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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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You will have to contain (or control) your feelings regarding somebody that you appreciate a lot, but who is not related to you. Here, this is about someone who has an emotional, romantic, or carnal attraction for you, but who is in a relationship with someone else. This person has as his or her virtues the ability to influence and impress people. This is someone who is always in a good mood and who takes meticulous care of him/herself (body, hygiene, clothes, etc.) He/she has a very engaging personality and he/she succeeds in almost everything that he/she undertakes. In short, he/she shines and he/she fascinates many. However, even if that person is really interested in you, he/she does not have the freedom to get closer to you or to establish a more intimate link with you. You will have rather disturbing (or very destabilizing) contacts with him/her, and so you will have to take care not to let yourself be drawn in a relationship that could become hazardous, unpredictable, or downright forbidden.

It is a question of a woman and an agreement (written or verbal contract). In order to conclude an agreement with a woman, you must set your conditions. This woman is foreign to you and around the same age as you. She is intelligent, but scatty in her approach (perhaps just her appearance). Despite everything, your relationship is amiable and benevolent. If you act prudently and professionally (very conscientiously) (if you do not hesitate to ask questions), you will gain great satisfaction from this agreement and you will avoid problems later (forgotten or underestimated details). In this contract, you must thus impose your own conditions, because they are legitimate and fundamental. This agreement will be favorable for you (or at least fair).

A mature man wants good things for you. He wants to offer you his friendship and trust. He’s a nice, honest and loyal man. He has achieved success very early in life and is ready to support you in your efforts to improve your living conditions. This is a man who takes enormous care of himself in his everyday life (health, hygiene, etc.) and who occasionally likes to take long walks (in urban parks, in mountain or forest hiking trails, or others). In the recent past, a member of his family has had to fight a serious illness (or was the victim of a serious accident) and this has led him to develop spiritually in a very special way. He is hardened in the face of death and he has become much more aware of the precariousness of life (in all its forms). He knows that you have an important choice to make (or an important decision to take), but even if he does not want to intrude on your privacy, he sincerely hopes that you will trust him.
You will have a positive encounter with a man of advanced age. This is a man that you do not know yet (or that you do not know very well). This encounter will take place in a park (or near a park). This place is linked to water, or it has water as a theme. As such, either this park is next to the sea or a river, or it has a pretty obvious element that is associated to water (a fountain, a pool of water, or something like this). This man has a lot of life experience and he will speak to you about his past. He is very friendly and will seek to become your friend. He is sincere and you will be able to trust him. He will not become an intimate friend, but with time you will develop great attachment for him (especially because of his advanced age and everything he has lived through). He will predict an event and/or will warn you against something. Pay careful attention to what he will tell you, because he will not be wrong and it will concern you directly.

A task, a job or an achievement has to be completed and you’ll have to work hard. A period of great efforts (physical or intellectual) is coming and your personal pride is directly related to this achievement. This achievement will take much of your time and deprive you of an important part of your personal or family activities (leisure time and family gatherings), but it will be worth it. The people around you probably won’t understand why you insist so much on your task, so you’ll also have to resist the temptation to let yourself be persuaded, distracted or slowed down by them. Yes, your immediate family will suffer from your absence (physical or mental) during this period, but it will only be temporary and for a short term (if you are persistent and you persevere). A person very close to you will understand what you do and encourage you. This will be the person you’ll be able to rely on throughout your process, so take care of him/her more than anyone else. This task will bring you great personal satisfaction. Those who didn’t have faith in you (or in your accomplishment) will eventually congratulate you on your great courage and your extraordinary determination. Your reward will be great, both for you and your family, so don’t be afraid to go through with your dreams, because that is what this is about.

A woman is thinking, and her thoughts directly concern you. This is a very close friend (at the social or professional level). She has to make a decision and you're an important part of her preoccupations. This woman knows you well and knows what kind of reaction she should expect from you. She is intuitive and understanding, but her role (work or otherwise) impose choices and constraints on her. She probably has authority over you (or something to that effect) because she has to decide your fate in relation to a situation that is evolving faster than expected. Fortunately, you can trust her judgment because she is determined to do everything to avoid inconveniencing you (drawbacks, harm, etc.). Yes, you'll have to submit to changes that are happening in your environment, but everything will go smoothly. Therefore, turmoil is coming at a social or professional level, but you'll be able to maintain most of your acquisitions. Despite the constraints, this woman will save you from huge problems. Even if it all happens behind the scenes, you can consider her as a true friend.
A woman is being impatient with you. She is new in your entourage. This is a woman who is just a little older than you. Despite what she makes you go through (nothing serious), her way of behaving captivates you. Yes, this woman behaves strangely, but she is without malice. Do not be afraid as her attitude is not connected with you. This woman does not want you any harm. She has some financial problems which are difficult to overcome and this makes her irritable. This woman is a wise and honest person, but since separating from the person she loved, countless problems have befallen her. She is looking for herself, but has not yet fully recovered from what she has just experienced. Her documents are not all in order (or legal) and she has a lot of work ahead of her. She is a bit eccentric, but this is because she is an artist whose works have often been rejected (or misunderstood). You have a meeting. She has an offer to make you. Will you accept it?

At work (or in an activity that you do very regularly), your efforts and your dedication to the task are surprising a great deal. You are stimulated, determined and expeditious. You are extremely efficient and your actions are decisive to the highest degree (as much for you as for others). You will finish a task (or attain an objective) more quickly than expected. You are concerned by the success of your mission (or of your work) and that makes you awake, lively and sparkling. Your concentration is at its maximum, so with your dynamism and energy, you will accomplish your task in record time (or almost). Your search for happiness is justified, and it will bear fruit!

A transaction is difficult to complete. A person is not playing fair with you. Be on your guard, because this person wants to fool you. It would probably be best to withdraw from a negotiation that is going nowhere, because in the conversation that you have with him/her, hypocrisy seems to take precedence over honesty. This person is of the opposite sex, and he/she is older than you. You do not know him/her personally, and this is an additional reason to doubt his/her (dubious) honesty and of the apparent contradictions coming out of his/her mouth. Here, we are talking about somebody who lives above his/her means and who feels no shame in deceiving people (to lie to them shamefully) with the goal of getting their money. Be vigilant, because in this negotiation (or discussion), lying reigns supreme!

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