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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 78
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You will be informed of very strange suspicions about someone you know. More specifically, this concerns a person (probably a neighbour or someone who lives in the same neighbourhood as you) who has a double life. This is rather disturbing, so it is necessary that you assure yourself beyond doubt of the veracity or accuracy of these suspicions in order to react adequately to the situation. This person, in fact, would appear to have some rather alarming or somewhat problematic sexual deviations. If these suspicions are really justified, therefore, and if you have children (or if there are children around you), it might be imperative (or urgent) to take care of protecting them or keeping them far from the sight of this person. Whether these suspicions are founded or not, the most important thing here is not to remain in doubt.

You will end up winning a confrontation with a man. This man is part of your everyday entourage. He is a good talker and he is pretentious. He is often in conflict with those close to him because he believes (wrongly) that he has privileges that others do not have. This is a man who often annoys you because he constantly tries to manipulate (or wrong) everybody. He likes to brag about his alleged qualities and is very clever in distorting realities to his own advantage. For those that do not know him well, he appears to be a bright and intelligent man. For those people who know him more intimately, however, he is an imposter who acts excessively at the expense of others. You used to be patient with him, but he will eventually exasperate you. This man goes too far (in promoting himself) and you will confront him over it. This event will be decisive with respect to your relationship with him. You will dominate him and he will learn a harsh lesson for the future.

A man of an advanced age, who you will meet in the coming weeks, will serve as your guide towards the realization of a project. You do not yet know this man, or you barely know him. This man is dedicated and honest, and he will quickly become someone that you will be able to trust. You will develop a great friendship with him on a professional level (work, education, health, or business relationship), and over time your meetings will be made more through social activities. Even if he will not become an intimate friend, he will nonetheless become (over the coming months) a part of your regular surroundings (frequent meetings almost every week or several times a week). We are thus talking here about a mentor, a man whose hierarchical level is above yours, a guru, a professor, a teacher, a counsellor, a therapist, or other. You will have a strong camaraderie with him, especially in tasks or goals that require a team effort or a great complicity (harmony) between two or more people. The link of friendship that you will share with this man will evolve over the years, and he is therefore someone that you will respect a lot in the future. Moreover, this man will give you a gift (or render a service for you) of a great value (monetary or personal). This will be a gift so important that you will be unable to show your entire gratitude.
A person who disappeared from your life a long time ago will reappear. This is a person you loved deeply and whom you may still love. You haven’t heard from him/her in a long time. His/her life has changed greatly and he/she is thinking of you again. He/she is nostalgic about your past relationship and misses you a lot. He/she is hesitating to get in touch with you, but he/she would like to start fresh with you. He/she regrets leaving you and hopes you have forgiven (or will forgive) him/her.

A problem was predictable. Fortunately, you have foresight and all will be quickly resolved. You are a wise person so complications will be minimal. Do not get too worried because you have already done all that needed doing. Obviously, this could have been more serious, but you saw correctly and avoided the worst. This takes place at the professional level. A man is violating the basic principles of common sense and logic. He is older than you are and he is your friend. He wants to impress you, but he tends to overdo it (recklessness, pride, carelessness, etc.). Your concerns are justified, so a misadventure that was almost inevitable will not actually take place.

A friend (who is currently going through romantic difficulties) is trying to get closer to you. He/she is part of your professional circle. This is someone who is very welcoming with everyone but who does so in a very special way with you. You see him/her practically every day (or every week). He/she is in a situation involving a future separation and he/she feels vulnerable. It has a significant effect on him/her psychologically. This person has feelings for you but he/she has never made them clear to you. Now that he/she knows that his/her future will be very different to what he/she has always believed it would be, he/she has some things to say to you. He/she realises that his/her relationship as a couple is about to end and it is towards you that he/she would like to turn in order to get the comforting he/she needs. This person loves you and he/she wants to have a sincere talk with you to find out how attached you are to him/her.
You have a choice to make. Certain people will try to influence you, but you absolutely have to make your choice freely, because it is you who will live with your decision and not the others. This choice is connected with a tradition. This tradition dates back to a distant era. It derives its source from a very old religion or ideology. It is still practised today, but in a much more private fashion. This tradition is linked to a belief that connects the human being to God and to universal knowledge. It deals with the past, present and future. This is mainly a ritual of divine inspiration. The ritual leads (or should lead) to a union (or formal engagement) with the supreme being. You alone must make this decision, so do not let others indoctrinate you.

There will be a compact, agreement or contract between you and the person you love. This will be a very meaningful love pact. You will be connected by this event and you will experience a moment of highly intense happiness (you will become inseparable). Frankness will dominate and there will no longer be any secrets between the two of you. You have great ambitions regarding your love life and you will be fully fulfilled with the promise of a happy and unconditional love. You will go on a journey with your loved one and this journey will permanently bond you together. You will be more united than ever. You will speak about the future and plan your future together (important decisions, family, home, work, investments, loans, inheritance, etc.). Your vision of the future will be based on honesty (towards the other one) and on your shared commitment to a successful life as a couple. You will not leave anything to chance since your projects will now be too valuable to be subjected to the vagaries of life (the beliefs, decisions and actions of others).

A friend wishes to talk to you. This is a man and he has been your friend for a short while. He is part of your social circle (sport, hobby, culture, social club, volunteer or other). He wants to help you reach an objective you have set for yourself. This is a man who is (more or less) well off financially and who has the time to devote himself to you. He knows that you have taken a tumble with regard to a project and he wants to help you bounce back. He is a joker (he loves to laugh and to make people laugh) and he has a beautiful way of expressing himself. From a professional point of view, this man is self-employed. He is courageous and persistent. Although he is not afraid of risks and sometimes seems adventuresome, he is cautious and never takes decisions lightly. He has contacts that you do not have and can organise things in your favour. He is interested in what you do and you can speak to him about your situation openly.

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