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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 68
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Your discipline and your perseverance at work or in your endeavours (in your tasks or your art) make you a person who will carry out their dreams. Even if you do spend a lot of energy (self-sacrifice or humanistic endeavour) and do not always receive the recognition you deserve, you will be surprised by your own accomplishments. You count a lot on what the future will bring you, but you do not need to worry because you will reap what you have sown. You have always been careful about what you allow yourself to envisage for the future, but you will discover that by giving you will eventually receive. As you have given a lot, you do not need to fear because you will be remembered. You have always shown great openness and consequently you will receive much more than you think. Remain true to yourself because you are somebody special and you will leave your mark. Even if sometimes you feel alone in your boat, many people know that, more often than not, you have saved lives.

A woman has power to decide over you. This woman is patient, but she cannot stand wasting time unnecessarily. She has great authority and her decisions are often well-honed. She is in command and she has a very good memory. Your freedom of action is partly based on your past performance. She has the power to let you move forward with a project or block you. You are subject to her will. You cannot do anything without her approval or disapproval for what you are doing. Your project must appear profitable to her, or at least viable (in the long term), otherwise she will close all the doors against you. In order to obtain her approval, you must show yourself to be passionate and convincing. Your trump card is information. You will have to be able to supply her with a maximum of information on your project in order to demonstrate to her the seriousness of your endeavour. You will need to have all the answers because her questions will be many and her time for reflection will be short.

An elderly woman is worried about you. She is saddened by what you are going through (or by what you have recently gone through). This woman is watching over you (indirectly) and wants the best for you. She is worried about your health, both physical and psychological. She thinks you do not take sufficient care of yourself (or that you are not careful enough). She wants to help you but has no power to convince you. This woman loves you very much and her concern is palpable. We are speaking here of a car (automobile, route, etc.). Has someone in your circle had (or is constantly having) problems connected with a car? For some reason this car is immobilised. It can no longer be driven. The police are on the spot. A policeman is writing something (taking notes) (violation, police report or other). You will have to be careful about with whom you take to the road, because someone close to you does not respect the law and is highly unpredictable. They think they have full control over what they do, but they are mistaken.
You will discover a hidden facet of somebody of the opposite sex who is part of your professional environment (work, business, education, health care or other). The main qualities of this person are: patience, sensitivity, and business acumen. They have an enigmatic personality and a somewhat reserved (secretive) private (intimate) life. This person is attracted to you and you do not seem to be indifferent to this attraction. However, they seem to be trying to conceal their romantic feelings for you (as far as possible). Their embarrassment in your presence is totally palpable and difficult to understand. As such, they are quite unpredictable with you and therefore anything can happen unexpectedly. This person wants to talk to you, it is their greatest wish, but he or she does not know how to go about it. Is it shyness or relating to something specific? Whatever it is, you will soon benefit from confidences on their part and you will discover surprising things about them.

You are currently experiencing a quite exceptional concern at the psychological level. The news that you are getting from a man who is older than you, are tormenting you. This man is part of the environment of a person who is close to you and you feel sensitive towards him (feelings of compassion, affection or other). He is currently experiencing some harsh times with his family (parents, brothers, sisters, children or equivalent). He also seems to be facing a form of abuse from someone. He’s a good and generous man, but people try to take advantage of him because of his naivety or his precarious psychological health. A person is attacking him for a reason that is difficult to justify. There is no doubt that this man has some problems of social adjustment, but he (clearly) doesn’t deserve the treatment inflicted on him. Unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to intervene and this disturbs you. You’d like to take action but you can’t. You will have to overcome this unease otherwise hatred will eventually guide you. Yes, you have the rights to be outraged about this situation, but animosity is not and will never be a good advice-giver. Be reasonable and your instinct will guide you through your questions. You’ll find your answers soon and they’ll be right there where you seek them.

You will come into contact with a young woman who has fears about making a decision. This young woman seems to be anxious about the reality of life. She hesitates to take an active place in society. She must act, but she dares not to. All excuses are good for her: it’s not the right time; it’s not the right direction; the bar is too high, etc. Her cycle must now come to an end and you will have to advise her or to help her. Her goal is clear, but she lacks self-confidence. She has reached a point of completion and she must absolutely take a step now. She is facing a deadline and she will become involved in a movement without a future if she does not make her decision quickly. She will not be able to maintain control of the events in her life and this really will not be to her advantage. She must imperatively act as quickly as possible. If not, others will decide for her and this will be in their own interests and not in hers.
You will go on a trip (or you will have a long stay away from home). It will be to a universe or a world totally different from yours. You will have an unusual experience and you will learn a lot of new things. It will be an extraordinary experience. In order to experience this event, you will have to break your daily routine and interrupt your normal activities. You will experience strong emotions. You will make fabulous discoveries and you will be introduced to something highly unusual (or very impressive). You will experience this adventure with a friend. This is a woman with whom you have much in common. She is very close to you and is in great harmony with you (intellectually, spiritually, artistically, etc.).

You are looking for information. Somebody committed an indiscretion and it made you suspicious. A friend is hiding something from you. This friend is a man who is very close to you. He is smart (crafty) and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is busy with something and he wants to postpone a discussion that he needs to have with you. It worries you a lot and you want to know what is really going on. You will have a conversation with somebody else about it. This person does not really want to go into the details (of what is happening), but nonetheless, listen very carefully to what he/she will tell you and you will get the answer that you are looking for. Above all, be careful not to worry more than necessary, because your friend (the man) is only preparing a pleasant surprise for you. Here, it is about an outing or a little trip. You will have to give up a commitment (appointment, meeting, activity or other), because something much better is secretly planned for you.

Someone is expecting a lot from you. This person has given you a job to do and you are answerable to this individual. It is not a nice job but it is necessary. To fulfill this position you need to take road transport (car, bus or other forms of transport). You need to reach a destination that you are unfamiliar with and you will need to do some research on the best route to take.

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