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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 66
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There is a lot of coming and going around you. This reassures you because you do not feel isolated. On the other hand, people are becoming annoying (in their words or demands). Certain situations bother you and your power to intervene is very limited. You feel trapped in a viscous circle in which constraints are accumulating and are repeated without end. Your mind leads you to think that things are getting worse and that is obviously not what you want. Stop! You must stop worrying about things that are not worth the trouble. Yes, you are right to have concerns, but nothing is really changing in the way that appearances would let you believe. The troubled period you are going through, in fact, is only temporary and this is quite evident. Respite is coming and very soon serenity will once more return to your thoughts.

A person is in an excellent position to harm you (on the professional, social or financial level). This person has the same ambitions as you (rivalry, competition) and the situation is very delicate. You need the advice of those close to you (family, friends, colleagues or others) in order to make an informed decision. Be careful because your future is at stake and you cannot allow yourself to act on a whim. You are not alone, so you should not make a decision that could be detrimental to the people you love (or to people who support you). Be sure to be well surrounded because you absolutely have to discourage your rival from making a decisive move. Do not take initiatives lightly and you will be taken seriously.

Your discipline and your perseverance at work or in your endeavours (in your tasks or your art) make you a person who will carry out their dreams. Even if you do spend a lot of energy (self-sacrifice or humanistic endeavour) and do not always receive the recognition you deserve, you will be surprised by your own accomplishments. You count a lot on what the future will bring you, but you do not need to worry because you will reap what you have sown. You have always been careful about what you allow yourself to envisage for the future, but you will discover that by giving you will eventually receive. As you have given a lot, you do not need to fear because you will be remembered. You have always shown great openness and consequently you will receive much more than you think. Remain true to yourself because you are somebody special and you will leave your mark. Even if sometimes you feel alone in your boat, many people know that, more often than not, you have saved lives.
You must be warned against a very possessive person. You will make a monetary gain and this person will try to seize it through legal, yet immoral ways. This is a negative person who lives at the expense of others. This is someone who was in your immediate circle for a very significant period of time, but who is no longer a part of it (or, who you are trying to drive out of it). This person often brings up religion in his/her words, although he/she is not devout (or only pretends to be). He/she regularly grants him/herself privileges that are not legitimate. He/she symbolizes betrayal and abuse. He/she does not deserve any consideration from you. You will have to defend your rights or your possessions, because he/she will try to take something from you that does not belong to him/her and that he/she does not deserve in any way.

This concerns a difficult period (currently) with a person you love very much. This saddens you deeply. You are anxious about this situation and this consumes you inside. For a reason that is more or less obscure, a coldness has set in between this person and yourself. You are tormented and it has the effect of leaving you powerless when faced with a difficulty you cannot manage. The good news is that changes are expected soon. Everything will return to normal (in the coming weeks or in a few days from now). Your emotional interdependence is obvious and coldness between you simply cannot last (it is clearly impossible). You are two people who are fundamentally inseparable from one another (dependent on each other), so here we speak more of pride rather than a real disagreement.

A person of the opposite sex, who is over 60 years, loves you. This person would like to address you, but he/she is totally incapable of it. You impress him/her so much that it disturbs him/her. Here, it is about an intelligent person who is helpful and clever in business. He/she is financially comfortable but unstable in love. This person has a complicated or a mysterious personality. He/she can fall madly in love with someone overnight without having any specific reason. It is difficult to explain, but something about it is that, this person lacks confidence in him/her when it comes to sharing his/her romantic feelings. In fact, he/she is totally incapable of taking the first steps to show his/her interest to the other. Even if he/she is sincere, he/she cannot control his/her feelings and cannot bring himself/herself to accomplish his/her romantic approaches. In your particular case, there is something more than that in your personal situation which confuses the cards and which gives him/her more obstacles. This is a major problem and that slows him/her down even more when taking steps to becoming closer. Following an upcoming event that will happen without your knowledge, his/her attitude will speak volumes about his/her true feelings for you. It is a friend who you will tell you some surprising things about him/her during a confession.
You are attracted by two entirely different people who are incompatible themselves. It is vital that you prioritize your actions in a way that allows you to focus solely on one of them, and not both at the same time. Continuing to try and simultaneously come back to or satisfy these two people will lead your straight into certain failure in your personal life. You need to reflect on the situation, otherwise it will not be possible to have emotional stability in your life. You need to exercise discernment, because at the moment you are portraying yourself as someone who lacks judgment. Understand then that you must act soon, because before too long it will be your immaturity that will be the topic of discussions.

(Elderly person?) A death is imminent (or expected) in your entourage. A man is sick and will soon die (or else his health is irreversibly deteriorating) (he is increasingly becoming an invalid) (his ultimate decline has begun). He knows it and accepts his fate with great serenity. This is a superstitious man (or a religious believer). He has always been very attracted to spirituality, mysteries and occult phenomena. As he is not a close relative (or an intimate friend), his loss will not affect you personally (or will affect you in only a limited way), yet it will cause major changes around you. This man must have surely suffered a long time, because the prospect of his death is seen as a future deliverance for both him and his family. On the day of his death, people will be relieved to know that finally he does not suffer any longer. He has well served his time on earth and will be well received in the hereafter.

A woman is waiting for a response from you. She has asked you something, but you delay responding. Everything is probably not very clear in your mind but it is still in your interest to give her a response, even if in order to do so it will be necessary to ask her for more explanations. Yes, the situation is ambiguous, but if you do not decide, it will become even more so. Here, it is not only a question of thinking of yourself but of thinking of her as well. She expects something very precise, and if you do not understand exactly what this is, you must discover it. This woman is a little younger than you are. She is kind and charming. She has artistic talent. She is meticulous in everything she undertakes and is demanding with herself. Not so long ago she did something she regrets. This woman wants to get back on the right path and to do this she has need of you.

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