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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 6
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A meeting is going to change your life. This meeting will come about following (or thanks to) the intervention of a friend (a woman who is very close to you). She will get you in contact with someone who can help you with your undertakings. This meeting is connected with changes you want to make on the professional level. The person you meet is someone you never hoped or imagined you could approach. This is someone who is well known to the public. This is a very well respected personality who has a great reputation in business. The meeting you will have with him/her will allow you to take a giant step in regard to your undertakings. This person is very influential in his environment and he/she will recommend you to an organisation (office, agency, institution, establishment, etc.). Your actions will bear fruit and a new door will open up to you. A major change is coming in your professional life.

You need to take a boat as part of your work. At that moment, you will have to undertake an investigation or in-depth research and you must go and meet a man whose astrological sign is Pisces. It will be a Monday in the month of May. It will be dark and there will be a truck nearby. This person will hold information that can make you move forward in your investigation. This man will be much more useful than you imagined initially. The information that he will give you will be precious. This man will have a wound, handicap or a visible scar. He will talk to you about an accident and a funeral that followed. He will share with you his discouragement following the death of an elderly person. This man will need to reconcile with himself and your intervention will not be necessary.

You will purchase a device or machine (mechanical, electrical, electronic or other) that is very useful but which as has great monetary value. We are speaking here about something that has a specific function and that is expensive. As the asking price is too high, you will not be able to include it in your current expenses. You will, therefore, have to have a special budget for this purchase. You may not have such a sum of money at your disposal, so a loan and/or deferred payments will probably prove necessary. One thing that is certain is that you will have to get approval (or make an agreement) to make this acquisition. Let us be clear, this is not a question of fixed property, but of a mechanical or other type of device that is movable. It will serve you well and it will be very useful (a functional object). It will give you an ability you currently do not have and it will fill a critical need. In terms of possibilities, therefore, we are no doubt speaking about a car, a machine, a household appliance or recreational device, a work tool, a computer or something similar.
A famous person of the opposite sex will seek to get closer to you. This person is very selective on the romantic level and you correspond exactly to what attracts him/her. This is someone who is both brilliant and formidable in business, but extremely generous in love. We are talking here about someone publicly notorious. His/her name is often mentioned in the media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet,...) This person travels a lot, but he/she has a special connection (emotional, family, or other) with the region in which you live. He/she has the habit of meeting many people through his/her activities of every day, so the fact that he/she will go for you is quite exceptional.

Someone is trying to make you doubt yourself in order to steal something that belongs to you or that you have every right to. This person covets your possessions out of pure jealousy. He or she is even prepared to fight for them. Here we’re speaking of an inheritance, an allowance, a gift or something else in that category. This possession represents a major part of your happiness or your material (or financial) well-being, and you must protect it. You absolutely must be more discreet or secretive about the information you pass on to this person, because that can hurt you. This person is envious and possessive and constantly covets things that are totally useless to him or her, just because he or she doesn’t like knowing that other people are better off than he or she is. Above all, you must not sign an agreement or a contract with this person. You must not make any kind of commitment to him or her, in any way, shape or form, because this person is deliberately trying to trick you.

You have a great desire to undertake a project. Your mind is very active on this subject. This project involves several scenarios that are all very exciting. It does, however, require major changes in your professional life. You are confronted with a person of authority who has other plans for you (or who demands better guarantees regarding your project). You must respect the hierarchy (or the rules in place) and submit to the will of this person (you have no choice). Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to keep a positive frame of mind as an opportunity will arise later on (in the near future) during which you will be much better prepared to make your project concrete (explain it, enhance it). So be without fear because, in spite of the pitfalls, you will realise your project much faster than you think (or than appearances would suggest).
An influential person is very impressed with your aptitudes. During an event, he/she saw you at work on a task that required great precision and he/she was surprised by your know-how. This person has a proposal to make to you. He/she is persuaded that you have a gift (a rare talent) and he/she wants to lead you to exploit it further. He/she sees in you great opportunities and wants to introduce you (showcase you) to individuals of his/her circle. In his/her opinion, you have enormous potential and you must profit from it. This person wants to negotiate and conclude a financial agreement with you. He/she is anxious to know you better and he/she is looking forward to meeting you in private in a more formal way. You will be entering a closely guarded environment where the doors are hermetically sealed to the vast majority of people.

You are stimulated by a revolutionary idea. You feel the need to act now or never. Creativity and originality have clearly invaded your mind and you are determined to throw yourself in a great adventure. Your dreams become desires and your determination to face an extraordinary challenge is really not a joke. Yes, you can trust your instincts because you are not far from the truth. But be careful not to be too sure of yourself, because overconfidence might ruin everything. You know your limits, then meet them and you will realize your dream.

You have a routine which repeats itself on annual basis. Each year you are visiting a special place or person. You're going to a place away from your area of residence; as a result, preparations are called for every single time. This journey is for you a kind of pilgrimage, a ritual of some kind or type. It is an occasion when you can benefit from a change in environment and where you can renew yourself and/or reaffirm your faith or your spiritual convinctions. It is herewith revealed that your next trip will be a happy one, either by your having a lot of luck or by bringing luck to someone within your family. You will be witnessing an act of providence or you will benefit from a divine favour.

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