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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 65
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You will have a disappointing encounter or discussion with a man. You don’t know this man right now, or you don’t know him very well. He is someone you will never be able to count on and with whom you’ll have a hard time maintaining a loyal friendship. This man will edge into your close environment and will become a member of your regular acquaintances. You’ll then have to be perceptive about what he does and clairvoyant about his thoughts and plans. This man has the potential for creating problems for you and it is obvious that he will be the source of great aggravation for you. What’s more, he never says what he really thinks and he shows no shame in denying his mistakes and lying whenever he needs to save face. Be careful not to trust his word because you may be greatly disappointed. Above all, don’t expect anything from him as far as tasks or goals required as part of group work or a need for mutual help within your circle of acquaintances, and you will get along must better. Furthermore, this man has great sexual urges to satisfy and because of this, he spreads suffering all around him. His sense of morality is virtually non-existent, so that those he has intimate relations with are condemned upfront to endure torment and unending sorrow.

A miraculous cure will take place. Divine intervention will cause a disabling illness to be finally and fully cured, although once it had been acute, chronic and incurable. A person will then have their suffering stop and their work will reach completion. An angel will be sent down and he will obey. The person will be freed. The Supreme Being has decided it so.

We are talking about an important transaction (agreement or contract) (master-stroke on your part). This transaction will be extremely favourable to you. Your immediate entourage will also benefit (almost as much as you will). You will acquire a durable asset (property or business investment) that will give you more power or raise you socially. This acquisition will upset the social order of the milieu to which you belong. You will have greater authority. One's perception of you will change and you will be more respected (much more). Your power will be increased and your reputation recognised. The news will spread quickly and your mere presence at a meeting will intimidate.
A favorable financial turn of events is coming in the next few months. It has to do with a man who is younger than you with whom you’ll reach a real estate agreement. It will be a building you do not live in. It’s clearly a business, a commercial building or an investment in a business. A large sum of money is at stake and very technical discussion will take place. Your caution in business will make you further appreciate this project being carried out. This process will entail very little risk and you’ll be able to make an enlightened decision quickly. This investment has sentimental value for you because it’s tightly linked to a childhood dream that you have held for a long time. A legal document will be signed and great pride will take hold of you. Water has special significance here. A river, stream, a lake or something else having to do symbolically with water is closely associated to this event. Water is abundant and decisive.

An old problem on the social level (or distant familial level) with a woman (1) barely older than yourself is rearing up in a chronic and dissapointing manner (a discouraging or demoralizing problem.) This woman is not sincere with you. She lies to you constantly and makes you work (expend energy or deploy uncessary physical or mental efforts) constantly, because of her lies and her negative attitude. Strangely, her acts will lead you to get to know somebody new (another woman). This woman (2) has as her special qualities her great manual ability and an exceptional aptitude in a high level artistic domain. Her know-how on the human level will be beneficient to you and an action that she will take will help you greatly. She (2) will intervene in order to give (or to provide) a service to the first woman (1) and she will help you to better manage your problem with her (1). Here, we are talking about a positive interference by the second woman, which will improve in a very significant manner your preexisting relation with the first one. You will develop a very good friendship with this new woman (2) and you will see each other again frequently. With time, your situation will take you to have an increasingly close relationship, such that a very great friendship is bound to arise between you two. This woman (2) will be very supportive on the personal level, and as such, you should accept her help from the start, even if it might seem inappropriate at this time.

Somebody has a problem with money and this is causing a disagreement (a chain reaction) with several others. This person has a very serious problem and it is forcing everybody around him/her to react. You will have to intervene urgently, but you must avoid doing too much, because the whole burden (stress) of this situation must not rest solely on you. You are not alone in being able to intervene and you should not take everything upon yourself if you can have some help. In fact, another person will be able to support you in your approach (a professional, a financial adviser or other). The person that you will help will have to learn to be more independent and realistic in his/her way of spending (managing) his/her money. You will have to help him/her to be more reasonable. It will be difficult, but feasible. All of this seems to follow a recent truck delivery. Somebody is asking for compensation. There may also be a possible seizure (of furniture, a car, or other).
A situation is socially complex. It bothers you or hinders you in your actions with a person of the opposite sex. This is someone who is barely older than you. He/she has the power to rule over you (really or psychologically). He/she is intelligent, but stubborn. You will have to overcome a difficulty with this person, otherwise you will not succeed in making enlightened decisions. Here, a relationship of attachment is not clear (or is complicated). This is about a tense interpersonal relationship (a relationship that is binding, subjugating, or that causes a real discomfort from the standpoint of love, companionship, or sex.) A process or behavior is inappropriate, or a request or an expectation is imprudent or indecent. There is a great disorder in your thoughts concerning this person. You probably do not know how to react to his/her actions, because you are probably worried about hurting/offending him/her. Obviously, you do not want to upset this person too much, so be careful not to get into a situation that could become seriously embarrassing for you. Keywords : taboos, limits, social pressures, transgression, irreversible act.

A person (of the same sex as you) despises you because of his/her prejudices. Fortunately, you have nothing to fear because he/she speaks a lot but does not act. To be more specific, we are speaking here about a person who is extremely jealous. He/she is completely unable to have respect for you simply because you are more successful than him/her in what you do. It is useless to confront him/her verbally (or to respond to his/her remarks) because you do not deserve to bring yourself down to such a low level. Given his/her behaviour, it is clear that he/she does not have the intelligence to actually harm you or hurt you. Ignore him/her and you will see at what point he/she can openly make a fool of himself/herself in front of everyone.

Money will bring about intense discussions with a man approximately your age. A transaction, an investment or an acquisition will lead you into a negotiation which will involve a rather considerable amount of money (in comparison to your financial means). These discussions will take place over several days and you will have to wait before getting a definitive answer from this man. An agreement will have to be signed, but details (or formalities) will have to be resolved before it can all be confirmed. The waiting time which will be necessary before everything is finalized will have you experience great emotions, and at times it will seem almost unbearable (anxiety facing the uncertainty). Fortunately, you will reach an agreement (satisfactory for both of you) and with great delight you will find your usual serenity again. This is about a significant progress and happy event in the course of your life, and then you will fully deserve to be proud of yourself.

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