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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 72
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Two people have decided to become one. In this case, it is a union of love. A marriage, an engagement, or a move into the same home will follow shortly. These two people feel inspired and their desire to live together is very strong. They will seal their union officially and they will live together ever after. Although they may be unsure about the nature of their shared projects, their attraction to each other is unquestionable and their future is filled with promise. These two people’s journey looks to be fruitful and fantastic. You will be linked closely to this union.

A highly symbolic prediction! You will settle a conflict with great skill (a surprising show of strength, precision, and efficiency). A threat against you will be quickly eliminated, because you will react in an extraordinarily focused manner. You will know exactly where to hit and your move will not be forgiving. Like a sharpshooter, you will bring down your enemy without warning. From the top of your tower, you will keep your defenses intact, because your opponent will have no opportunity to respond. At the same time, your message to all your rivals will be incredibly clear: you or your loved ones are not to be attacked without consequences (terrible repercussions). It will quickly be understood that you are not joking and people will stop challenging you. Your enemy, as tough or aggressive as he or she might be, will be pushed back very far outside of your walls and will be unable to attack you head one without risking his/her life. In short, you have an unassailable position, so woe to those who have questionable ambitions or who dare to attack you. You are sovereign in your kingdom and nobody will be able to face you without suffering huge losses (suffering a crushing, humiliating, or degrading defeat). You have the power to annihilate your enemies and you will not hesitate to use it if people are too threatening towards you.

Your emotional path will progress greatly in little time. You’ll rediscover your sentimental desires and your real emotional needs. Freshness and joy of living are knocking at your door. Reflection and questioning are coming to an end and you’ll be able to turn your thoughts into actions. The things that have been appealing to you for a long time will now be within your reach. You’ll be able to dare to do what you didn’t dare to do before. You’ll have complete power to take new initiatives in your love life. You’ll be able to share your maturity with the being you love and benefit him or her from your way of allowing yourself to be charmed by the beautiful moments in life. You’ll be able to share your fantasies and they’ll be received superbly well. The fruit of love has ripened and you’ll be able to reap it.
You will make out a check (or payment) for a very large sum. This check (or payment) will be accompanied by a contract. A condition will be added to the contract. Verifications will occur regarding your financial ability. It will be a major transaction. There is also the matter of a close friend (man). This man has a child, and this child is confronted with an unavoidable hardship (illness, grief, etc.). His parents are probably divorced or separated. He needs to be comforted, because he feels insecure in life.

You should direct your strengths in order to well accommodate yourself to the transitional period for which you are getting ready to be involved. For this, from now on, you must adopt a conscience level which is different from what you have now. However, you will have a great advantage in finding your independence from your surroundings if you want to be really efficient and more competitive compared to your competitors or your opponents. A relationship that you have with a woman demands a lot from you and it demands that you be corrected or improved. This woman was born under the astrological sign of Gemini and is associated with your professional background. She is determined and uncompromising and she encourages you to have the same attitude like hers when you are interacting with others. She wishes to see you in a new way and that is with a personality, quite different from what you have now. This change is quite abrupt (or rather impractical) for you and you will have to prove that you are much more opportunistic and that you do not have to be like her to be effective in what you do. You are a unique person, you have the personality to succeed and you can prove it to her! Key word: monetary gain, increased income, contracts, expert, money coming from outside, Wednesday morning, month of May.

A man has the habit of taking a dominant attitude towards you at the professional level. He has been a friend of yours since recently and he acts towards you as though he were your father. This is an intelligent, upright and sentimental man. He currently has nobody in his love life (or his romantic relationship is completely dysfunctional). You don't really like his paternalistic attitude towards you and you have good reason to feel frustrated about it. In fact, this is a man who has little confidence in the abilities of others and this also explains his love situation. He wants your own good but he constantly overprotects you. He is neither your enemy nor your rival but he seriously keeps you from flourishing at the professional level. Therefore, one day or another, you'll have to assert yourself more, since his paternalism deprives you from living enriching experiences at the place where you work. In short, you'll never have opportunities for progress or emancipation as long as he imposes himself in this way. You will soon take a trip or travel with him and this will be a good time to set the record straight in your work relationship with him. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this since he seems really ready to make interesting compromises if you are convincing in your approach.
An individual would like to be in your position. If he/she had the opportunity of stealing it from you, he/she would do so. This has to do with an individual of the same sex as you and about the same age. He/she has only been a member of your circle of acquaintances for a few months (or weeks) and he/she will only make a brief appearance in your life. This is an individual who has completed advanced studies (university or other) and this has made him/her pretentious. He/she feels that you are the object of too much envy by those around you (compared to him/her) and this makes him/her jealous. It is clear that he/she would like to harm you, but he/she will probably do so more or less unconsciously. In fact, his/her jealousy is such that it will blind him/her. He/she will try to get closer to you, but this will not be out of friendship but to take advantage of the influence that you have with others. If you are both working with the public, he/she will try without a doubt to rob you of clients or business contacts. If not, he/she will instead try to show that he/she is more interesting than you in front of your friends. Your relations with this individual will get to a very embarrassing (or unhealthy) point. You should avoid any useless altercations with him/her, as this would only damage your image (especially at the professional level). Don’t be overly upset by his/her behavior, as this individual is not there for the long run. You hold a dominant position in your group, and when he/she comes to truly realize this, his/her departure will not be long in coming.

A man defends his position. For him, this is not a matter of competition, but rather of survival. His will is unwavering, and if he feels threatened, he will attack. His attitude more specifically arises from his inability to understand what is taking place around him. He has strong beliefs, but his actions are not always commensurate. This man with the astrological sign of Leo is a very close friend. His is unhappy with his situation and has a tendency to become isolated. His condition is primarily connected to his financial situation. He may have lost his job. He has been awaiting some money since May and his love life has also been affected. He will be in contact with a messenger from the beyond one Friday in the middle of the night. He will be summoned to return to the right path! This man needs to be reborn, because his current life is a dead end.

You have not received an answer about a request which you have made. You have been waiting for this answer for a long time, and it worries you. You absolutely need this (these) paper(s) and you cannot wait any more. The administrative delays seem exaggerated to you and you are probably not wrong about this. Frustration is building up in you, but what more can you do? It is clear that you cannot accelerate the current process, so you should be patient. But, will you really receive an answer? Has your application been forgotten? It is clear that people do not know you and feel no emotion with regard to what you are feeling right now. Here, we are talking about an opportunity that is completely undermined by the bureaucracy of a public administration or a private company. While for you this is almost a matter of life or death, from an administrative point of view you are just one number among many others. However, your file will soon change hands and things will eventually move forward. Do not lose hope…!

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