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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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Somebody is planning something specifically for you. This person wants to make you live a wonderful, or even unforgettable experience. He/she must get in touch with other people in order to refine his/her project. This project aims to give you pleasure and to make you live a real moment of happiness (intense happiness). It also aims to make you discover something that you have never seen (or lived) until now. Here, we are talking about somebody who loves you very much and who is very warm with you. In his/her way, he/she wants to thank you for everything that you do (every day) for him/her. This is someone who is part of your close surroundings. He/she is sensitive and extremely sociable with everyone. On the other hand, he/she is somewhat anxious in love (or in a privileged relationship), which sometimes makes him/her possessive in his/her relationship with you. The link that connects you is very strong. It is based mainly on mutual trust, but also on exclusivity.

A rumour is spreading through your entourage. A situation is confusing and too complex to be quickly analysed (or assessed). Even if, for the moment, nothing seems alarming, you will eventually have to get to the bottom of things if you wish to continue making progress in your personal path and avoid being held down by a context seeking to establish itself and over which you practically have no control. Information you will soon get (from a reliable source) will be very useful to you and help you to better understand what is happening. It has a direct connection with the current situation and it will allow you to unravel the truth from the lies. In this case, people talk a lot and many hypothesis have been put forward but no one really seems to know what it is really all about. Look for the truth in every detail as it will be essential for you to understand the issues well and to be able to make informed decisions (if necessary). Do not rely too much on chatter as it is plentiful and is based more on perceptions (or illusions) than on actual facts.

Romantic passion must give way to affective stability. You must distance yourself from the madness of youth, as your vision must now be a long-term one. Rash decisions will simply delay your full and total enjoyment of life and you should be warned that you are set to see your existence from a new perspective. Your life is very busy, but is it for the right reasons? You must devote more time to a person who is important to you. This person is a woman older than you. She belongs to the sign of Leo and features in your business environment. She makes for good company, with infectious enthusiasm. Your friendship and activities with her should go beyond your business relationship, as you have great affinity which deserves to be exploited further. This woman is a natural leader who can teach you many things. She has suffered major set-backs, but has always been able to overcome them and transform them into lasting successes. You have recently had an emotional upset in your love life and this woman has proven herself to be more than capable of mentoring you and steering you away from bigger problems. Keywords: road, car, watercourse, creativity, influence, ring, stage, Monday evening, month of March.
A person in your social circle is deceiving one of your friends. This friend is a man of about your own age. This is a man who seems to be in poor health. He recently had to undergo (or will soon have to undergo) a small medical intervention. Regarding the other person, we are speaking about someone dishonest. He/she often moves home because he/she is the author of mischief wherever he/she goes. This is about a financial scam. It probably concerns a loan of a large sum of money under false pretences (or a fraudulent transaction) (between this person and your friend). This shocks and distresses you. You are going to ask for (or demand) an explanation, but unfortunately you will be very disappointed. This person is going to leave your social circle in a hurry and your friend will never be paid back. Nonetheless, this departure will also be a consolation since this person will no longer be able to harm the people you love.

Somebody is trying to tell you something, but he/she does not have the courage to do so (shame, embarrassment, etc.). This is someone who is tied to you romantically (or who wants to reveal his/her love to you). This person would like you to spend more time with him/her. He/she understands your situation well, but he/she still hopes to see you demonstrate a greater openness in your relationship with him/her. Even if he/she feels helpless to change things, he/she needs you and he/she sincerely wishes to have a private conversation with you. Here, we are talking about jealousy, or something close to it. In fact, you seem to be overwhelmed by your commitments to other people and this person feels left out because of them. However, we are not necessarily talking about selfishness, because in view of the circumstances his/her feeling appears to be quite normal. What’s more, one of you two must soon leave on a trip and you will be separated for some time. For him/her, it is an additional bit of stress to go through and it is probably what is making him/her so anxious currently.

You will come into contact with a person from the artistic community. This is a known artist or a someone who gravitates toward the entourage of one or more famous artists. This person is a man of about your age (or slightly older). You will have a privileged encounter with him. You will take a step into the world of celebrities. He will be impressed by your talent and will try to bring you into this environment. His attention will be turned to you in a spontaneous manner. He will advise you and he will open wide to you a door that is usually reserved only for stars. This man has the power to let you enter a wonderful world. But for this to happen, you will have to learn to go beyond yourself and devote yourself entirely to your art. He will offer you a dream life, but also a life of intense work and total dedication. You will have the ability to free yourself from a lifestyle that you often considered unrewarding, but only on condition that you accept that sacrifices will be necessary.
Your family (or inner circle) is supporting you. They want to help you as well as they can so that you can realise your dreams. Some people are very close to you and are unswervingly loyal. They will help you overcome your challenges and will support you in all of your trials. Moreover, some of your successes will not be possible without their unconditional support. You will have great success thanks to your hard work, but also thanks to the support of those dear to you. Furthermore, one man in particular (older than you) feels great joy in seeing you succeed. He is intelligent and well organised. He loves nature and he probably loves gardening. You consider him somewhat as your hero. He is always there at the right time and you would be extremely pained if you lost him. With him, it is about money and legal papers. He wants to meet one of your needs and he has a really interesting proposition for you. There is also talk of a change of job (or regarding your job) (or in your primary activity).

Somebody is thinking of you. This is a woman who is aware of one of your problems (or of one of your concerns) and who wants to talk to you or help you. However, you must continue to keep hope and not become discouraged, because she will not act right away. You have to show patience, because she is currently held up or occupied with something that bothers her enormously. In fact, her freedom to act is quite limited, because people in her close surroundings do not necessarily appreciate her generosity towards people that they see (often without good reason) as rivals or opportunists (in friendship or in business). This woman is a part of your professional surroundings (work, business, studies, healthcare, or other) and you can, without going wrong, consider her as a friend. She hides a physical wound, a handicap, or a permanent scar. She is financially well off and many people try to get her favours. These are often vain or jealous people, and this often bothers her. This woman is sensitive to the misfortune of others and these people continually cause her unnecessary worries. Nonetheless, in a short time, she will be able to come help you and/or take care of you. You thus have to show yourself sympathetic with regards to the time that it will take. This is a woman of good will, so you have to forgive her, because many things are out of her control.

You will have to be firmer with an old boyfriend/girlfriend. Even if that person claims to want to remain only friends with you, he/she is showing behaviour that could put you in a rather uncomfortable position. Moreover, this will not improve if you do not show yourself to be more formal with him/her. You must establish clear rules that will apply to your relationship with him/her, otherwise you risk finding yourself in a more than embarrassing situation. In short, if you want to avoid misconduct on the part of this person, you will have to be less permissive with him/her, even if that has an emotional cost (as much for you as for him/her). The facts speak for themselves. Obviously, there is a problem and this problem becomes more and more difficult, if not alarming. So if you do not impose your will with this person, it is your love life (or your freedom) that you will compromise (which will suffer).

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