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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 54
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A strange world surrounds you. You try to talk about it, but no one believes you. Therefore, perhaps it is best to keep quiet about what you see. The bird that appears close to you is very real. This bird seems to be seeking your friendship or it is trying to warn you about something. It could also be both of these things at once. It wants to be a part of your family circle, or it wants to help you overcome a problem you are having with someone close to you (a spouse or child). In brief, a connection seems to have been broken with a member of your immediate family and this bird feels it. It wants to help you re-establish this connection without really having the ability to do so. It is very strange, but what you need to remember about this little animal is its good intentions. You should follow its example. This bird is symbolic in its message, but it also very physically real. Be observant and you will distinguish it among the others. It is unrelenting and will not stop coming back to you. This bird also brings luck in the financial realm. It is time for you to make a financial investment and you must discuss it with a member of your family. This investment has excellent promise. However, you should give up on the purchase of an item in order to proceed with this investment. It is an item you have wanted for a long time, but can reclaim later.

You will have to work hard to achieve what you want, but you will realise your dreams. Yes, you will live through moments in which your worries will be persistent, but you will overcome them. Yes, you will pass through great anxiety but you will come out stronger. Obviously, you will sometimes be confronted with personal attacks, but no-one will come to destroy your morale, because you are worth much more than that. Here, a woman tries to demoralise you or prevent you from realising a project. This woman is a former friend. She is even determined to go to court to discredit you. Her accusations are serious because she accuses you of having destroyed her love life. But, is it really you that is the problem? Certainly, you are not perfect, but are you really guilty with regard to her misfortune? This woman is in a problematic relationship and claims you are responsible for her troubles. You let yourself, perhaps, be led a little too far or implicated in her misadventure, but do you really have a lot to blame yourself for? No, you assuredly do not, because this woman is spiteful and quite simply incapable of taking responsibility for her own faults. Her jealousy is excessive, so do not dwell on her accusations. She does not agree to see people that are more loved than her, so ignore her as she has nothing positive to offer you. You deserve your happiness and you will gain it. Nobody has the right to claim it for you and nobody will have access to it apart from yourself. Think above all about those you love and you will quickly understand that you have far better things to do than worry about people who do not appreciate what they have.

A considerable sum of money will be passing through your hands. This money is not yours and you can’t keep it. You have to hold on to it in a safe way, because it is worth a great deal. You will have to make sure it gets to its recipient or else return it to the person it belongs to. Actually, you will have to give it to (or get it from) a very close friend, a man who needs to complete a very important commercial transaction with this money. This man knows that you are a responsible person and he has absolute confidence in you. His wants you to temporarily take care of this money, since his own situation at this time is such that he cannot keep this amount of money where he is. By doing this, by temporarily taking care of this money, you will be rendering an immense service to this man and he will be enormously grateful to you for it.
A project concerning love will be realised sooner than expected. Your actions will be ingenious and they will bear fruit. You will experience powerful emotions. You will be your own guide (passion and intuition). You will be tolerant and patient. You will avoid taking shortcuts and you will take the time necessary to do things well. Your desire will come true, because you will do everything in the right way. You will show responsibility in love and your loved one will admire you. You will go through the joys and trials together, and you will become inseparable. Your work will be that of an artist and your life will be its colours. Every season will have its splendours and every challenge will have its answers. You will be satisfied with little, because you appreciate everything. You are a spiritual person and you have really understood the universal message.

Fondness is problematic with someone (m/f) you love and should be closer to you. Your relationship with this person is good but it lacks dynamism. Interdependence should normally develop easily with this person but moments of indecision and doubt complicate your relationship. This person takes long to take the initiatives you expect of him/her and your relationship with him/her is, therefore, a little confusing. It’s clear that this person needs you and you’ll have to help him/her do the right things to get closer to you. Therefore, it’ll partially fall upon you to trigger this inevitable approach. You’ll have to incite this person to take these famous steps, both natural and logical, in your direction. Even though everything could seem difficult or complicated, trust your instincts and the purity of your feelings, as the situation will undeniably end up evolving the way you want it to and more quickly than you think. Even if doubt still persists in your mind, this person needs you even though he/she doesn’t seem to.

Someone in your family has started (or is about to start) procedures to return from abroad. This person has gone abroad for work. He/she has a job outside the country, or on the other side of the country. He/she has a family relationship with you, or is someone whom you consider as being family, though you might not really be related. He/she travels abroad often for work (or as a part of his/her work), and it is often for different jobs. Because of his/her many trips, your contacts with him/her are becoming increasingly rare and often very far apart. His/her return is soon and he/she is looking forward to seeing you again. We are talking about somebody who likes change and who is very attached to his/her freedom and independence (especially being able to travel). This person is linked to the sea, so he/she lives close to the sea, he/she was born close to the sea, or he/she often travels by sea. A sudden change (or an unexpected event) occurred abroad and this is why he/she has to come back. Seeing you again will do him/her good, because even if he/she is happy to travel, he/she misses you often. This person is also at a point in his/her life where he/she feels the need to recharge, and so he/she plans to take a (more or less extended) break when it comes to travelling.
You have to hide from someone. You must, in fact, avoid a person who is in love with you and shows it a little too much. He/she is not much older than you and is someone from your workplace (or a person who performs tasks in your home environment). This is someone who has been in an accident in the past (during a journey). Moreover, he/she still has after-effects (physical and psychological) or a visible scar from this accident. This is a person with whom you were friends until just recently, but who now makes you uncomfortable because of the feelings he/she has for you. You are not attracted to him/her at all and for some time you no longer feel comfortable with the way he/she behaves with you. While being as respectful as possible, you are unable to show him/her your disinterest, so (when you have the opportunity), you prefer to run away from him/her out of fear of offending him/her. This person really goes too far and this annoys you greatly. Be careful, however, because nothing has ended. This person has understood nothing and in desperation will soon make an very explicit move. This move will cause deep unease between you two (a move that has sexual connotations).

Your emotional life or your ambitions in love must be protected against a man. You mustn’t entrust this man with a secret that has great influence on you. Don’t talk too much if you don’t want to be despised or ridiculed. Be careful not to become fragile faced with a person you don’t know well or who you know poorly. A man in your work environment has little interest for what you’re experiencing internally. He prefers not to take what you say into account and to ignore what you think. To him, you’re merely a second-class person. He grants practically no importance to what you feel and he is completely impartial to what problems or hardships you might have. Even if he often tries to show the contrary, this man is not your friend at all. You’d better not trust him because he’s only acting as if he’s listening to you. The interest he has in you is rather vague, and even incoherent. The only thing that is certain is that he is not being honest with you and he may try to use your words to better exploit or take advantage of you. This man is sitting on his throne and is looking down on you. If he tries to be concerned with you, he’s only being polite or it is because of professional interest. In summary, this man has his own concerns and yours don’t interest him one iota.

An important change (improvement, rebound) on the professional level is coming in a few years' time (certainly within two to three years). This will be a transfer, promotion or job change (or an obvious improvement in your earnings if you are self-employed). You will relocate and be in a larger space, a lot larger. This is something you already envisage but which cannot happen right away. You want it to happen as soon as possible, but you will have to wait. Be careful not to live in uncertainty because until it does happen, you may accumulate your worries and doubt your destiny. You will have to remain positive because it is this that will motivate and stimulate you. That you will be rewarded for your perseverance and efforts is indisputable. But first you must prepare yourself. You need to learn new things and consolidate your position on the professional level. You can do better than the others (or do better than you are doing right now) and you will do better. This is essential to make this event happen. Your numerical references regarding this event: 170, 2, 36, 95.

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