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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 57
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Your intuition will be one of your greatest strengths. You see things in a way that only you can see them. Although it will often be indirect, you will have a great influence on the people of your surroundings (personal, social, work, etc.). People will watch you and admire you. You will not do anything like other people. You will learn from your life experiences (but also from the experiences of others) and you will have incredible flair. When people will need advice for important decisions, they will turn to you first. You will be a key person for the people around you and you will be loved for your great honesty (at all levels). You are a sensitive and serious person, and you will seduce those who need stability (safety) in their lives. You will teach with rigor, but you will let people flourish on their own. Obviously, no one knows the absolute truth, but you will seek it all your life. It will be your quest and it will make you a holder of great wisdom. This quest will bring you to travel and people will love being with you because of your great open-mindedness. You will make many journeys (spiritual and personal growth).

You will come into contact with a young woman who has fears about making a decision. This young woman seems to be anxious about the reality of life. She hesitates to take an active place in society. She must act, but she dares not to. All excuses are good for her: it’s not the right time; it’s not the right direction; the bar is too high, etc. Her cycle must now come to an end and you will have to advise her or to help her. Her goal is clear, but she lacks self-confidence. She has reached a point of completion and she must absolutely take a step now. She is facing a deadline and she will become involved in a movement without a future if she does not make her decision quickly. She will not be able to maintain control of the events in her life and this really will not be to her advantage. She must imperatively act as quickly as possible. If not, others will decide for her and this will be in their own interests and not in hers.

A situation is developing and it will lead a person in your entourage to speak in your favour. This person is a man of about your age. You do not have much contact with him but you still run into him almost daily. Some time ago, on the occasion of a situation that required mutual assistance, you helped and supported him. He was faced with a difficulty and you allowed him to discover your warm and human side. Since that time, he has only good words for you. He greatly appreciated what you did for him and in return he would like to do you a favour (or reward you). A conversation in high quarters will soon take place and this man will speak well of you. Moreover, many people in his entourage like you and some will take the opportunity to publicly testify to this.
Your family (or inner circle) is supporting you. They want to help you as well as they can so that you can realise your dreams. Some people are very close to you and are unswervingly loyal. They will help you overcome your challenges and will support you in all of your trials. Moreover, some of your successes will not be possible without their unconditional support. You will have great success thanks to your hard work, but also thanks to the support of those dear to you. Furthermore, one man in particular (older than you) feels great joy in seeing you succeed. He is intelligent and well organised. He loves nature and he probably loves gardening. You consider him somewhat as your hero. He is always there at the right time and you would be extremely pained if you lost him. With him, it is about money and legal papers. He wants to meet one of your needs and he has a really interesting proposition for you. There is also talk of a change of job (or regarding your job) (or in your primary activity).

You are facing an ultimatum. A woman is making trouble for you. However, her reproaches are baseless and completely unjustifiable. From a social perspective, the situation will demand that you come to a definitive decision in order to extricate yourself once and for all from her clutches. Your disagreements with her are never-ending and this is clearly a source of unhappiness for you and for those who are close to you. This cannot simply go on and you have to put a stop to it. This woman is weakening you psychologically day by day. If you wish to regain your autonomy and your enjoyment of life, you must not waste any more time. You have to gather your forces again, as this woman is gradually assuming control over you. Here, time is a determining factor. The longer you wait, the harder your task will become. This woman is sapping your vital energy so she can dominate you better. From a legal point of view, she has no authority over you, so there is no reason for you to hesitate any longer. You have to free yourself. If you cannot do this for yourself, you should certainly do it for those who are close to you. It is a matter of moral responsibility.

You will have to help a woman (a friend) regarding a problem that absolutely needs resolving as soon as possible. This woman does not feel good and needs help. She is part of your close entourage. She has been working hard for some time and does not take the time for a breathing space. She needs to take a holiday (or rest), otherwise she will fall ill. Unfortunately, she will not get a break until she has solved her problem. This woman has made a promise (made a commitment or signed a document) that she regrets. This concerns a major expense. You will have to guide her (or support her) in a process that she cannot manage alone, because she is exhausted both physically and mentally. She can no longer see things clearly and her actions regarding her problem have become incoherent and totally vain. This woman seriously needs your help (your support). She occupies an important place in your life and you must act without delay.
You have a routine which repeats itself on annual basis. Each year you are visiting a special place or person. You're going to a place away from your area of residence; as a result, preparations are called for every single time. This journey is for you a kind of pilgrimage, a ritual of some kind or type. It is an occasion when you can benefit from a change in environment and where you can renew yourself and/or reaffirm your faith or your spiritual convinctions. It is herewith revealed that your next trip will be a happy one, either by your having a lot of luck or by bringing luck to someone within your family. You will be witnessing an act of providence or you will benefit from a divine favour.

You will enter into a special relationship with a man who will support you in a courageous or ambitious financial decision. This man is currently unknown to you or is new in your surroundings and no significant relationship with him has been created yet. You will have an excellent personal relationship with this man and on several aspects you will have very strong affinities. He is older than you and he cares deeply about the well-being of people who gravitate towards him. He has a very developed human side in his personality and that will quickly touch you. He knows how to soften people and this will especially be the case with you. This man also has an exceptional stress tolerance, therefore he is not afraid of challenges, even the more daring ones. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and he loves to embark on large projects, whether they are his own or of someone close to him. He will advise or guide you in a financial commitment and strongly encourage you to persevere in your approach. You will inform him of your plans for the future and you will be surprised by the trust he has in you concerning a dream that you think is unattainable, but which you have always wanted to realize. This man will become a great source of personal motivation for you and, voluntarily or not, over the years he will help you become a very cunning business person.

A dream will come true. A wish will become reality and a woman (a friend) will be partly responsible. This woman is about your age. She is among your social circle, but she doesn’t have a close link to you (yet). She is very articulate and speaks with great gentleness. She is highly charismatic and has a lot of influence over others. She is both hot-headed and sensitive. She knows that you are limited in the actions available to you and she will accompany you to help you fulfil a dream. It will be difficult, but destiny will help you. Luck will be on your side, meaning that important details will practically resolve themselves.

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