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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 7
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An old house is part of your destiny and is associated with your happiness or with your search for happiness. It is really old and requires repairs (or renovations). It almost looks abandoned, but it is still habitable (or is still inhabited). This house represents (for you) rest, calm and serenity. It is at the edge of some water (or near a body of water). This is about water, lots of water. There is a boat nearby. This is probably a large body of water, because it can be navigated. We are no doubt speaking about a river, large stream or even the sea. Is this house on an island? This is a possibility given the amount of water. What is the link that connects you to this place? Do you recognise this house? If not, you will have to find it (or look for it), because it has something particular (inexplicable) to do with you. It attracts you to itself… It almost speaks to you...

A young woman’s/girl’s life has no meaning without you. There is a young woman/girl who absolutely needs you. You are her reason for living. The person in question is probably your own daughter; otherwise, it is a young person within your inner circle who has an excessive affection for you. You are this young woman’s/girl’s idol (or hero/heroine) and, for her, you are unquestionably the example to follow in regards to all things (and at all times). She has a pet, with which she spends a lot of her time, and her constant good mood is contagious (she is always very cheerful and smiling in your company). She tells you all her little secrets, because she trusts you blindly. You have often comforted her, given her advice or supported her through trials and tribulations which she simply could not have faced without you. You are the first person to whom she turns when she needs to talk, and that is not about to change, no matter what the future may hold. This young woman/girl loves you unconditionally (very powerfully) and she will always be immensely happy to have you beside her and to feel your presence (the invisible, mysterious, and reassuring energy – aura or otherwise – that you give off and that is your own).

An omen leaves no doubt. You have a hunch about someone who has recently entered your circle. It is a good omen. The resourcefulness of this person is tremendous and will please you. Competence, good will and wisdom are also among the qualities of this person. You won’t have any reason to worry. This is someone who is close to nature (and its benefits) and this comes across straightaway. He/she is in good health and he/she does all he/she can to stay that way (being active, eating healthily, etc.). For him/her, every little detail is important. He/she wants to please you (or satisfy you) and he/she will succeed in doing so. Your little everyday habits won’t scare him/her and he/she will adapt to anything. This person wants to maintain (or improve) your quality of life and, to the best of his/her abilities, he/she will protect you from life’s hazards. This person will take care of you and he/she will do so with great tenderness. If angels exist on earth, then look no further.
You can rejoice, because a liberation is near. You will be able to consider new challenges and regain confidence in yourself (personal abilities, lucky star, etc.) A remarkable change is coming on the professional level and it will be extraordinarily favorable to you. Your situation will no longer be ambiguous and your worries will disappear. You will finally be able to act according to your desires. A door will open and you will enter into a new era of your life. Your income will be much more significant. Financially and socially, you will depend less on the decisions of others. You will reach a great freedom and you will have more time and money for yourself (hobbies, love life, family, personal growth, etc.).

Somebody who normally should not (or should no longer) live with you will come to live in your home. Caution: In an extreme case, this prediction may also mean that you will commit or be highly tempted to commit adultery.

Long-term financial planning will be necessary for you. Important changes will force you to be more mindful of the way you manage your financial means. This does not necessarily mean this will be a constraint for you, as it is likely for this to be part of a new career (or business) plan or the anticipation of retirement in the coming years. Your lifestyle is not in question, as this is a matter of adaptation and reorganization. Obviously, you will learn to better appreciate what you already have before considering new acquisitions. Furthermore, by administrating your budget in a more conscientious fashion, you will earn on new aspects that had been unknown to you until then. More specifically, taking into account your real goals in life, there is no doubt that this task will allow you to consolidate your assets and become wealthier.
Success is within your reach. The overall sequence of events (of your life in general) is very favorable to you. Your instinct, your intuition and your ambitions complement each other magnificently well. You make the right choices, your actions are smart and you advance incredibly well in everything you do. Don’t give up your projects, even the most daring ones, and what people may say is not important because you're (currently) heading straight towards a great achievement. It will be a great success! It will allow you to thrive in what you do (or in what you want to do) and it will make you go further towards new and even greater challenges. Yes, you can go all the way with your dreams and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving them. Be proud of yourself because you’ll soon climb an important step in the social ladder (divine ladder).

You will be interviewed by a policeman (a policewoman) or someone from the law. This person will ask you several questions. Photos or surveillance video will also be at issue. In fact, you will (directly or indirectly) witness a criminal act, or the police will consider the possibility that you may have witnessed a criminal act. This event will be reported in the press. Since you have nothing to hide and are not the source of any doubts, you have nothing to fear from this event.

You will receive a call, a communication or a convocation coming from a public institution or administration (ministry, establishment, school, court, hospital, etc.) Following this communication, you will have to modify, delay or cancel permanently a project. This call will bring you, or force you to radically change your plans. Here, we are talking about a difficulty, a trial or an inspection. Something must be clarified, checked or confirmed, and discussion is sought with you. You will have to conform to certain directives, otherwise your situation (or your file) will not progress. Here, we are talking particularly about something that must be clarified regarding your situation. It may be that this is just an administrative detail (bureaucracy), but perhaps not. As such, you had better prepare yourself for any eventuality.

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