this person is important and deserves to be maintained and developed to its full potential. In fact, you have to realize that this person is not trying to push you away at all. He/she would like as much as you that everything happens differently in order to spend more time with you. There is no doubt that there is a very strong emotional attachment between you two, but for now you will have to be patient. Fear not, because this person is really sincere with you. Above all, you must not rush anything, because that would be awkward. A true passion is ready to be born (or resume) between you two, but first you must learn to appreciate the present moment. As every little detail counts, you must improvise less and focus more on what you say and what you do. For now, be patient and understanding, because the time is not yet right for great undertakings. You will get what you want, but only if you act wisely.

A transaction is difficult to complete. A person is not playing fair with you. Be on your guard, because this person wants to fool you. It would probably be best to withdraw from a negotiation that is going nowhere, because in the conversation that you have with him/her, hypocrisy seems to take precedence over honesty. This person is of the opposite sex, and he/she is older than you. You do not know him/her personally, and this is an additional reason to doubt his/her (dubious) honesty and of the apparent contradictions coming out of his/her mouth. Here, we are talking about somebody who lives above his/her means and who feels no shame in deceiving people (to lie to them shamefully) with the goal of getting their money. Be vigilant, because in this negotiation (or discussion), lying reigns supreme!

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