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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 71
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An elderly man has withdrawn within himself. He is serious and a hard-worker but he doesn't communicate with the others. He is full of fighting spirit and brave but he questions himself a lot. He is loyal and passionate but at the moment he feels uncertain with regard to future events. In actual fact, he has lost the love of his life. He hasn't been a widower for very long and he wants others to understand him. People close to him don't understand his attitude and are trying to manipulate him. This man needs to be protected from swindlers and manipulators. Someone will try and make him sign a document that he shouldn't sign.

A task (work, achievement, etc.) has to be done, but it is not very interesting, and possibly even demoralizing (or thankless). It seems non-urgent and easy to neglect (or put off until later), yet it is crucially important. What you think about, or what you will do, are of little importance. This task is fundamentally essential to your progress in life, so it will be better to complete it willingly, and not bitterly. You should not (insofar as possible) put it off until later, because you will be obsessed with it indefinitely. No situation is more favorable than any other to the completion of this task, so you will have to show resignation and determination if you want to get to a new stage in your life. Here, you will have to have great strength of character. You must show maturity and discernment, because the attitude you take when facing this task will determine its extent. This task “must” be accomplished, so the faster you complete it, the faster you’ll free yourself from it. Since you have other, more interesting, challenges waiting for you in the future (near as well as distant), the faster you free yourself from this task, the better you’ll be focused, and the more clearly passionate you’ll be as you face your next challenges.

You will make a voyage or have an experience by air (aerial). This will be an extraordinary experience. It will be on a plane, helicopter or something of the sort. Although less likely, it is also possible that this is a parachuting, hang gliding or similar experience. In any case, no matter what it is, it will be a voyage or an experience that will make you discover new, very intense emotions. Otherwise, if it is not a new experience, it is undeniably an activity that you love a great deal, but which you can only repeat (redo, relive, etc.) rarely.
A person is thinking of you. This is someone with whom you have already had a romantic relationship or a relationship of close proximity. You have had no connection with him/her for a while, but for some rather obscure reason this person intensely wishes to see you again. We are speaking here about someone who (in the past) has been intransigent with you, even if this has not always been appropriate. He/she has repeatedly judged you too hastily, and often it was over nothing. He/she has regrets and he/she wants to get back in contact with you. He/she has things that need to be forgiven and he/she wants to reconnect with you. This person is currently going through a difficult period in his/her life. He/she has lost his/her bearings and he/she hopes for your indulgence.

An interpersonal relationship is getting more and more complicated and is about to become extremely unpleasant. Be wary of someone in your surroundings. This person is part of your relatives. It is a woman. She is selfish and spiteful. You will have to avoid putting your happiness and your personal projects at risk because of her requests that are selfish and/or downright foolish. This woman is shameless and is trying to stop you from flourishing with a family that you want. Your family plans do not suit her and she is looking to distance you from a (some) person (people) that you love. A major decision is to be taken and you will imperatively need to consider "your" needs rather than hers. This woman has no sensitivity with regards to what you feel inside, and all that matters to her is "her own" small personal happiness (excessive selfishness). Be careful, because this woman is very clever (psychologically) to manipulate others, and she can have a strong influence on the people around you (a negative influence against you). She can make life very hard for you if you react too impulsively to her malicious attacks. So act with intelligence, but especially with "maturity," if you want her actions to have the least impact possible on your daily life. You can manage to be dominant with regards to her, but only on the condition that it is wisdom, and not frustration, that guides your behavior with her.

You will have a very pleasant meeting with someone that you like a lot. You will even feel extremely good with him/her. This is someone for whom your feelings are very precious. You do not have any direct link with him/her, but you learn to know him/her more and more each day. This person, by his/her work (psychology, psychiatry, education, security, police, or other) is in a position of power over people who display marginal behavior. He/she often has to talk with people who perform reprehensible acts. These might be criminals, juvenile delinquents, people who have mental problems, or any other person who might be affected with a behavioral problem. He/she must constantly be wary of these people, because some are fully dishonest, while others simply do not want to cooperate with him/her. His/her work is, as such, delicate, and requires a very good expertise in thought and human behavior. An important point as far as you are concerned, your link with this person is not on the professional level, but on the personal (or social) level.
You will have a privileged meeting (conversation) with an influential person. The circumstances will be strange and the sequence of events will be quite unusual (for you). In fact, you will be noticed by this person and he/she will take the first steps (procedures, initiatives) to know you better. This person has a major decision-making authority over many people. He/she gives orders and they are executed blindly without debate or question. He/she will want to maintain a personal connection with you and he/she will show you this in a rather flattering way. A real complicity will grow between you two and it will be profitable to you in several occasions in the future. You will have an interest in keeping your relationship with this person active and in good health, because it will allow you to climb rungs on the social level. If you show yourself more rational than emotional in your relationship with this person, this good relation will be clearly beneficial over a long period of your life. Here, we are talking about somebody who has both feet on the ground, so, to have success with him/her, you will have to show yourself to be serious, realist, and pragmatic.

Someone covets one of your possessions (something which is essential to you or which is of great personal value and for which you have worked very hard in the past). It is a person with whom you have already had a romantic liaison (or he/she is a former close friend). It concerns someone who is only just older than you and who has a great influence on others, thanks to a strong ability to verbally express himself or herself. You have already had a good friendship with this person but this is no longer the case nowadays. It is an intelligent and cultivated person, but one who is currently experiencing financial problems. He/she is no longer in your close social circle, but he/she will need to return due to his or her financial difficulties. This person wants (or needs) something that belongs to you, but the request that he/she is about to make to you is not legitimate (or is not reasonable). If you do not respond favourably to his or her request, he/she shall surely ask you to lend (or give) him or her some money as compensation. Knowing that this person gets away with leading a princely lifestyle even though he/she doesn’t have the means to do so, you should cautiously consider his or her true needs. In just one evening, (under false pretences) this person can (without a care) spend the equivalent of your monthly budget, so be careful that you do not waste your money by thinking you are doing him or her a favour.

You will have a formal or very significant conversation with your father (or perhaps your grandfather). Regardless of whether your father (grandfather) is alive or not, near or far, nice or mean, this conversation will take place and it will be decisive for a question that you have been asking yourself for a very long time. Your father (grandfather) has something important to tell you and this is related to a property or a durable good of great value. We are talking here about a secret that has been well kept for many years.

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