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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 64
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You will have a favorable visit (or an invitation) from a mature man with a great fortune. This man is rich and he has great power at all levels (social, financial, cultural, political, etc.) He will have a proposal for you. He has a project in mind and is looking for someone trustworthy to participate (closely) to its realization. He will see in you the perfect person to help him concretize, improve, or continue his work. You will have a personal relationship with him and he will call on you several times to talk with you. We are talking here about a powerful man with grand projects. This is thus a very good piece of news for you. This man wants you in his team, because he knows that you have already proven yourself. Unlike many others, he is perceptive and he has the means to convince you to follow him. For him, you inspire confidence, and thanks to him, your skills (talent, knowledge, know-how, etc.) will truly be recognized. This man will not offer you anything less than the top, and his offer will be unparalleled. With him, you will enter in an entirely new world where everything is possible and where the most daring are the big winners. In this world, you will have incredible and total success.

The coming year will be extraordinary for you. Your situation, both material (or financial) and emotional is evolving beautifully, and it heralds a remarkable series of happy (maybe even sensational) events in the coming months. A great period of joy, love, and serenity is clearly predicted regarding your medium term future. A great happiness is thus imminent in your life. You will be fulfilled by love and sharing, and you will be both happy and at peace with yourself. Your sufferings will disappear (or will be extremely quiet) and you will have very few disagreements with your relatives and the people that you love. Your projects will bring you success and plenty, and artistic activities (or crafts) will occupy a place which they had never before had in your life. You thus have to prepare yourself for something major in your life, because such a series of happy events can only be possible following a decisive and fundamental change in your life. This kind of change is usually a new love, a move, a new job, or something of the sort, because its effects are extraordinarily beneficial and long lasting for the person that lives them.

You need to seek a greater balance in your relationship with someone else. This person is of the opposite sex and is around your age. He/she is part of your professional environment (work, business, education, justice, healthcare or other) and he/she has a dominant behaviour over you. He/she is authoritarian and he/she seeks to control everything. You shouldn't accept to let yourself be dominated in this manner, since sharing is necessary. You will take a journey or a significant trip with this person and you will then have the chance to know each other better and to be frank towards each other. It is not necessary to confront this person but, rather, to inform him/her of your concerns regarding your relationship. Compromise is possible so don't be afraid of talking to him/her honestly. Don't be intransigent with him/her since he/she is capable of understanding your situation. This person loves you (or appreciates you a lot) and he/she has good intentions, but the problem is that he/she doesn't know how to behave with you. So help him/her and you will do a favour to yourself. Keywords: dialogue, commitment and sincerity.
You have a serious disagreement (past or present event) with a man (or a woman) working in law (attorney, judge, police officer, etc.). This person's virtue is his/her patience and his/her opportunism. He/she is courageous and authoritarian. He/she works on behalf of someone else, either a person or an entity (a company, the government, an organization, etc.). In your disagreement with this person who works in law, it turns out that you are accused of having committed an illegal action or of having committed an act that has caused harm to a person or entity. Naturally, you disagree (partially or completely) with what you are being reproached for but, despite everything, you must defend yourself and protect yourself from the disastrous consequences that this accusation could have on your life. You will need to proceed to a settlement or an agreement. Otherwise you'll have to subject yourself to a very serious constraint from a legal standpoint (a demoralizing fine, indemnification or conviction). You must absolutely react, as you need to preserve a freedom that you enjoy and that you appreciate more than any other.

You will have to show yourself to be more serious (or more formal) regarding feelings. You are a person who loves intensely, but at the moment this is not necessarily (or sufficiently) reflected in your small everyday actions. The image that the opposite sex has of you is perhaps not the same as it was in the past. Your life has changed a lot in recent years, consequently you will have to adapt to a new reality. What was once evident is no longer so today. You do have, however, a greater ability to seduce (in a different manner) than before and you could do things completely differently. You have gained experience over time and you have grown in maturity, so it is all just a question of will (what you want versus what you do not want). Be a little more precise (specific, exclusive, eloquent) with your initiatives and the opposite sex will not remain indifferent.

Your family (or inner circle) is supporting you. They want to help you as well as they can so that you can realise your dreams. Some people are very close to you and are unswervingly loyal. They will help you overcome your challenges and will support you in all of your trials. Moreover, some of your successes will not be possible without their unconditional support. You will have great success thanks to your hard work, but also thanks to the support of those dear to you. Furthermore, one man in particular (older than you) feels great joy in seeing you succeed. He is intelligent and well organised. He loves nature and he probably loves gardening. You consider him somewhat as your hero. He is always there at the right time and you would be extremely pained if you lost him. With him, it is about money and legal papers. He wants to meet one of your needs and he has a really interesting proposition for you. There is also talk of a change of job (or regarding your job) (or in your primary activity).
A new lasting friendship with a man will soon develop. This man’s strength is his ability to communicate with people as well as his great influence on others. He has a creative soul and, thanks to his success, he has managed to reach significant financial independence. His confidence in you will be disturbing. He will quickly confide in you about his private life. Because of your personality and your close relationship with him, you will become a major moral support for him. On the other hand, you will need to be careful to be discrete about your relationship with him since this man is very well known. Furthermore, it will not help you to speak with many people about your relationship with this man since most people will simply not believe you. People will be blinded by jealousy and you should not be hindered by them, because you risk being ridiculed or suffering uselessly. You will therefore have to concentrate as best as you can on your relationship with this man, paying no attention to others, since only in this way will you be able to fully appreciate a very beautiful relationship with him.

You will meet the child (yet an adult) of a person you know well, without you making the link between you. It will be a reserved but adventurous woman. You will discuss something regarding your professional or financial life and after some questioning it will click in your head. This woman travels a lot (or has travelled a lot before, or has lived abroad for a long time) and that is the reason why you hardly know her. Moreover she had some difficulties with her parents when she was young which meant that she left the family nest very early. You will have a request to make to this person. It will be a request for her specialist knowledge - financial, legal or professional advice or advice of some other nature. An emotional bond, at once very sincere, will be struck up between the two of you immediately. This woman will help you immeasurably in your affairs. This meeting could also herald a new change in your working life.

Someone is considering that he/she owes you. This is a person who is younger than you and who is part of your relatives (or who has a comparable link). Here, we are talking about somebody who seduces naturally (without effort or ulterior motive) (a kind, spontaneous and warm person). In the past, you gave up something very special to come to his/her help. In fact, you often did him/her favours and today he/she feels indebted to you. He/she was never able to (concretely) prove to you his/her gratitude, but he/she will do so later, at a well-chosen time and in a rather surprising way. In the future, this person will help you complete a project (or a dream) and his/her help will at that time be invaluable. This person has an enormous amount of respect for you and he/she will never forget all that you have so generously done for him/her over the years (kindness, empathy and sharing). Key words: Renunciation, spontaneity and reciprocity.

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