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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 74
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(Travel) You will go abroad. You will be worried and/or hesitant about this journey, but despite this you will have an irresistible desire to make it (powerful desire). More specifically, you will make it on invitation from a person you love. Your worries and/or hesitation will be mainly due to the fact that you know you will be away for a long time, but this person will insist that you go join him/her (or visit him/her) and you will do so. The person you will go to see is somebody older than you. He/she is financially well off and he/she is very persuasive. Despite your worries before leaving, this journey will be a success and you will keep an undying memory of it. However, at the end of your stay, you will have an important decision to take, that is, choosing whether you want to stay there or come back home. Many things keep you at home, but you will be filled with a great desire to stay there. This decision will be highly determinant for your future, so you will have to take it mainly by considering your state of health (physical and/or psychological). One of the two places offers more (long-term) advantages than the other for you to truly and lastingly feel well in yourself. You know that you must make your dreams come true and fulfil yourself, so your decision will (inevitably) have a major impact on all levels.

Your activities are stressing you and prevent you from enjoying your achievements. Your professional success speaks for itself and will undoubtedly lead you to a remarkable state of financial security, yet there is a blockage. You are not able to reconcile your professional obligations with your need to relax, let yourself go and escape (a full enjoyment of life). You have everything needed for a happy life, but you do not manage to enjoy what you have gained. Your stress seems to be directly connected to your schedule and/or workload (needs and obligations). You have a good attitude but you feel overwhelmed by your obligations. You have a schedule that is too crowded and in addition you have to make up for delays. You are exposed, therefore, to an anxiety that is unhealthy for you. It is your lifestyle that is at issue here. You do not indeed enjoy your achievements enough, but worse still this has the consequence of making you suffer from a lack of intimacy in your human relationships.

You are entering into a phase of stabilization and consolidation. A major life change is not advisable for you at the moment. You must persevere in your current development, because it will be fruitful for you. If you are calling your job into question, it is better to choose a promotion in your current environment rather than changing jobs. At the moment, rooting yourself in your current environment will lead you toward a promotion or improvement of your standard of living on a professional level. If you are a student, it is clearly obvious that you must continue your education. Therefore, you had better solidify your knowledge, because in the present perspective, your current social position is most advantageous to you. Be patient, for better options will present themselves to you later.
A man is trying to influence you (unfavourably). He always has good arguments to indoctrinate people and he is very persuasive. You need to act in such a way that you do not let yourself be manipulated. He tries to put pressure on you in order that you react according to his ambitions. You must protect your interests and not listen to him. He is older than you are and he is very intelligent. He is able to profit from people and he feels no shame in using blackmail when he does not manage to rapidly impose his will. Be careful, as he quickly discovers the weak point in his rivals and he will quickly detect yours (if this has not already been done). If necessary, do not hesitate to seek advice from people you trust because this man is very clever in his own way and you are perhaps more vulnerable than you think.

An enjoyable story or a pleasant moment with someone of the opposite sex will end, only to resume later. You will have an interesting or fun relationship with someone endowed with manual dexterity and artistic talent (handicraft and odd jobs). This relationship will be brief, but it will resume later. At this point it will become more intimate and more enduring. This person is energetic and has a lifestyle that accommodates all sorts of whims. He/she is proud, mature, and his/her life principles are largely based on saving (money in the bank). His/her perseverance in saving money over long periods will allow him/her to fulfill many of his/her dreams. This person is exceptionally considerate (and tactful) around others, and this is what will most endear you to his/her personality. You will resume contact by chance in a public location, and this will be a magical moment for you. More specifically, this person will have a job with a direct link to the general public.

An activity, job or task is exhausting you too much. This has already lasted for several weeks (or several months). You need to take some time to rest. You need to relax more. You must not hesitate to accept the loving assistance that is offered to you. You cannot do everything yourself alone, as your burden is too heavy and your stress too great. There are people close to you who are willing to help and take care of you. One person in particular, a person you know well, has the power or ability to relieve you of your constraints. You must have more confidence in him/her. You do have, of course, responsibilities, but you are not alone. Rest a little, someone will take care of you… Do not be afraid, because nobody is going to abandon you…
You have the capacity to adapt and you must no longer hesitate to go forward. You question yourself too much and you waste your time and energy. Your choice is already made and you can adapt everything. Your situation permits flexibility and you can get what you want without shaking up too much your life and that of others. You will have financial offers and your revenues will be constant. All right, you are yourself the financial and material support of other people, but that doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of life also. You have a road trip to take (car or other), and you can do it in all tranquility. The others must stop depending on you and it is the right moment to teach them to be more autonomous.

You need to recuperate. You’re losing your energy. Don’t rely on appearances, because exhaustion can strike at any time, suddenly, without warning. Of course, you have courage and strength, but you must also realize you have your limits and weaknesses just like everyone else (even if yours are different from other people’s). You need to slow down your rhythm, because you’re asking too much of your body (and maybe of your spirit as well). You have to take care of yourself right away, otherwise other people will eventually tell you to do so. Don’t be too proud, because you could hurt yourself and the effects will probably be lasting (maybe even for the rest of your life). If you insist on not resting more, the people around you won’t be as complacent as you are about your lifestyle. If you don’t take sufficient care of yourself, sooner or later other people will try to have you hospitalized. It will be against your will, but you will have to submit. Is that really what you want? You should seriously consider this question, because it seems to be what you need the most right now.

A romantic dispute between a man and a woman who have close ties to you will upset you very much. More specifically, the woman is about your age. It’s especially obvious that this is an authoritarian relationship. There are domination and restrictions. One partner’s inflexibility leads to tempestuous behavior. Although you want things to work out quickly and appropriately, you won’t be able to help but notice how the situation is deteriorating. Things are about to be done that can’t be undone, and a breakup is inevitable. This woman will take the road of no return. She will leave the home she shares with her husband, because she can no longer stand the psychological pain.

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