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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 62
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You will have to show your support and tact in a private discussion which you will have with a young woman. This young woman is shy with most people, but she is very attached to you. She is anxious and seeks to get closer to you in the hope of finding relief from trouble in her love life which affects her deeply. She is inspired by what you radiate as a person (comfort) and her fervour towards you will be natural and spontaneous. This young woman is particularly beautiful physically. She is generous and likes helping others. For that matter, it is her great generosity towards others which you must take into consideration during your discussion with her. It's very likely that her ex takes advantage of her devotion and her kindness, even if he is already in an intimate relationship with another woman. This man takes advantage of her and makes her suffer. He takes advantage of her sensitivity and vulnerability. This young woman must learn to say no to him. She no longer has any reason to meet his demands and she must realise this. She owes him absolutely nothing and must stop obeying his every command once and for all.

A situation is socially complex. It bothers you or hinders you in your actions with a person of the opposite sex. This is someone who is barely older than you. He/she has the power to rule over you (really or psychologically). He/she is intelligent, but stubborn. You will have to overcome a difficulty with this person, otherwise you will not succeed in making enlightened decisions. Here, a relationship of attachment is not clear (or is complicated). This is about a tense interpersonal relationship (a relationship that is binding, subjugating, or that causes a real discomfort from the standpoint of love, companionship, or sex.) A process or behavior is inappropriate, or a request or an expectation is imprudent or indecent. There is a great disorder in your thoughts concerning this person. You probably do not know how to react to his/her actions, because you are probably worried about hurting/offending him/her. Obviously, you do not want to upset this person too much, so be careful not to get into a situation that could become seriously embarrassing for you. Keywords : taboos, limits, social pressures, transgression, irreversible act.

A young person whom you appreciate a lot will bring you smart pleasures. You have many affinities and, at his/her suggestion, you will participate in a joint activity. Here, with this young person, we are not talking about an intimate relationship, but rather about a privileged relationship. However, you are in an evolving relationship, and so the attachment that he/she has for you is growing, and it will become more important with time. This young person is of the opposite sex and has as his/her characteristics his/her beauty and physical attractiveness (he/she is very pleasing to the other sex). Your meetings will largely have fun (entertainment) as their goal, but they will nonetheless be made on an increasingly regular basis. Over time, a covenant, an agreement, or a deal with him/her is clearly to come. This is an agreement that will be made in a non-official manner, but to which you will both remain faithful. This young person is considering, or is hoping to work with you in the professional or social level (in a special way), because he/she obviously wants to develop a more personal relationship with you.
A female being from the afterlife wants to warn you of an imminent danger (on the financial level). She wants to inform you regarding a transaction (business proposition) (scam, fraud, etc.) that could wipe out all your projects for the future (or your long-term financial security). She is able to tell you exactly what it is and when it will happen. This being is not a member of your family. Nonetheless, she has a high rank in her world and has great powers. She has access to great knowledge and can answer many of your questions. Because of her rank, she very rarely intervenes (personally) on earth because this is not her role. If she does it with you, then, it means you are someone very special. She will, however, do nothing more because she knows that you have the ability to defend yourself if you are well informed. She has confidence in you and this is the reason why her actions stop here.

You are expecting something extraordinary. This is something very important to you. You are expecting a major turning point in your life. You want to improve your lot, and to do so in a radical and magnificent way. You are not expecting just anything. This is something very specific. You know exactly what you want. This could perhaps be the hope of a new job, a new love or anything else that makes you dream a lot. If it is a job, you know perfectly well which one. If it is a new love, you know exactly which person it is. (…) You have a lot of hope for this dream and ardently desire that your wish come true. You have had enough disappointments to date, so you know that something is about to happen. It is inevitable and you are right. So prepare yourself for a major event in your life. This event will make you extremely happy and is expected in the coming weeks (or in the next six months at most). Enigmatic message: The birds sing, nature reasserts itself, love is declared and illnesses heal.

A woman would love to have your professional position (or your responsibilities). This woman imposes herself a little too much and causes upset. She is opportunistic, but has made many administrative errors. She has charm and uses it to curry favours. This woman is trying to show that she is better than you are and her initiatives are often a nuisance to you. She wants to impress people and tries to appear more competent than you. Be careful not to become discouraged in the face of her actions. You have more qualities than she does and people know it. You must learn not to worry about this woman because, despite her determination to draw all the attention to herself, she is not really a threat to you. When it is time to be helpful to people, you surpass her greatly and this is noticed. And when one is looking for a job well done and someone serious and qualified is required, it is to you than one turns, not her. You have a lot more merit than she does, so it is useless to worry about trivialities. This woman is just passing through while you are here to stay.
Your beloved is unconsciously allowing himself/herself to be seduced by someone who is trying to impress him/her. The person you love is having fun with another (amusement, laughs, innocent games). He/she is not acting in a deliberate fashion but is in a position of closeness with a potential rival. This is on the professional or social level. Make sure you fully demonstrate your love for your beloved, because someone else is in a position to do so in your place. This person is not ill-intentioned, but is of the protective type. So if he/she senses a problem between you and your beloved, he/she will seek to intervene. He/she has charm and compassion and so his/her influence on the person you love could be decisive. He/she is a good friend of your beloved and he/she can be very persuasive when he/she feels the need. So if all is going well in your relationship, you do not need to worry. If, though, there is indeed a problem, it is in your interest that it does not drag on (or get worse).

Somebody worries/alarms you over nothing. A person (m/f) is displaying very demanding behaviour and making you waste your time (or else they are monopolising your attention more than is necessary). This person lacks maturity (or has an enormous lack of self-confidence). He/she worries about everything and is practically incapable (by himself/herself) of taking decisions that are constructive or favourable to himself/herself in the long-term. No, this person is not a child, but rather an adult displaying very childish behaviour. Be careful of his/her anxiety, because it controls his/her life and spreads alarm amongst everyone. This person lives in a world of unnecessary fears and unfounded concerns. He/she behaves as if the end of the world were imminent. Yes, you can help him/her, but you must not allow yourself to be swayed by him/her (or as little as possible), otherwise your life will become a nightmare.

Your needs regarding spiritual matters are not fulfilled. The afterlife does not seem to be receptive to your prayers (or to your calls for help). You have pressing needs, but nothing seems to materialise. Nonetheless, a transformation is occurring in you (soul, personality, energy…). Are you not aware of it? You are a combative person and you will realise your dreams. Did you not know it? Yes, you will gain access to the afterlife (answer to your prayers), but only at the moment you least expect it. Someone is waiting to communicate with you (or make a concrete gesture) and it is only you who knows the reason for his/her waiting. Have you abandoned something? This being seems to be waiting for you to take up again something you have abandoned. Have you renounced a mission you should have pursued (or a project you should have brought to completion)?

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