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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 63
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An animal will help you get through a test. It's an animal that lives in your house or that you're near to every day. It can avert you from dangers that lie in wait for you, and it has the capacity to kindle a spiritual force in you that's dominant in various ways. This animal communicates with you through a subconscious link that you have with it. It's an omen of peace and health for you. It can support you through illness just as well as it can ease your internal suffering. It will bring you wealth and prosperity of the sole in your worst moments of uncertainty, as well as during the happiest times of your life.

You are inspired by a house. It is near a wooded area or forest (in the countryside). In this house, manual work (handicrafts, artistic works, a profession from the past or others) is done (or has been done for a long time). For you, this house reflects nature, the sweetness of life and the dreams of childhood. It comforts you (it gives you courage and energy) and fills you with hope. It brings you closer to your parents (or your grandparents) and to filial love. It immerses you in myths and legends long spread by word of mouth. It simply gets you to imagine another time in which you may not yet have been born. Even if it is profoundly rooted in your thoughts, however, this house is part of another world. It is linked to your future as much as it is to your past. It is both dream and reality. You will find it again, because it is your true abode. It is your house. But is it here, or elsewhere?

Someone will make a detour just to see you again. This will be quite a large detour. This is a person who loves you a lot. It is a man who is not much older than you are. He was already part of the circle of people you frequented daily, but had to leave. This is shrewd man with a successful professional life. You have always been a great source of joy for him and for this reason he has retained only good memories of the many times he spent with you. This man has business to conclude or settle (commitment or obligation) (professional or financial). He has to go to a place that will bring you both closer together (geographically). He will use the opportunity to visit you. You will probably be surprised to see him (or to learn about his coming) because we are speaking in this case about an impromptu meeting. You will not be totally prepared to receive him and so you risk being a little embarrassed (or taken unawares). You will be happy, however, to see him again and this will be a very joyful moment for you. It seems here to be a question of air travel. This man will cross mountains (or a mountain range).
A trip (that you plan to make) will probably have to be cancelled or postponed because of the risks involved. Even if this is a dream trip for you (or a trip that absolutely has to be made at least once in your life), you have to show that you are reasonable. This trip includes elements that lead one to seriously believe that there is a danger, so you will have to be more careful than usual. The signs (or recent events) speak for themselves, so do not take anything lightly. The situation is problematic and you have to really take this into account. If you are preparing to undertake this trip in spite of everything, be extremely vigilant. People are wary of strangers, objects are confiscated or stolen, and fundamental freedoms are compromised. So be careful because you absolutely have to be forewarned of the danger!

An increase in your income or the ending of a debt is coming soon. You will have more money to hand and you will be able to make a new investment or acquisition. You are now crossing a significant milestone in terms of your financial security and your material prosperity is becoming solid. Moreover, you will soon be able to take new decisions (profitable ones) with respect to other future investments because your financial situation will improve very significantly. (Enrichment, prosperity, money, investments, acquisitions, improved living standards, achieving a dream, etc.).

A rumour is spreading through your entourage. A situation is confusing and too complex to be quickly analysed (or assessed). Even if, for the moment, nothing seems alarming, you will eventually have to get to the bottom of things if you wish to continue making progress in your personal path and avoid being held down by a context seeking to establish itself and over which you practically have no control. Information you will soon get (from a reliable source) will be very useful to you and help you to better understand what is happening. It has a direct connection with the current situation and it will allow you to unravel the truth from the lies. In this case, people talk a lot and many hypothesis have been put forward but no one really seems to know what it is really all about. Look for the truth in every detail as it will be essential for you to understand the issues well and to be able to make informed decisions (if necessary). Do not rely too much on chatter as it is plentiful and is based more on perceptions (or illusions) than on actual facts.
You have the unfailing support of a woman in your close entourage (a friend), but this woman cannot help you now. If you feel her to be far away or absent, this is because she is going through an extremely difficult period. Have no fear, as you have not lost her friendship and she has not forsaken you. She is, however, shaken and somewhat demoralised. She is at an impasse with her love partner. She is thinking of leaving this person because she has a relationship with another woman. It is certain that you can always count on your friend for all sorts of reasons, but this time it is she who needs your support (especially moral support) or understanding. If you help her in her ordeal, she will be eternally grateful to you. Do not let her sink into agony (depression) or shame because she does not deserve that.

You are receiving messages from everywhere. The people around you have all sorts of different thoughts and ideas and they are all looking to convince you or to advise you in more or less discordant and contradictory ways regarding a milestone event that is currently taking place in your life. Be careful with gossip that may negatively influence you and lead you to making a bad decision. Only you will have to suffer the impacts of what you will do, consequently, you must act according to your personal well-being, now and in the future, instead of based on what other people think is the best thing for you. Others are not in your skin and they will never be in it. What is good for you is not necessarily good for them, and what is good for others may be bad for you. If your existence must change completely, it must be done in your way and not in that of others. There is someone close to you who is older than 40 and who is capable of advising you better than everyone else. You will not have a problem identifying this person if you keep your feet on the ground. Listen and ask questions to him/her, as his/her words are full of wisdom.

You have a lot of influence on the people around you. You are loved and you are popular! You attract others so much, that many seek to (or would like to) be friends with you. More precisely, this is the case of a woman who will spend money to get closer to you. She likes you a lot and she will give you a gift. She is a little bit older than you. She is persistent and will insist. You do not know her well, but you will soon. She will pay a bill for you. This is an independent woman who does not really have any hobbies, nor social life. She does not have many friends and she has chosen you because you are one of the rare people that she really trusts. She has as her virtues her manual skills and artistic sense. In addition, she knows how to invest her money intelligently and she is rather comfortable financially. She is benevolent with the people she loves and dreadful with the people she despises. She has been somewhat anxious for some time, because she was recently hospitalized for a medical procedure. She went through several difficult trials in her life, and as such she now chooses her friends very carefully.

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