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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 55
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There is inconsistency in your thoughts. You let yourself get too distracted by your material ambitions. Yes, you have needs that are legitimate and dreams that will be realised, but from time to time you get bogged down in ideas that do not reflect who you really are. You must learn to better manage these thoughts because they will almost certainly lead you nowhere. Besides, you know this but it is difficult for you to admit it. You have to stop being stubborn because you have good human values and you must bring them to the forefront of your life. Someone needs your support and you are losing touch with him/her because you too often lose yourself in unreasonable thoughts. You have become enmeshed in an ambition in which money has too much dominated your mind and you need to become aware of this. Some of your worries distance you from those that you love, so beware of materialistic traps.

You are inadvertently misled and have to make your way back along a long road (a symbolic road). A man wants to help you, but in an illogical or mistaken way. This involves a man of foreign origin who is older than you. He has been through many trials in his life and always works hard to do good for those around him. However, he doesn’t understand your intended objective at all in an effort that you have undertaken and he gives you awkward advice. The issue here has to do with a paper with legal authority and an unrealistic action. This paper is related to your conjugal situation. A recent event has taken place in your love life and there is a need to make an update in relation to an administrative document (government paper, will, insurance, or such). Either this man is getting you involved in long and completely useless procedures or else he is making you spend money unnecessarily. Forgive him, for despite everything, he is acting with good intentions. Even if he is complicating your efforts, he actually wants to help you. In any event, this does not involve any serious consequences. There is some bewilderment, but this confusion is only temporary and without real import.

Your perseverance in business or work will pay off for you. Your tasks, good ideas and honesty will enable you to profit, to accumulate important riches (savings, investments, property, etc.) and to earn a solid reputation among people in your midst. You will learn to recognize your weaknesses as well as your strengths, which will give you a clear advantage over those who stray by not knowing how to measure their capabilities and limits. Your name and signature will be respected by all authorities, and many will have confidence in your promises and projects. Your honesty and reputation will make you into a well-respected person and, as a result, you will have nothing to fear in terms of being refused or rejected on the grounds of your requests for permits, loans, investments or other things from large institutions (banks, public administrations, international societies, etc.). You will prove yourself in everything you undertake, and you will be the first person on whom one can count when one is seeking somebody competent and devoted. To put it plainly, on the professional path, because your initiatives will be intelligent and you will be an indefatigable worker, you will encounter very few setbacks.
(Elderly person?) A death is imminent (or expected) in your entourage. A man is sick and will soon die (or else his health is irreversibly deteriorating) (he is increasingly becoming an invalid) (his ultimate decline has begun). He knows it and accepts his fate with great serenity. This is a superstitious man (or a religious believer). He has always been very attracted to spirituality, mysteries and occult phenomena. As he is not a close relative (or an intimate friend), his loss will not affect you personally (or will affect you in only a limited way), yet it will cause major changes around you. This man must have surely suffered a long time, because the prospect of his death is seen as a future deliverance for both him and his family. On the day of his death, people will be relieved to know that finally he does not suffer any longer. He has well served his time on earth and will be well received in the hereafter.

Your sense of discipline serves you well in your professional activities. This allows you to dream and have big ambitions. Your power rises slowly but surely it will rise. You climb the ladder one by one and you always wait to be in a strong position before you start up a new challenge. You hate instability and you constantly assure that you will not have to endure it. You love the outdoors and you draw a large energy from the nature towards you. In uncertain times, you know to step back to right moments and to settle yourself in right places. How you balance your work will allow you a romantic encounter. It will be with a person of the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Key concepts: river, bird, erosion, reading, change at work, happy change in love, Thursday morning, month of September.

A woman is demonstrating a very strong maternal instinct towards you. This woman’s main attributes are her fertility and creativity. She is drawn to nature and the arts. Her beauty is plain for all to see, both physically and within the most hidden depths of her personality. She wants to protect you from a worrying situation that may jeopardise the harmony of your love life. You are convinced she is wrong but she is right. You must listen to her. Her life experience does not fail her and she is in a position to be able to guide you in the face of a questionable path on which you are about to get stuck. Even though she seems to be over-protecting you as if you were a child, she is not wrong to do so since you are currently proving to be very vulnerable in the face of the events in which you are currently involved.
You seem to be living through a disappointment in your love life. This disappointment seems to be coming from a choice or a poorly made judgement from the person (1) that you love. In fact, the person (1) that you love is preoccupied by a distant friend’s financial situation (2). This preoccupation worries you, because this distant friend (2) is currently occupying all of his/her thoughts (1). This is about somebody (2) who is of the same sex as you and who could soon become a rival in love if the person (1) whom you love shows a little too much empathy for him/her. This is somebody (2) who has kindness and charm as his/her qualities. He/she is warm and helpful, but he/she is currently embroiled in a financial complication that will be quite difficult to overcome. This is probably somebody (2) who has just (or recently) divorced or separated. In short, all things considered, it is normal for you to be worried, and most people (who would be in the same situation as yourself) would be too. However, you know that you have some major assets to keep the person that you love close to you, so you will have to showcase them more. Because luck is not necessarily on your side right now, you will have to give it a little boost. You have legitimate feelings and a good head on your shoulders, so you will find (it’s a certainty) the right things to do. Remain reasonable and rational, because that is all that is asked of you.

You have to choose between two loves. The first person is a long-time love, whereas the second is a recent love. It is a difficult choice, and whichever option you choose will certainly bring with it a great deal of sadness for you. You have a very serious decision to make, and you are currently overcome by a feeling of deep uncertainty or even a sense of emotional angst. Be brave as passion will soon become heartbreak, and the better of two very different worlds will give way to an unavoidable sense of fatalism in which one must consider possible regrets and resentments.

You will need to be diplomatic. A conflict needs resolving through dialogue and negotiation. This concerns a young woman. She is a member of your family (direct or indirect) (or she is intimately tied to your family). She has a disagreement with a young man. It is about money and intolerance. Your experience (of life) (wisdom) will serve as your teaching. You will have a long discussion with this young woman. Even if she is in conflict with this young man, she loves him and does not want to lose him. It is a painful path that they (she and he) had to cross. In this situation, innocence and youth are clearly involved.

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