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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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You will have an unfavorable meeting with a man. This man is slightly older than you and he is of foreign origin (or new in your surroundings). He is impulsive and he is very suspicious of people he does not know. He acts subtly and is therefore unpredictable. You will look for his support or his collaboration in order to overcome a difficulty (or solve a problem), but you will not get it. This man will simply not want to help you and he will do everything to make certain that your project will fail. In fact, he hates progress and social change (a fundamentalist individual), and acts intentionally to harm the progress of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, etc. His frustration is widespread, unjustified, and limitless. You are better to not insist with him, because he feels a craving to denigrate (scorn) all of those who do not think like him. No matter what you do or say, he will remain stubbornly against you. Above all, he hates those who are creative, so you are better avoiding him. Ignore him, because the more you react to his attitude, the more you will reward him for acting like he is (and you will encourage him to continue).

A famous person of the opposite sex will seek to get closer to you. This person is very selective on the romantic level and you correspond exactly to what attracts him/her. This is someone who is both brilliant and formidable in business, but extremely generous in love. We are talking here about someone publicly notorious. His/her name is often mentioned in the media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet,...) This person travels a lot, but he/she has a special connection (emotional, family, or other) with the region in which you live. He/she has the habit of meeting many people through his/her activities of every day, so the fact that he/she will go for you is quite exceptional.

Better days are coming. Your troubles (problems, worries, etc.) will come to an end and you will be happier. All aspects of your life are affected (love, health, money, family, etc.). The bad luck will move away from you and your rivals will no more have the power to harm or oppose you. You will recover your independence and get all the flexibility needed to complete your projects and realize your dreams. You will no more be subject to the requirements of others, because it will now be you that imposes your will. You will have full control over your life and will be able to plan great things. The coming years promise good times. Besides, you will be in charge of a company and you will give the orders (or instructions). Your subordinates will depend on you and will not do anything without your permission. It is you who will negotiate and it is you who will lead. Henceforth, those who seek to upset you will quickly discover that they should not get in your way. Woe to them, because they will only know failure and disgrace.
A being from beyond, probably an angel, has been sent to you and has recently come into your life to guide and direct you, and help you change your life. This angel was assigned to you personally and is there just for you. He or she is telling you that you must make a “MAJOR” change in your life, and that this change is absolutely necessary. We’re talking about a really extraordinary, remarkable change in how you think, interpret life signs, and interact with other people. Currently you are facing a change that few people are called on to make in their lives, and this change will be crucial to your entire future on earth. In fact, because of your recent decisions, this transition is inevitable, and this angel was sent to ask you to leave your old life for a new one. His or her mission will be complete only when you comply with that request. In other words, as long as you don’t change as you are asked to, this angel will suffer for your bad decisions just as much as he or she will share the joy of your achievements. This means you are responsible for loving this angel, or deeply hurting him or her. Your burden is heavy because an angel’s happiness is in your hands. This angel has a lot of love to give you, and you must trust him or her. He or she has tremendous power and is capable of striking down people who try to put obstacles your way. It’s possible that you’re afraid of this new life and what it will require of you, but you must show courage, because you’re destined to have a wonderful life. This angel is now your faithful ally and will never leave you.

An elderly (or sick) man will give you a gift. This is something (or a gesture) that you see as very precious. This man is near the end of his life and wants to give you this gift before leaving for the other world. This is a man you see often and for whom you frequently perform a service. You have even made sacrifices for him (to come to his aid or make him happy). The gift he will give you does not have such a great monetary value, but it has a very significant symbolic value. This man may not have the means (or the possibility) of being generous with you, but he absolutely wants to make you happy. He wants you to keep a memory of him, because he truly loves you immensely. This gift will allow (or help) you to stay in contact with him when he is in the other world. You have always been a big source of happiness for him and you will remain so even when he has passed over to the other side. He is close to you and you will stay in contact, even if it seems unbelievable.

You will be called for a meeting or you will receive an invitation. Somebody wants to speak to you and get you to sign papers. This is in connection with a decision or a choice that you have recently made or that you are about to make concerning your professional life (work, business, financial investments, studies or other). It is a question of a promotion opportunity for you. If you are working, it means an improvement in your situation or that a promotion or a change of job is to come. This new opportunity will better suit your needs and will be more lucrative. If you are looking for work, it means you will be accepted for a job that greatly interests you (or which has interested you for a long time). Otherwise, it means you will soon receive a sum of money. In short, you will be called or invited to an appointment in order to make arrangements in respect of this new job or concerning money to which you have right. If you are engaged in a process focused on the creation of your own company or in becoming a freelance worker, it is also great news, for this means that you will obtain the necessary funds or/and permits to start your business or to get your project off the ground.
You must present yourself in front of a tribunal or to some form of administrative authority in order to obtain a judgement or order. This concerns a person who only represents a short passage in your love life. This is a person with whom you quickly developed an emotional bond. You were sincere, loyal and trusting in your relationship with him/her. But against all expectations, this person betrayed you and caused you irreparable harm. With an unjustifiable action, he/she has shown great insensitivity toward you. You were profoundly affected (or even traumatised) by his/her action. Here it is a question of money and responsibility. You have been patient but not sufficiently persuasive, which is why you will have to take a more formal path in order to obtain justice (or equity). You have rights and you must enforce them.

A distant friend, a professional man, will take a significant commitment to you. This man has his kindness and charm as virtues. He has experience in business and regularly handles large sums of money. Papers and contracts take a prominent place. This man is trustworthy and the exchanges that he will have with you will be loyal and honest. This is about a personal journey that will lead you towards a resounding financial success. You will make a gesture that you hesitate to do since a longtime. You'll have to spend some money and your signature will be required. This is clearly a bold investment (real estate transaction). These are the current events in your life that will persuade you to act. This real estate transaction will have to be concluded quickly enough, otherwise you will lose all your chances of an immediate profit. Two very obvious elements are also associated with this event: a "signboard" and "cat." You must surely know what it is, if not, when the time comes, these clues will be blindingly obvious to you.

A major transaction is coming up with a young man. You will have a decision to take on a professional level. This transaction will bring you to demonstrate your great creativity and this will cause aggressiveness in a woman. This woman is just passing by, but she has the capacity to cause a lot of damage in a short time. This transaction will displease her enormously and will make her hostile towards all of your future initiatives that aim to undertake negotiations to conduct new and equally promising transactions. Be careful not to let her influence the people with whom you normally do business, because her interests are diametrically opposed to yours. You will have to work to limit the range of her actions, because she has a real power of social attractiveness, and she could manage to fool a lot of people around you, and this, with relative ease. As such, you will need to be vigilant, because she takes her strength from the naivety of human beings and she knows perfectly well that you can become an obstacle to her way of doing things. Do not let her intimidate you, because this is the only power that she has against you. Her actions do not, and will never have any effect on you, so do not let yourself be destabilized by her hurtful words.

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