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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 88
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A contradiction with a young woman has lasted for a long time, even a little too long. Your quality of life is subject to her way of doing things and you feel like taking a firmer decision in order that this situation changes. Even if this young woman does cause you serious worries, much of the problem does not seem to come from her, but rather from the man with whom she shares her life. This man is younger than you and you barely know him. You practically never see him, nonetheless he is often there. He totally dominates this young woman and this does not seem to cause any particular problem between them. In fact, it is their relationship (or their non-relationship) with their neighbours that is worrying. This young couple live in a very marginalised manner and this seems to be due to their religious beliefs. In fact, they seem quite fanatical, because the majority of people of their religion (or who have the same beliefs) do not act at all in this way. In short, these two young people seem to seek isolation rather than good cohabitation within society. As a result, perhaps it is better not to try too hard to socialise with them, because it is probably this which causes them to withdraw into themselves. They do not live as you do and they do not want to become contaminated by you and your way seeing things. They are seeking divine purity (religious zeal), and in their eyes you are an unclean person, even if they do not verbally communicate this. Be tolerant, but do not make more of it than is necessary. This situation is only temporary, because these people will eventually leave for a place that better suits them.

You have a move to make on the financial side. You foresee (within the next month or next year) to spend or save more money than usual (in preparation for a major investment), therefore you will have to secure or consolidate your financial situation (adapt or adjust your budget accordingly) in order not to reduce your quality of life. You desire a greater long-lasting material comfort but this comfort has a price which requires changes and new habits. Hence, you will soon have to submit yourself to new life conditions that will be slightly more restrictive for you. Since you suffer from a significant social pressure in this regard, it’s imperative for you to be more determined than ever.

A financial proposition will be made to you with much enthusiasm, but it will not be definitive and you will have to be careful before answering to it. This proposition, if you accept it too quickly, may slow you down in some of your activities and lead you into a rather annoying dead end. It is clear that this agreement could be interesting in the distant future, but for the moment it might bring you more disadvantages than advantages. Even if the idea of this proposition may be avant-garde, it is this very avant-gardism that is the problem with it. Mistakes in its application are to be feared, for it may lead to a loss of trust by people who are faithful to you and who regularly do business with you. Be careful not to place those around you into an uncomfortable position because an agreement that lacks maturity. You will have to prove your serenity and good judgment.
You will need to be diplomatic. A conflict needs resolving through dialogue and negotiation. This concerns a young woman. She is a member of your family (direct or indirect) (or she is intimately tied to your family). She has a disagreement with a young man. It is about money and intolerance. Your experience (of life) (wisdom) will serve as your teaching. You will have a long discussion with this young woman. Even if she is in conflict with this young man, she loves him and does not want to lose him. It is a painful path that they (she and he) had to cross. In this situation, innocence and youth are clearly involved.

A man (a friend) in your immediate entourage has a lot of ambition. He wants to help others so much that he sometimes does them more harm than good. This man lacks discrimination (good judgement). He wants to do good, but he is not really conscious of the actions (often inappropriate) that he takes. This is so obvious that sometimes he bothers or upsets people (causes discomfort). Despite everything, he is a good man who is mindful of his entourage and, with patience and an open discussion (or by using the right words), you will manage to make him see reason. You should, however, know that he is superstitious and you should therefore take this into account.

A mature woman is watching over you. This woman loves you very much but does not necessarily show it in a very obvious way. She does everything she can for you to have a good life without suffering. She would like to advise you and help you further, but she often refrains in order not to hinder your freedom and impair your lessons in living. Her influence on you is nonetheless far greater than you perceive it to be. She helps you cautiously (secretly?) and she regularly keeps you from difficulties. This woman is part of your immediate family. She seems to be your mother, but she could also be your grandmother, aunt or another woman with whom you are (or was) close. She is not necessarily alive, so she could also be a dead person as much as a living one. It is difficult here to really identify the woman in question because we are speaking about an extremely discreet person. If she is a furtive soul, it is only you that could know who we are speaking about.
You must make a stand because you are in a precarious situation. You are now in a position of imbalance and which benefits an opportunistic person who is close to you. You've decided to dedicate yourself to an activity that will harm you in the long run and it has already begun to hurt you. You have false hopes and you are getting the wrong idea because of someone else’s lies. This person only seeks to take advantage of your naiveté by making you dream with his/her pretty words. You're out of your league and he/she knows it. He/she can tell you anything and you have no way of verifying the veracity of his/her statements. You are being manipulated and you must remove yourself from this awkward position and return to what you know best. This person is looking for your love (more or less sincere) or to seduce you and he/she has no intention to keep his/her promises. He/she wants to lead you to make a choice which in reality you do not have to make. This person works with you or is part of your professional environment. He/she is trying to get you to change jobs, retire or give up everything for him/her. His/her words are absurd and you should ignore them. So you must make a stand and take your position as soon as possible before someone else steals it from you.

An action taken against you doesn’t work and will never work. A woman is trying to make you fail in a relationship you have with a person you love. This woman has a lot of charm (sexy) and men like her a lot, but she is not sincere, she never has been and she never will be (because she is simply incapable of experiencing real feelings). She acts against you out of pure jealousy. She tries to distance you from the person you love because this relationship is contrary to her ambitions. Moreover, watch out for her actions, because she is reckless! This woman has a weak mind, however, and a superficial personality, so her efforts, regardless of their nature, will always be in vain. Do not let yourself be intimidated by her machinations or her condescending behaviour, because it is all quite ridiculous. It is better to ignore this woman rather than react to her actions, because a wise and worthy person like you does not have to feel threatened by so much baseness.

You will need to respond rapidly to a situation that only appears to be urgent. A man is trying to gain attention and his actions most often result in unpleasant consequences for others. You know this man well, but unfortunately you can’t do anything to get him to demonstrate more maturity. However, you are aware that one day something truly serious could happen, so you don’t want to assume any risks in relation to what he tells you. This is why, even if he often wastes your time, you always agree to stop on his behalf and to listen to whatever he has to tell you that’s new. Most of the time you are able to properly evaluate each situation, but it still happens from time to time that you get trapped by one of his frequent fantastic stories. For sure, this doesn’t provide much reassurance, but what can you do? In short, you will soon experience an event that will go beyond anything you have seen until now with this man. Yes, you will have to respond quickly, and it will be very tragic, but the announced disaster will truly be anything but serious. In short, this man knows no limit to his foolishness and, despite yourself, you will also realize it very soon.

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