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You will recover a longtime friend. This is a woman whom you really liked in the past. This woman has as her main characteristics her intelligence and her leadership. She is also a very tender and very affectionate woman with her friends. She has many things to tell you and your meeting will cause much rejoicing. This woman was very close to you and, as such, it will be a great reunion. You have a lot in common (psychologically) and you share affinities (socially). You have a great affinity and, despite the distance, she has remained unchanged, and just as strong. You share many fun memories, and most of them are still fresh in your memory. Unfortunately, this meeting will only last a short while and you will have to leave each other quickly. However, you will make arrangements for a future meeting. A strong bond of friendship undeniably unites you and this link will have to be better nourished in the future. You both need to stay in contact with each other and you will make great efforts from now on to see each other more regularly.

There's a woman who loves to talk to you. She likes getting news from you and wants to get to know you better. You have many interests in common and that continuously brings her closer you. She can converse on any subject with you and your exchanges are always fluid and very enjoyable. You will have the opportunity to share one (or more) meals with her. This woman is concerned about you and would like to ask you questions about your past and your personal life.

You must wait for the right moment before confiding a secret to a friend. This friend is of foreign origin, but not necessarily from very far away (other town, surrounding region, etc.). You have something to reveal to him/her (or personal information to transmit to him/her), but you cannot do it now, as he/she is not ready to listen to what you have to tell him/her. So you must wait a while. A more favourable situation will come later and you will be able to speak to him/her and reveal your secret. When the moment is right, you will feel it.
An upcoming event will be directly related to a past event. This event will involve a large number of people you probably do not know very well or who you do not see often. You will have to demonstrate that you can easily get in touch with these people and show strong leadership in order to convince them of your ability or your ambitions for the community to which they belong. More specifically, you must increase your influence on a group of people (a union, association, professional body, recreational club, etc.) and this event will allow you to do so. Perhaps you want to be elected or appointed to some position, but one thing is certain, you must demonstrate your worth. You must challenge yourself and speak seriously and coherently with everybody, no matter who you are speaking to. This event corresponds exactly with a similar opportunity that you missed in the past. You have been offered a second chance. This means you will have the opportunity to correct an error or a mistake made in the past, so be better prepared this time, as this may be your last chance.

You are going to visit someone abroad. This is a man who is older than you are. He is a long-time friend. Despite the distance, you are very much linked to each other. This is a man who is connected with the legal profession (who does not accept injustices or who fights against social inequality). In the past, he allowed you to become a different person (someone better) (positive changes). He is a good orator and he is outspoken. He is sensitive and could also be considered as a philosopher. He is an excellent therapist for the soul. The relationship you have with him is more spiritual than physical or material. This man is like an idol to you. You really want to see him again. You have wanted to make this journey for a long time. It will be a quick journey, but it will be extremely intense on the emotional level. You will enjoy your journey and you will go through an incomparable experience with this man. This journey will remain engraved in your memory.

Your actions will bring you closer to a person for whom you have a deep respect, even a great admiration (or even love). Although you will not necessarily act in order to achieve this end, the impact of your future actions (work or other daily activities) will directly connect you to this person. In the coming months (or weeks), you will regularly have long conversations together. Honesty and frankness will be at the forefront and a sincere friendship between you will be born. Although you will focus on the present moment, it will rather be in the long term that this person will envisage a relationship (or partnership) with you. Your relationship will be built on mutual trust and this person will have a lot of good feeling for you. He/she currently has a major project in mind and when the time comes, he/she will discuss it with you first (unexpected proposal). This person is quite spontaneous and you will notice this fairly quickly. His/her bond of affection for you will be obvious and will be much more significant than you can imagine for now. A real long-term relationship is forecast for you two. You will become intimate friends (deep friendship or more).

Your home brings in calm and harmony. Your family is at the center of your concerns. Even if you are not necessarily told this explicitly, you manage to organize everything for the best and this is appreciated greatly. Your expertise allows others to enjoy true moments of happiness. You should also enjoy the atmosphere that you are creating around you, because you deserve it as much as anyone else. Even if some people are not aware of the work that you do in order for everyone to be happy, it is when you will no longer be there that everyone will realize the extent to which you took everything upon your shoulders. You are a wonderful person, so if some people do not realize what you are doing, it is obviously because they are unaware of a lot of other things as well. Whoever will disappoint you or hurt you, whether by words or derogatory gestures, will undoubtedly be someone who is not worthy of you.

Some heartache has left you in a state of exhaustion. You must recover your strength, for you will end up no longer being able to face reality. Your soul has lost all its energy and your mind is facing extinction under the pressure of recent events. You are currently living a bad dream and you must at all costs overcome your pain. You must rest, for the exhaustion will end up affecting your thoughts and compromising your ability to reason coherently. Your situation can be resolved, but it will only happen with rest and not with your current state of disorder.

An important question will have to be resolved with someone close to you (of the opposite sex). Without necessarily being authoritarian, you will have to show firmness. More specifically, you will have to change (or improve) your approach with him/her, because he/she questions too much your ability to manage a situation that is unusual. You are someone who is determined and effective, and you need to show this to him/her. This person manipulates you and you know it. You spend too much energy trying to satisfy him/her and this prevents you from taking your own initiatives (good, excellent, great…). Negotiation is possible here, but blackmail must not be tolerated. This person must learn to trust you and it is by imposing your will (or your ideas) that you will manage to make him/her change his/her attitude.

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