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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 76
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You will renew contact with a woman that is distant to you socially and of whom you were very fond, or who was a great friend of yours, during your youth. You will relive once again the joy or happiness experienced with her several years ago and which marked you a lot. You have not seen, or barely seen, this woman for a very long time and your happiness concerning the reunion promises to be great. On the other hand, even if it will sadden you both, you will not have the opportunity to prolong this magical moment, as this woman will have to leave again (it is equally possible that it will be you that will have to leave). You will retain a virtual connection (Internet or other), but the physical, geographical or social constraints will not allow you to see each other again on a regular basis. Although you will not see each other very often, you will have other great moments to experience together in the future. You have a great deal of affection for this woman and this affection is mutual. You have a lot in common, but your destiny is different.

You find yourself in a garden. You must find your way through this garden. It represents your life on Earth. Many opportunities are available to you, and these are all good opportunities, but only one fits you perfectly. Thoroughly explore your surroundings before taking your choice. You have a unique creative power but you must find your way. A path will show itself to be better than others and it is this path that will lead you to your full potential. You can realise all of your dreams, but you must first know yourself. You have wants and needs and they should be fulfilled in their due time.

You will purchase a device or machine (mechanical, electrical, electronic or other) that is very useful but which as has great monetary value. We are speaking here about something that has a specific function and that is expensive. As the asking price is too high, you will not be able to include it in your current expenses. You will, therefore, have to have a special budget for this purchase. You may not have such a sum of money at your disposal, so a loan and/or deferred payments will probably prove necessary. One thing that is certain is that you will have to get approval (or make an agreement) to make this acquisition. Let us be clear, this is not a question of fixed property, but of a mechanical or other type of device that is movable. It will serve you well and it will be very useful (a functional object). It will give you an ability you currently do not have and it will fill a critical need. In terms of possibilities, therefore, we are no doubt speaking about a car, a machine, a household appliance or recreational device, a work tool, a computer or something similar.
A woman (younger than you) will soon see the end of her love problems. This woman is part of your professional circle. She is gentle and patient with people and in her private life but excessive in her professional life. Her romantic situation has become difficult because she places too much importance on her work (or her career). Even if he lives under the same roof as her, her boyfriend is now seeing someone else and she knows it. This woman is badly shaken. She believes her life is a failure and that she no longer has the right to be happy (through her own fault). She is destabilised and unhappy. What she does not know, however, is that the man will soon come back to her because he knows he has committed a serious mistake. He has realised he does not feel at home in the arms of another woman. Even if his adultery brought him (initially) a forgotten pleasure, he now feels remorse for what he has done. Despite profound and unavoidable consequences, the love life of this couple will resume once more. The explanations will not be clear but they will still be accepted.

A canal will open in your subconscious. Your subconscious is trying to call out to you. Words emerge in your mind and you must listen to them carefully. This is linked to one of your fears that you are not able to manage well. You must use your intuition more. Remain careful and a truth will be brought to light. You will enter into interaction with a woman who is older than you. This woman’s astrological sign is Scorpio and she belongs to your close entourage. It will be a question of negotiation and compensation. Your future happiness will be closely linked to your intuition. Key words: Spiritual accomplishment, favorable legal aspect, love at home, Sunday morning, month of October.

A man is having problems with the law. This is a man of about your own age. He also has complications in his love life (jealousy, infidelity?). Your relationship with him is mainly of a commercial nature. There is often an exchange of money for goods between him and you. This man is courteous but he is also reckless and a liar. He consumes something that weakens his mental capacities (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Moreover, it is mainly due to this that his problems with the law arise. He was arrested recently and has to go before a judge. He promises to change but this does not really seem serious (empty words – he does not mean what he says). He abuses many things and feels no guilt about his excesses. He is deeply attached to self-destructive lifestyle habits and cares very little about it.
You will enter an incredible, mysterious, or secret world. You will be inspired by some teachings you will receive, on knowledge generally reserved for insiders. You will receive this training from an elderly person. You will also do research on your own, in order to deepen your knowledge on the subject. This will affect the way you look at life and your spiritual evolution. A friend will join you at the beginning but will leave you alone in the process. The reasons for leaving you behind are not clearly established. This withdrawal might be forceful or voluntary.

A collaboration (a project, a business agreement, or a transaction) with a woman older than you is becoming complicated (or is on track to becoming complicated). This woman is part of the inner circle of one of your friends (a man). More precisely, this woman has an amorous link with this man. This collaboration is leading you (or will lead you) to exorbitant spending. This woman is ambitious, and you will have to be careful. In fact, she is hiding something important (or fundamental) from you regarding an agreement that you have (or that you are about to conclude) with her. She does not say everything (or she distorts the truth). The friendship that she pretends to have towards you is not sincere (or is very superficial). She does not know you well (that is to say : she has no interpersonal sensitivity or affinities with you), even if she seeks to demonstrate the opposite. The goal of this woman is only to bring you to engage yourself in an unreasonable or unfair financial operation (or major transaction) that will only be profitable for her. Be careful, because this woman is very persuasive and, to your great chagrin, you could take the bait. Be vigilant!

Your professional situation has a great impact on your personal life. You are going through a period of changes and upheaval, and this is influencing your mood. You are more nervous (or more confused) than usual and feel more vulnerable to the actions of others. You need to fight a certain form of uncertainty because your dynamism is diminished (loss of energy). You really have to regain your strength and regain control over the events occurring in your life. Your strength (mental, psychological, intellectual) is real and you do not have to doubt yourself. Here, we are talking about a financial request, either a request for a loan or mortgage. You will have to meet a woman who is somewhat younger than you are. She is not concerned with what you are currently going through, so it would be better for you to get back into shape as quickly as possible if you do not want to give a bad impression of yourself. This meeting needs to be a success, so you have to make sure you have all your wits about you. You are someone who needs to move (sports, physical activities or outings) in order to feel balanced, so maybe you are too undecided (or reserved) about a particular aspect. If not, then is it possible you have been putting off an important decision for too long?

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