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You have a dream but due to lack means it cannot be realised in the short term. In addition to finding yourself in an uncertain professional or financial situation, you are subject to constraints that are external to your will. You will need to prepare yourself for hard times because you simply have no choice. Everything will probably go well, but you have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Your livelihood is assured for now, but concerning the outcome of things you cannot take anything for granted. You must not, however, cancel your dreams because your present condition is only temporary, and you know this very well indeed. You are a proud and tenacious person, and even if you are currently being tested, it is by no means expected that you will not surmount your test. Do not let anxiety govern your thoughts because it is a very bad advisor. In six months, you will be a totally new person, so you have to understand that your metamorphosis has already begun (do you not see it?). You need to believe in yourself because it is above all yourself that you have the most need of. You have an extraordinary potential, and no matter what life has in store for you, you must learn how make use of it.

You’ll have the opportunity to knock down an adversary. Nonetheless, it won’t do you any good to finish him/her off. You’ll win the conflict or the battle, so do nothing beyond what’s necessary to win, because if not you could also find yourself among the accused. Even if this person dealt you a major blow, you can’t take justice into your own hands. Be wise, balanced and accept that you can’t get revenge. By doing so you’ll honor the human being that you are. Only the divine can fulfill your destiny, so let justice take care of the rest.

There is a dispute between two women. You are closely connected to these two women and you are being forced to take sides. You cannot choose both of them. If you are incapable of making a choice, you will lose the trust of both. You will, therefore, be obliged to give priority to one of them and take your distance from the other. Moreover, one of these women is much more dominant than the other. You are in town and you have to hit the road (car or other form of transport). This situation makes you anxious. It is a question of a romantic conflict and a sudden departure. You seek to calm things down but one of the two women is exasperated by the behaviour of the other. She is agitated and you will have to calm her down.
A close friend needs to overcome a very serious difficulty with regards to his relationship status (romantic feelings). He is a polite and endearing man, but he has not been himself for some time now. He feels rejected by the person he loves and does not know what to do to get a grip on himself. He is uncertain about his future (especially in terms of love) and this makes him anxious. In fact, his situation is very complex and it raises suspicions of a great psychological distress. This man is trapped in obscure thoughts and this seriously affects his job performance. He is in love with a close work colleague, but this love is unrequited. The woman he loves has recently started dating another man. Your friend knows it and it makes him suffer. Despite his goodwill, he is very bad at managing the inner pain that afflicts him. He is selling himself short and his world is falling apart.

A kind and charitable man is ready to help you. He trusts you and will support you in everything you do. This man, though, wants you to trust yourself more. He knows you have enormous potential and he wants you to know yourself better. To this end, he prefers to put you to the test rather than offer you direct assistance. So you must expect from him to be unpredictable with you because this will be his way of acting. This man is very wise and his strategy will not be accessible to you. He is cunning and will lead you to go beyond yourself without you being really aware of it. So the more you need his help, the more he will make you work. So do not question yourself about him but about yourself. Yes, he will help you, but certainly not in the way you imagine. If you find him challenging with you it is because he knows that you have the ability to go beyond yourself and realise your dreams.

Be careful! You must be wary of the words of a person near you. This person is probably a member of your family or someone close to you. He/she is constantly looking to impress people and he/she says anything to attract the attention of others towards himself/herself. You must absolutely not let yourself by seduced by his/her plan, because his/her plan does not rest on something concrete. This person wants so badly to look important that he/she is unaware of the weight of his/her statements (the harm he/she may cause to others). He/she leads people into error and because of this he/she may lead people of good conscience to make decidedly catastrophic decisions. Yes, you have understood for a long time that most of this person’s stories come more from his/her fantasy than from reality, but this time he/she will be more convincing than usual. In fact, this person is getting ready to announce to you (or to affirm to you) something so unlikely, (so enormous, so incredible …) that you are about to believe that this cannot be (that it is impossible that it is) a lie or an invention on his/her part. So be very vigilant; if not you risk experiencing a terrible disappointment.

You will take part in a very interesting business transaction. You will have an associate (a woman). She has a great artistic sense. She is from a culture that is different from yours. You will therefore have to agree together about some basic principles that you do not have in common. Happily, you both have courage and an open mind. This will be your strength. This agreement concerns a commercial activity. You will be business partners and your cooperation will be honest, caring and warm. We are talking here about a successful business whose future prospects are excellent. On the other hand, your beginnings will be somewhat laborious, so you should pay attention not to mess things up. During the first months, disorder will be present in your financial planning. Perseverance and creativity will therefore be your strongest assets. Once this stage has been passed, you will definitely make good profits. Moreover, significant property acquisitions are to follow in the coming years.

An old lover will reappear in your life. This person must now overcome some difficulties in his/her emotional life and thinks of you often. The path he/she has taken is not the one he/she hoped for. He/she was mistaken and would like to go back and start all over again. He/she has thought a lot about the relationship he/she had with you in the past and has regrets. He/she is nostalgic and wants to see you again. This person has never really forgotten you and will attempt to reconnect. He/she has matured a lot since the last time you spoke to him/her. He/she recognises his/her faults and has a lot of things to be forgiven. You have, however, a journey to make and you must not cancel or postpone it because of this person. Take the time to get some rest and you will have a clearer idea. We are speaking here of a clock that is stopped at 6:01. Even if it does not work, every day it gives exact time twice.

A member of your family will make one of your dreams come true. This person is older than you. S/he is intelligent, sociable and loves you greatly. S/he is familiar with your wishes and will surprise you. You will experience an unforgettable moment, because we’re talking about a really great gift. Should I tell you more? Of course not, because it’s a surprise. So, you’ll have to make do with this prediction alone. However, if you receive such a gift from this person, it’s certainly because you deserve it.

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