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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 60
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For you, having money is a means to reaching a goal, and not a blind finality. You have a practical mind and everything has its purpose. You will have a prosperous future and this will be thanks to your good management of your affairs. Your enrichment will be gradual and it will bring you the financial stability you are searching for. Your initiatives will be measured and your actions will be rational. You will know how to protect yourself from the hazards of life and you will have a comfortable existence. Prudence will be your strength and it is this that will bring you happiness.

An event or (favorable) outcome that you have long been awaiting will happen and even surpass your expectations. Your plans for the future are linked to your sixth sense (your correct intuition), and your optimism in the face of a situation (or a procedure that you have initiated) is justified, despite certain differences of opinion between you and people in your circle. Yes, you will take a great step forward in your personal journey. It is undeniable and irreversible. Even if some claim the opposite, nothing is truly etched in stone, and many things can still be changed or improved. You possess abilities that others do not, thus your benchmarks and objectives must be different. What you seek is not inaccessible to you, so do not fear to go where many have failed (or will never go), for your fate is unique.

Someone (m/f) is looking to either get closer to you or seduce you. You will be the victim of excessive kindness which you will find embarrassing. Here, we are talking about a friend close to you. On a social level, this person has a lot of power over others. He/she has a job and a stable income which brings him/her a financial security that is the envy of many people. This person will offer you a financial agreement tinged with an ulterior motive (either romantic or sexual.) This is a transaction for a loan, a mortgage, a trip, or a contract that has real financial benefit to you. This person knows that you want to fulfill a dream and he/she will offer you his/her financial support in order to allow you to do it. The offer will be tempting, but you will need to seriously consider the reasons before this proposal before making a decision. This person really has the means to help you, but he/she also hopes to use this opportunity to increase his/her chances to have a more intimate relationship with you. Although this will not (or hardly) be an issue during your talks, you will have to know how to read between the lines. In fact, the very protective behavior that this person constantly exhibits towards you is no longer a surprise for you, and speaks volumes to the effect that you have on him/her. In any case, you know enough about this person to know what he/she thinks about you. Because of this, when the time comes, everything should be pretty obvious to you.
You must ask for advice, seek out care, or search for help. Your goodwill is not enough to overcome a health problem. Although you think you have the necessary strength of character to get through this ordeal by yourself, there are aspects of a disease which are unforgiving and which require the attention or counsel of professional or specialized people. The air you breathe must be cleansed and certain cells in your body are in dire need of renewal. You absolutely must free yourself from a misfortune which seeks to take hold in you and which your courage alone cannot defeat. It is essential that you transform and purify yourself internally in order to rise from your whole being. Time is running out, so accept all the help that is offered to you.

A young person with whom you have a very strong emotional connection should seriously consider separating from the person he/she is in a relationship with. We are speaking here about a young person who is close to you and who is very talented in his/her field (work or the arts) but who is somewhat introverted regarding his/her private life. He/she does not confide much in others and he/she handles most of his/her difficulties in secret. His/her love relationship is relatively new but it is already unhealthy. He/she should end it because the other party constantly infantilises it and verbal abuse is already apparent. He/she can certainly not maintain this loving bond for very long because certain words (spoken by the other party) make it known that unacceptable (or immoral) (or even violent) actions are coming soon. Harmony really does not exist in this relationship and a breakup is inevitable, even necessary (perhaps sudden and hasty). This relationship clearly is not viable and will also cause your friend considerable financial losses.

The strength of your relationship is being put to the test. Someone is plotting against you. This person is part of the professional circle of the person you love. He/she is speaking against you, and doing so without really knowing you or without really knowing who you are. This person wants to deliberately break your relationship because he/she wants to win over the person you love. He/she has long conversations with him/her and you are not able to prevent this. He/she does not hesitate to use lies to harm you because he/she knows that he/she will not achieve his/her ends if he/she does not succeed in creating a gap between the two of you. This person is very malicious toward you and acts in such a way as to totally annihilate your future love plans. Can you trust your beloved? It is he/she that will decide everything. If your relationship has deteriorated recently, this is a bad sign. If, however, it is strong and if every day you do what it takes to keep it strong, this person will act in vain (and so you have nothing to fear).
You will have a disappointing conversation with a woman who is younger than you. This woman behaves inconsistently and cannot explain herself. She is in love with a man who has a bad influence on her and leads her down crime-ridden paths. You would like to get her back on the right track, but her stubbornness always leads her back toward this man. This woman’s logic is based on preconceptions and her thoughts keep getting mixed up in endless chaos. Excessive consumption of a mind-altering substance (alcohol, drugs, medication or such) seems to be a major element here. This woman certainly needs to be protected from her own actions, but nothing works. Take care not to blame yourself for your own inability to do anything. This woman makes her own decisions and (since you have no legal power over her) you have absolutely nothing for which to reproach yourself. Yes, the situation has to change, but at the moment, the context is unfavorable. Better days will come, but for the moment, you need to be patient.

A person (M/F) is imprisoned within his/her convictions. He/she believes in (supposed) certainties that do not help him/her. His/her stubbornness creates frictions between you and him/her. It’s useless to try to destabilize him/her, as this will only enlarge the ditch that separates you. You must allow time to do its thing. Days that are more suitable for a discussion shall come but, today, nothing sensible can be argued. This person must, before anything else, nourish from his/her own life experiences before drawing enlightened conclusions about what he/she does and what he/she believes in. He/she must learn from his/her mistakes before being capable of listening to what you have to tell him/her. You are right to feel sensitive, but be patient and better days will come.

Your internal balance has been upset by a problem that you can't quite put your finger on. You need an answer but you don't really know where the crux of the matter lies (body, spirit or soul). This is a source of anxiety and causing you to work and function in a way that is less and less rational. A man will come to your aid. He is younger than you and born under the sign of Capricorn. He is cunning and courageous. He travels by plane regularly and his work is linked to judicial affairs. Key words: infertile, ritual, trial, new job, Tuesday night, month of November.

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