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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 79
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You are at a crossroads between three fundamental elements of the Tarot. These are free will, providence and time. This means that you have a major task to accomplish or an irreversible decision to take. You will therefore need to show great wisdom. Your destiny is in your own hands and what you do will bring consequences. These consequences are inevitable, therefore you must make sure that they will be favourable to you. We are speaking here about a definitive turning point or a timeless decision. An event, therefore, that will have a major and long-lasting impact on your future. The time factor dominates, so it needs to be considered with great importance. Providence is favourable to you, but only if you act in a thoughtful manner. The possibilities are varied, but still limited nonetheless. It could, then, involve a new job, career change, marriage, having a child, buying a property (house or other) or something else of this nature that will have a long-lasting or irreversible impact on your life.

A woman (of about your age) informs you of a bargain not to be missed. This concerns an opportunity to be seized. It is an investment that seems quite sure and it is offered to you in particular. It reveals the existence of mutual trust between you and this woman. It is directly connected with personal services and appears exotic (therapy, alternative medicine, health, yoga, body care, meditation, rituals, dance, voyages or other). The woman in question here is someone who is attractive, ambitious and financially comfortable. She is always cheerful and always has a smile on her lips. In fact, until now it has been her great charm that has allowed her to make a breakthrough in business because she easily manages to inspire trust in people (men as much as women). This woman is part of your professional circle and you have regular or frequent contact with her. She is divorced and maintains a certain independence in her relationships with men. You are probably one of her clients with respect to a service she offers (professional or commercial).

You are loved by two people. If you are in a couple, it means that someone other than your official partner loves you. This person would even be willing to commit adultery with you. It could also be that you are dissatisfied (or unhappy) in your current situation and that you have (or are looking for) a closer relationship with someone who does not hide his/her love for you and about whom you are not indifferent. Otherwise, and in a general sense, this means that you have two very serious alternatives in the area of love and that you will eventually have to take an extremely difficult, even heart-breaking, decision. You will need to be careful regarding your initiatives with the opposite sex because you could easily find yourself in an extremely compromising position. One thing is certain: one of these people is a lot more mature than the other. You will have to keep this in mind. Be careful, therefore, not to hurt yourself, because the wounds might be difficult to heal.
You are going to have a difficult, but necessary, discussion with a young person. This young person is studying or is old enough to go to school (otherwise we are speaking about someone who had a difficult experience in his/her youth). He/she had a very unhappy experience with an adult. This young person needs to confide in you (or else you will have to encourage him/her to confide in you). What he/she has to tell you is difficult to hear, but you will have to be there for him/her (listen to him/her). This concerns an adult who has made a very inappropriate move. One thing for certain is that you would never have permitted such an act to take place. This young person was marked for life by this adult. The trauma is great and will be difficult to manage. Perhaps this young person does not want (or is not able) to speak about it, and if that is the case, it is better not to insist. Be strong, because the wound will take a long time to heal. Be careful as this young person is someone very close to you emotionally, so it is also possible that we are talking about your own youth.

A romantic surprise is to be expected. A young person wants to invite you to do an activity with him/her. This person is playful and sporty (or really likes outdoor activities or physical training). He/she wants to be closer to you, but this makes him/her very uneasy. He/she is very intimidated by you (by your charisma) and this explains his/her ambivalent and hesitant behaviour in your presence. In fact, his/her attraction for you is such (extreme nervousness, great insecurity) that he/she prefers pretending in front of you rather than to try to convey his/her true thoughts (or feelings). In the coming weeks, his/her approach will be very impressive and you will not be able to remain indifferent in the face of the monumental effort that he/she will make in order to invite you (directly or indirectly) to this activity with him/her. Prepare to be very surprised and very touched by his/her initiative (or proposal).

A young woman is looking to intimidate you. This is a young woman who does not have a car, and who almost never rides on motor vehicles, unless they consist of public transport (bus, metro, train, etc.). This is someone whom you consider a friend, but is she really one? This young woman is of foreign origin and she has a different culture from yours, especially on a spiritual level. In this sense, she seems to be very attracted to the occult. She is probably a fan of a kind of voodoo or some sort of sorcery. You seem to have done something that displeases her greatly, and she feels betrayed by you. This young woman frees herself from her frustration or her anger through occult rituals. The idea that she might be a member of a cult cannot be excluded, but this is not necessarily the case, as she can absolutely do everything herself. What is surprising is that, deep within herself, she doesn't really want to hurt you, but just to make you change your attitude regarding something. She seems to want to see you take a completely different direction in an activity that you have, because what you are doing is (in her eyes) wrong. So, her goal is to scare you, and this happens through black magic rituals that you are not aware of. However, you do not have to worry about any unfortunate events happening from her hands, as her efforts to scare you will not result in anything concrete. As such, if you decided to use your personal initiative to learn more about this young woman, it would certainly not be a bad idea, because more often than not, she feels abandoned or excluded by others.
A question is of paramount importance. The hereafter opens up to you and its mystery fascinates you more and more. You aspire to greater wisdom and now you understand that you have all the tools needed to be who you really want to be (and/or understand who you really are). You need to write down your destiny, because you are the image of what you create of yourself. This image is unique and it is this that you project everywhere you go. Even if your heart is veiled because you do not want to display your inner suffering, a being (in particular) from the hereafter knows that you have lived through difficult ordeals and that you are entitled (legitimately) to knowledge. You have built your sense of discernment with your psychic strength, but also using the experiences in your life. Your consciousness is the greatest testimony to this. Today, then, you need allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the love of this being (entity, spirit, angel, etc.), because he/she has some wonderful things to reveal to you (regarding the universe, but also about yourself).

You are in love. You are romantic and you dream of a future which is filled with love. Your emotions are strong and powerful. The presence of the loved one dazzles you. Your encounters with him/her are planned like a theatre production where everything must absolutely end well. However, you know that the person that you love has his/her little caprices. Quite often, he/she draws a little too much of your energy and this is exhausting for you. In fact, it’s only a question of adaptation, as much for you as for your loved one. You also have little faults and everything must not be called into question following banalities. A trip is to come (without children) in the month of May. The distance is the basis of your connection. You will travel on a pleasure boat. Keywords: charm, eccentricity, emotion, port, Sunday afternoon.

Someone covets one of your possessions (something which is essential to you or which is of great personal value and for which you have worked very hard in the past). It is a person with whom you have already had a romantic liaison (or he/she is a former close friend). It concerns someone who is only just older than you and who has a great influence on others, thanks to a strong ability to verbally express himself or herself. You have already had a good friendship with this person but this is no longer the case nowadays. It is an intelligent and cultivated person, but one who is currently experiencing financial problems. He/she is no longer in your close social circle, but he/she will need to return due to his or her financial difficulties. This person wants (or needs) something that belongs to you, but the request that he/she is about to make to you is not legitimate (or is not reasonable). If you do not respond favourably to his or her request, he/she shall surely ask you to lend (or give) him or her some money as compensation. Knowing that this person gets away with leading a princely lifestyle even though he/she doesn’t have the means to do so, you should cautiously consider his or her true needs. In just one evening, (under false pretences) this person can (without a care) spend the equivalent of your monthly budget, so be careful that you do not waste your money by thinking you are doing him or her a favour.

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