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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 80
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The love a person is feeling towards you will be shown (or it will be felt) more and it will become more and more intense in the coming days. You won’t be able to deny it or ignore it because, on the contrary, you’ll be flattered by it. Even if you don’t have control over the situation, this is exactly the kind of love which destabilizes you and moves you deeply. This is a person who is about your age but you do not know him/her enough to have a clear idea about him/her. Therefore, watch out for life traps. Indeed, you might fall victim of an unattainable love. This person will soon reveal her/his true self and you may get a big disappointment, therefore you should consider this possibility. This is a person who has a hidden past, so you must be reasonable and careful. Even if this person loves you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she can make you happy. Some revelations concerning him/her are on the way and it’s only then that you will be able to judge the situation well. In short, you should not be too optimistic or too pessimistic about it. Nothing can be decided at the moment. The situation is much more complicated than it seemed at first. There will be some new developments shortly and soon you will know what to think and how to react to all this.

Your words reach the ears of a very important person. You have no connection with this person, but your words reach all the way to him/her nonetheless. This will be almost a miracle. This person will feel personally concerned by your testimony. So much so that he/she will support you and remove the obstacles from your path. People will have difficulty believing what they see. This person will act through one of his/her close collaborators (friend, associate, employee or other). He/she will avoid traps for you and will help you financially. His/her intervention will have a major impact on your approach. We are speaking here about someone who commands respect and who one is afraid to attack (because of his/her power). You will be under his/her protection. Your approach is on the social level and is very serious. You will make the prejudices fall away.

A woman of a mature age will support you during a delicate moment. Despite the discomfort of the situation, she is not there to judge you and she will remain loyal. Her life experience will allow her to give you good advice regarding the testing time you must go through. She already speaks from the heart and you can rely on her discretion and good judgement. This woman has had some quite serious health problems in the past but now she is better. She is a very close friend of yours. She loves nature but has to be content to live in town (perhaps in an apartment). She knows that your self-esteem is hurt but she hopes that you will manage to show dignity in the face of your trials. Your situation will improve but it will all happen gradually. You must not, therefore, rush anything because you will gain nothing by provoking things even if you act in good faith.
Staying in good physical shape has top priority. You need to eat well and carefully maintain your health. A woman is worried about you. This person is a friend who is part of your circle of acquaintances but is not closely connected with you. This woman has a special relationship with ships, rivers and boating. By nature she is a gentle and very trustworthy individual. She is someone with an independent mind and she is especially drawn to the occult sciences (as a hobby). She would really love to see you, because she has a premonition that things are not going altogether well with your health. This woman is hypersensitive and you would do well to agree to meet with her. She wants to speak with you – she has some fears in connection with you.

A person is watching you or is particularly interested in you. This is a person of the opposite sex who is older than you are. He/she has projects (favourable) regarding you. This relates to his/her or to your professional activities. This person is ambitious and has concrete and very specific intentions. You are undeniably a part of the scenario he/she has in mind. He/she needs you to advance his/her project. This person has a great desire to have you at his/her side to make his/her move. You will shortly know much more because he/she will soon share with you (privately) his/her ambitions and the role that you are to play in his/her project.

You are at a crossroads between three fundamental elements of the Tarot. These are free will, providence and time. This means that you have a major task to accomplish or an irreversible decision to take. You will therefore need to show great wisdom. Your destiny is in your own hands and what you do will bring consequences. These consequences are inevitable, therefore you must make sure that they will be favourable to you. We are speaking here about a definitive turning point or a timeless decision. An event, therefore, that will have a major and long-lasting impact on your future. The time factor dominates, so it needs to be considered with great importance. Providence is favourable to you, but only if you act in a thoughtful manner. The possibilities are varied, but still limited nonetheless. It could, then, involve a new job, career change, marriage, having a child, buying a property (house or other) or something else of this nature that will have a long-lasting or irreversible impact on your life.
You gave specific directions (or you made a clear request), but somebody persists to do otherwise. This is about a young person (m/f) who doesn’t respect your will. He/she works (or acts) according to his/her own objectives and not yours. You'll need to be more categorical (or more demanding) towards his/her attitude, because you’ll never get satisfaction this way. A procedure must be respected and this person has to absolutely follow it, because it’s an obligation (or a necessity). Whether this person is trying to provoke you (to get a reaction from you) or whether he/she is straight out immature (childish behavior). In fact, this person’s motivations are not obvious. His/her young age is surely implicated but it doesn’t explain everything. Moreover, although this isn’t necessarily the case, this kind of behavior could also be explained by feelings of love. Is this person trying to get your attention? Does he/she want to convey a message that he/she can’t convey otherwise?

You have a good approach (reasoning, way of doing things, etc.) at the professional (or business) level. You will get success, rewards, and the respect of others. But first, you have to go through a rather demoralizing learning period. Even if you have recently had a failure in an advancement attempt (at work or in a business project), you have to understand that you are not at fault and that you have done absolutely nothing wrong. You must not accept the responsibility (or feel responsible) for the bad decisions of others, and this, even if you have to suffer the direct consequences. Please do not be discouraged, because this failure will serve as an experience (lesson) to avoid other similar situations in the future. You have to learn from your failure, and this is what you will do. You failed in your project because of the immaturity or bad judgment of another person. This person does not have a vision for the future and he/she made you lose a very good opportunity (professional or financial). He/she has a position of authority that he/she does not deserve. Because of his/her incompetence, he/she does more harm than good. We are talking here about somebody who does not know how to recognize the talent and good ideas of others and who surrounds him/herself (most often) with people just as incompetent as him/her. In the future, you will have to learn how to spot and avoid this kind of individual, otherwise your plans will never lead anywhere and you will constantly waste your time.

Be wary of a woman who is new in your circle of acquaintances. She likes to joke around, but it’s really just to hide her real intentions. Be careful of her unbridled friendliness because some of her actions are not sincere. This woman is destructive and she particularly likes to exploit others, and even more so when love and sexuality are involved. This is a question of money and unfaithfulness. This woman has the ability to cause you great financial problems. You must be sure to limit her leeway against you, or else she will cause you real trouble.

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