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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 61
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A young person is looking to make amends for a wrong action. This action is shocking (inappropriate, immoral, obscene, indecent, etc.). We are speaking here about a marginalised young person (eccentric, unpredictable). He/she loves you but deeply hurt you with his/her action. He/she must solve his/her behavioural problems (or problems with the law). He/she must explain the situation to you honestly. Take care not to accept just anything as an excuse. This young person has faults that are more than obvious and must assume the consequences of his/her actions. Yes, you can be indulgent, but not under any condition. You must hear the truth and nothing but the truth (even if you already know it). This young person needs to be truly honest with you. You can forgive his/her action only when he/she has really confessed (or understood) his/her mistake and undertakes not to do this kind of thing again. Be formal, because even if you have no authority over him/her, you have to have respect as a human being (as a sensitive person).

You will have to abandon (or defer) fulfilling a wish because of the love you bear for someone. A desire that you have had for a long time no longer has the same meaning (symbolism) (or no longer has so much importance) for you because of this person. More specifically, you want to accommodate (or please) a person that you love and your desire is not compatible with what you want to do for him/her. In this situation, you have to share something with this person. You have an objective in common and this concerns the financial security of you both. Key words: home, family, material comfort, survival, sharing, love.

You will have to use your good judgment before responding to a controversy. It concerns a young woman in your circle. Even though you are not implicated, this situation affect you personally. This young woman wants to induce you to take her side (or to decide in her favor). People are accusing her of being dishonest, and charges are being leveled against her. This is in connection with an unsettled debt or a payment that was not made. This young woman is trying to improvise a way to clear her name (or to get out of trouble), but her position is nearly indefensible. It will be difficult for you to help her because the facts are incriminating. You will have to demonstrate great wisdom, because (in this event) you must separate the truth from the lie(s).
Somebody has the power to help you (to simplify or facilitate things) but he/she does not do it. You have a bold decision to take due to the inertia (or even cowardice) of this person. You have wonderful possibilities in front of you, but this person is stopping you from acting (blocked route, obstacle to circumvent). You will have to change your position, because this person is scared of your success. He/she fears you will gain access to more power than him/her. This is pure and simple jealousy. Is this a person who has already been in love with you? Does this person blame you for anything? Have you offended him/her in the past? Is this rancour? Is this person mixing feelings with business? Whatever it is, we are speaking here about someone who is not willing to make any concessions to you, even if he/she knows that your approach is legitimate. You therefore have an important decision to take and cannot back down. Your intuition is good and it is your whole future that is at stake. You have a lot to gain and must press ahead. You have a sense for business and you will succeed (financial offer to come).

Somebody is strongly attracted to you. He/she is close to you and you are in regular contact with him/her. This person has a personality that is compatible with yours, but in this context, a connection between you two is not really possible (or appropriate). Nevertheless, this person has high expectations for his/her relationship with you and you feel (you will feel) it well. He/she has a crush on you and you will soon have to respond to his/her advances (if you have not done so already). You will therefore have to let him/her know your feelings and your intentions. You do not want to push this person, because you also feel something for him/her. As such, it is imperative, both for this person and for you, that you are sincere and formal with him/her. Here, it is a question of a very difficult situation in which thoughts are confused and doubt is persistent. On the one hand, you do not want to have any regrets, but on the other, you do not want to commit something irreparable. There is no easy answer to this problem, so you should let your instincts speak to you.

You recently had a conversation that left you pensive (or perplexed). This conversation was about a trip you would like to take. You really dream of taking this trip. Each time you think about it, your mind lights up and your heart fills with all kinds of emotions (strong palpitations). Moreover, (if possible) you want to take this trip with the person you love most in the world (or in the hope of seeing him/her again). A monetary concern, however, is stopping you from accomplishing your dream. You are upset, but you are looking for alternatives (method of transport, accommodation or other). You are a person of great maturity and you are convinced you will find a solution. Money will not be an eternal problem here. On reflection, you know exactly what you have to do (to accomplish your dream) and you will act accordingly. You are not someone who gives up easily and you will not capitulate. You will take this trip, this is indisputable. It is clearly revealed in the book of your life and it is deeply engraved on your heart.
You have the unconditional support of a very close friend. This is a woman who is very important for you and who works with you in the implementation of an expensive project, of a personal endeavor, or of a major initiative. This woman is for you a great source of inspiration and without her you might be much less ambitious. Here, we are talking about somebody who is very intelligent and who has the ability to solve complex problems and crack particularly difficult puzzles. Even if she likes to play to lighten the mood, this woman does nothing randomly and she is ready to make sacrifices for you. On another level, this woman is also inhabited by a strong sexual energy. She is thus as intense in friendship as in love, and in intimacy her carnal needs sometimes become obsessive. Clearly, nature gave her a body whose needs overflow, but she nonetheless knows how to remain respectful, honorable, and faithful. You will make a trip with her and you will talk of business. This woman is as ambitious (and maybe even more) than you, so you will get along well. You will dream larger than life, but regardless, dreaming is not a sin even if sometimes we get lost in fantasy and imagination.

You are loved by two people. If you are in a couple, it means that someone other than your official partner loves you. This person would even be willing to commit adultery with you. It could also be that you are dissatisfied (or unhappy) in your current situation and that you have (or are looking for) a closer relationship with someone who does not hide his/her love for you and about whom you are not indifferent. Otherwise, and in a general sense, this means that you have two very serious alternatives in the area of love and that you will eventually have to take an extremely difficult, even heart-breaking, decision. You will need to be careful regarding your initiatives with the opposite sex because you could easily find yourself in an extremely compromising position. One thing is certain: one of these people is a lot more mature than the other. You will have to keep this in mind. Be careful, therefore, not to hurt yourself, because the wounds might be difficult to heal.

There is some sad news concerning a woman. She must leave. She is no longer at ease (or doesn't feel so) in her place within her circle. It is not certain that she is a member of your family or your immediate circle, but this is surely a woman for whom you have a lot of affection. She has an opinion (philosophy) about life that is not shared by everyone, and this has sometimes put her in an uncomfortable (or delicate) position with regard to the others. Some people are indifferent to her departure, but not you. You would love her to stay but she has to leave. Consider this: In an extreme case, this could also mean that the death of a woman in your circle (a woman for whom you have affection) will soon occur. If this is the case, we are certainly speaking about an old woman or a woman who is very sick. So If this is the situation, you are probably already prepared (and have been for some time) for this eventuality.

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