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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 83
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Your memories contain traces of a difficult past (suffering?). A bad period in your life (constricting or unhappy) still regularly haunts and distresses you. Because of this, finding yourself alone with yourself is an ordeal that constantly needs to be overcome. More specifically, you are always searching for an inner peace that has difficultly gaining a foothold in your thoughts (also in your sleep and in your dreams). Your life's journey, however, is now leading you where you want to go and you will undoubtedly reach your goals (especially on the emotional level) (this is only a matter of time). Fellowship is very present in your life and you have the support of people who are dear to you and have all your trust. Do not worry, though, because these famous memories will cease to trouble your thoughts, for your existence now takes you elsewhere. Where you are going, the sky is blue, nature is green and the sun is shining. (Fulfilled love, shared happiness and long-lasting engagement).

Someone seeks to get rid of his or her goods. He/she has a multitude of things that he/she would like to sell or give away. He/she is preparing to depart for a faraway place and he/she cannot take it all with him/her. Some of the objects are worth a great deal and he/she is looking to give them to a trustworthy person whom they know will take care of them. More specifically, he/she has a book of inestimable value and he/she intends to offer it to you as a gift. This book may reveal to you great truths about certain secrets of the past.

You have an invitation to make. You do not yet know how to do it, but you will have to do it. This person (m/f) bothers or intimidates you because of his/her great charisma and above all, you do not want to disappoint him/her. It may also be that you have not yet been introduced to this person, which would complicate things. Be careful not to surprise him/her, because this might make him/her uncomfortable and quickly lead to a refusal on his/her part. It is useless to try to impress him/her, because he/she does not let him/herself be impressed. Take your time, but go straight for the target. This person is very organized in everyday life, therefore nothing should be rushed. Prepare him/her for your request and a positive reply will be much more likely than if you take him/her by surprise.
You will receive a spiritual teaching. A high-profile person (feminine entity) is going to transmit immutable knowledge to you. Be careful, because this is knowledge that is not meant for everyone. Also, you need to understand that this person is not from our world. She is alongside you, but she comes from beyond. Yes, you have a very great power and you will have to learn to make use of it. You must learn to make use of it, because certain situations truly necessitate that you use it.

A man has a bad reputation. His actions and his talks are full of symbols and mysteries. You are going to work or labor with him in a project. This man is an artist and what people say about him does not really correspond to reality. He has a depth of mind that only few people can appreciate and this is what brings him incomprehension and indignation from many people. His actions are often difficult to interpret, but they are always in good faith. Each person has a point of view about him and you will need to build your own opinion on the type of individual he really is. With a little indulgence towards him, you will understand that his personality is not as obscure as may be suggested. You will develop a link of affection with this man and he will return it to you increased by a hundredfold.

People are wishing you would impose yourself more. You have the respect and the trust of the others and they want to have you as their chief. A difficulty needs to be overcome and you are the only person who can (really) take the right decisions and act effectively. This is about human consideration and a large amount of money. You are connected with a collective preoccupation and people are convinced you can change everything if you agree to take matters in hand. People want to see you take the reins and assert yourself on behalf of the group. People want you as leader and are ready to support you energetically. You are invited to speak out because people expect nothing less of you. You are an inspiring person and people come to speak to you. Your influence is great and you are being asked not disappoint all those who support you and who wish to have you as their guide.
A situation is developing and it will lead a person in your entourage to speak in your favour. This person is a man of about your age. You do not have much contact with him but you still run into him almost daily. Some time ago, on the occasion of a situation that required mutual assistance, you helped and supported him. He was faced with a difficulty and you allowed him to discover your warm and human side. Since that time, he has only good words for you. He greatly appreciated what you did for him and in return he would like to do you a favour (or reward you). A conversation in high quarters will soon take place and this man will speak well of you. Moreover, many people in his entourage like you and some will take the opportunity to publicly testify to this.

A woman for whom you have great affection will enable you to find a solution to one of your problems. It is a problem that worries you enormously and that is inflicting a certain state of anxiety on you (medical/health aspect). It is causing a recurrent and persistent situation (in your personal life). This woman has a perspective of your problem with greater retrospect, because she is not undergoing what you are. She sees things more clearly and she will make you see your problem from a new angle. She will lead you to take care of small details that are escaping you. This woman is a very close friend. You have a lasting friendship with her. She is a wise and decent woman. She has had to overcome some rather-difficult trials in the past, which is why (today) she is better able to use her intuition. She is more methodical than most people around you, which is why she is going to enable you to better understand the source of your problem. Yes, there is a rather simple solution to your problem and you will find it. This woman trusts in you greatly (in your capabilities, your know-how, etc.), so listen to her, because she sees something that you do not.

You must react to a situation if you want to reach a positive and satisfactory solution, when faced with the situation you've plunged into and which you cannot get yourself out of. Detaching yourself is not an option here, because you're a prisoner of the situation. An improvement is only possible if you react. You cannot be indifferent or unstirred. You must take things in hand. If you don't you'll get yourself even more bogged down, and you risk dragging someone you love down with you. If you don't delay too much you'll receive something. Hidden concepts: animal, mountain, money, ambition, authority, impatience, balance, independence, embarrassment, hesitation, woman (friend) whose star sign is Pisces, Friday, morning, month of September.

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