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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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A person is unworthy to be part of a group or community. This person will be disowned, rejected, dismissed, banished, or imprisoned. This event is also linked to a letter which was sent by the post (or email). Something abnormal happened with this letter. Either the person that received it was not able to respond, or that the letter has fallen into the hands of a person other than the real addressee. It is here probably a question of ordinary fraud or a disgraceful or pernicious act toward a person.

A dream will come true. A wish will become reality and a woman (a friend) will be partly responsible. This woman is about your age. She is among your social circle, but she doesn’t have a close link to you (yet). She is very articulate and speaks with great gentleness. She is highly charismatic and has a lot of influence over others. She is both hot-headed and sensitive. She knows that you are limited in the actions available to you and she will accompany you to help you fulfil a dream. It will be difficult, but destiny will help you. Luck will be on your side, meaning that important details will practically resolve themselves.

You will go on a spiritual journey. You are seeking spiritual evolution and this trip is a key stage in your personal development. This journey is essential for you and you must absolutely make it. It will allow you to look deeper within yourself and to clarify your path in life. You will then enter a transitory period in your existence where your free will, your serenity and your power to make decisions will blend into a unique element of a divine nature. You will go on this voyage with a female friend, a relative of yours born under the astrological sign of Pisces. You will go across a sea. The sea will be rough and somewhat scary but everything will turn out fine. Key words: abrupt change, demanding, uplifting, test, access to a new life, return to health, Saturday evening, February.
You must ask for (or demand) explanations from a man. His behavior is unacceptable (or inappropriate). Why is he acting like this? Perhaps he has good intentions, but if that is the case, they are genuinely difficult to decipher. On the other hand, if he is acting in bad faith toward you, you must expect your relationship to worsen (deteriorate) rather rapidly. In short, what is he trying to show (or prove)? If he is ill-intentioned, he is unworthy of you. If not, he clearly has explanations to give you (to explain himself). Incidentally, a competition seems to have been established between the two of you. Is it a healthy competition?

You're taking your time, because you're afraid to make a mistake. You don't want your actions to be misinterpreted, and that leads you to be extremely cautious. You have already been criticized, in the past, when you didn't deserve it, and you don't want a replay of the same set of events. Your way ahead, now, has pitfalls that you need to avoid. There's someone, who is just waiting for the right moment to attack you, humiliate you and ridicule you. You need to organize a big event that will be attended by masses of people. Some of them are your friends, but others are your rivals. You'll profit from this opportunity to establish new contacts, who will be helpful to you later on.

Your emotions have great influence on your behavior. Impulsiveness is something for you to manage. You seem to have a tendency to react too spontaneously when dealing with certain situations and this does not always favor you, even if it relates to you at times. Because of this tendency to react (or get anxious) quickly in certain situations, your thoughts are not always as clear as they should be when dealing with what you really live. More or less, as regards small pleasures and the little annoyances in life, you have to think a little more before acting (or becoming anxious). So you have some learning to do, because you need to discern the contexts and situations that could be much more favorable for you. Not all situations require an immediate response from you, so you will have to get used to taking a little more perspective in dealing with different aggressions or temptations (both large and small) that you go through every day as some are not as threatening or as urgent as they may seem. Even if your intentions are good, your interventions are probably not always justified, which indicates that you're psychologically wearing yourself out for things that are not really worth it. You must take care of yourself and be more rational with yourself. Learn to save your strength (internal/mental), because there is no doubt that you can be much happier in your environment than you are now. For you, "universal wisdom" is a goal to reach, while impulsivity is a challenge that you must learn to overcome. Therefore, if you believe that you are a person who is asked to do a lot, you are not wrong. Therefore, if the Divine asks a lot from you, in all humility it is surely because you have a special place in the other world.
A birth is keenly awaited but slow to arrive. Numerous attempts have been made alongside tangible efforts, but nature has not yet given its consent. One must first trust in the heavens and not seek to derail or control the universal forces that govern life, both in this one and the next. Existence on Earth is merely a passage. Nothing is created and nothing lost. Physical birth results from the union of two individuals, however, the birth of a soul requires forces far beyond human capacity (of parents).

You hear many rumors about the person you love, but no one is capable of proving them true. Testimonies abound, but they are mostly either indirect or unverified. Do not trust everything that people tell you because many stories are fictitious. Some people feel the need to impress you and therefore, they share with you events that are not real and possibly have never taken place, all in the sole purpose of grabbing your attention and interest. Beware of bad-mouthing! A certain individual may seek to take advantage of you by lying; s/he is jealous and clearly wants to steer you away from the person you love.

A person of the opposite sex who is outside or new to your entourage has fallen for your charms. This person deliberately tries to seduce you or be noticed by you. This person is very intelligent, but is easily overcome by feelings of love. Their passion for you is great, and their intentions are honourable, but their initiatives to try to get close to you are quite surprising. In fact, this person does not think like you do and consequently he/she does not act (toward you) in a predictable, logical or normal manner. Moreover, you have your own personal objectives, and this person has theirs (totally different ones). Although you will be flattered by their delicate actions, and even if some of their blunders are without ulterior motives, take care not to make too many compromises at your own expense (especially emotionally) in meeting the needs of a person who does not have the capacity to satisfy you (either in regard to friendship or to love). Be careful not to change anything in your life for him/her as you might have regrets later on about being attached to a person that you do not really love. Here, we speak about a person who has a very disturbing habit, mania or obsession regarding you. Regardless of your good intentions or what you do to get used to this person's ways, you will always experience discomfort in their presence.

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