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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 77
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A faraway person who loves you will continue to be faithful to you and will keep strongly attached to you despite the distance. This person still loves you even if your relationship only lasted a short moment. They can now no longer open up to other people and their life without you is lonely. Indeed, this situation cannot last forever because their psychological health will eventually force them to come out of isolation. But for the moment, their commitment to you is so strong and so real that your well-being comes before everything, even before their health. This person had plans for you and planned on sharing them with you in the coming months. They must now question their future plans and this will take time given the magnitude of love they hold for you, and which they will forever hold for you. Their need for you will not disappear in the short term and this solution will be prolonged again for some time.

A woman who is a very close friend has done something disappointing and incomprehensible. This woman is part of your close circle of friends. She is known for her beauty and extreme attractiveness. She is in the middle of a difficult period in her love life and her actions are more impulsive than rational. She has a set idea and stubbornly persists along a path that leads nowhere. Even if she has said some insensitive things to you, you should keep your emotions in check and provide an example of the right attitude to adopt (wisdom and serenity of spirit) in a situation of this kind. This woman has no ill will toward you – it’s just that her words have run ahead of her thoughts. Here, confrontation and provocation would be inappropriate responses and completely useless. The issue involves a misunderstanding between her and you that has no real basis in fact at all, and thus it would be wiser for you to work at reducing tensions rather than trying to justify behaviors. It is clear that the discussion you are have gotten into has no purpose, so it would make more sense to get things back into perspective as quickly as possible.

You are going through a delicate and difficult to understand phase on the sentimental level. You feel like a prisoner in a damning situation, and you have a lot of trouble to see an end to your situation. You need advice, encouragement, or support regarding somebody that you love. A man that is about your age, a distant friend, is ready to listen to you and offer you his support. This man has himself been plagued by an injury to the soul comparable to yours, and he will be able to understand you well. You will discover how clever and proud he is now in love, and this will greatly encourage you. He will respond to your concerns in a rather surprising way, and your thoughts will become much clearer in your mind. Unquestionably, appearances are deceptive, so your concerns (or fears) are not necessary valid. You must have more confidence in yourself, because your power of seduction is much bigger than you think. Even if the reactions that you are waiting for (in the person that you love) are not as obvious as you would like, whatever you do (or say) has a much greater impact than you can see. Unconsciously, you destabilize a lot, so do not make too much of it.
A situation will force you to show great courage. You'll need to give proof of a great inner strength. You will have to judge and act according to your deepest consciousness. Your thoughts and beliefs will have to be strong and you’ll have to avoid letting yourself be influenced by others. This situation concerns a man who is about the same age as you. He’s intelligent and charming (or a smooth talker). However, he’s experiencing some financial difficulties and he doesn’t hesitate to admit to you that he’s rather pessimistic about his future. This man enjoys the pleasures of life in an excessive way and he constantly spends recklessly. He doesn’t have the means to match his ambitions and he continuously gets into debt. He’s impulsive and irresponsible. He doesn’t demonstrate enough good will, therefore it’s not up to you to solve his problems.

You are influenced by an illustrious (legendary or historical) artist (or character). This artist (or character) is from another era. He/she has been dead for a long time but, in the minds of many people, he/she is still very much alive. His/her work is fascinating (remarkable feats) and his/her fame is timeless. His/her achievements are mostly related to supernatural or unexplained phenomena. They feed your imagination tremendously. There is a matter of angels, spirits, fairies, and other entities of the same kind. Key words: flowers, gardens, uncharted worlds, luggage, travel, journey, love, autonomy, independence, tenacity, legend, and fantasy (mythical) realm.

You are living through a period of radical change. Some significant upheavals will take place in your existence. You will be called upon to travel and to discover new worlds and new peoples. You will experience extraordinary events entirely different from what you are accustomed to. Your travels will help you develop on a human level and your perspective on life will be completely transformed. You will become more psychologically sensitive and your interactions with the outside world will become more successful and more numerous. You will become more receptive to the unusual and you will grow enormously as a spiritual being.
A number or date has a special meaning. This number is linked to a fairly young person within your wider circle of friends. This young person lives in the countryside close to a mountain. He/she is a Sagittarius whose physical beauty is their attraction. This young person is currently going through a romantic breakup and he/she is thinking about you. He/she is trying to overcome an emotional shock and has nobody to share his/her feelings with. This person is very sensitive and he/she needs to open up their heart to you. He/she has a secret to confide in you and would like your help to rebuild his/her life. Keywords: fall, division, giving up, unproductive life, rebuilding, responsibility, Saturday afternoon, October.

There will be a very significant reconciliation between you and a person that you love. It is a question of greater intimacy between the two of you. The feelings of love are intense, but anxiety is also present. Here, love prevails over reason, and this causes behaviour that is unusual or difficult to understand. Each expects to hear a secret from the other, but nobody is willing to take the first steps (openly reveal themselves) (make themselves vulnerable). Yes, the situation is evolving slowly, but it is evolving. This is good, in fact, because one must not rush things. We are talking here of a love that is built on solid foundations and one that will be truly lasting.

An episode from your past still haunts your mind. You will have to show an increased sense of realism in order to cope with the new reality in which you live. Your life changed, and you have to free your conscience from a thought which no longer has a place in your mind. This is about a person with whom you had an amorous (or carnal) relationship. This relationship was probably short-lived. It was likely a temporary adventure that stopped very quickly, but that you would have liked to have been able to prolong. This could be explained by the fact that you currently feel abandoned in your love life. To regain its mental balance, your mind seems to be trying to bring you back to times in your life that were rich in emotions and which gave you intense nourishment on an emotional level. Your youth (or the early beginnings of your adult life) is probably the central point from which these thoughts originate. This time was for you the time of great loves, and of the discovery of your needs. In a short time, somebody surely managed to fill your needs completely. However, this person has not been a part of your life for a long time. As such, you must not live in regrets. Major changes are still to come, and your future has still much to bring you. The message that is sent to you here is to leave nostalgia behind. It must not run your life. You need to turn towards your dreams. Yes, you will attain abundance on an emotional level, but only if you understand that everything is in front of you, and not behind you. The best part of your life is still to come. Be careful then not to confuse a "great love" with "true love." Your great love has probably passed, but true love is still to come. Search for it and you will find it. Look in the right direction, and you will see that it is not so far away.

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