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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 91
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You will have to make the first steps to regain a friendship. The attachment that you have for a young woman is precious and really deserves to be maintained. A recent misunderstanding has almost cut the bond that you have with this young woman, and if nothing is done to heal this wound you will continue to feel bad with regards to this situation. This young woman needs a friend like you, and as such you have to seriously think about the question. She is as saddened as you by the events of the last weeks, and if you do not make a concrete gesture to re-establish contact, she will not do it on her own initiative. This young woman is someone who is afflicted with a wound of the soul (emotional or psychological), and she does not deserve everything that is happening to her. She has a lot of affection for you and she misses you. A reconciliation is possible (and desirable), but it is up to you to take things in hand, because this young woman is simply incapable of it. You have to guide her, because she is living through complications that are related to her young age (young adult obligations) (new responsibilities), and she needs your support and your comfort.

You will have to take a decision on the professional level. A new job (or business) opportunity will be open to you. This opportunity requires a great deal of reflection on your part. The details to be taken into account are many. The financial aspect is not necessarily the main factor that will cause you to take your decision. This opportunity involves real benefits, but all is not so simple. A major change in your professional life inevitably involves changes in your personal life. It will be very important to weigh the pros and cons of what is offered to you. If you want to avoid regrets, you know that you have to make the best possible decision. Fortunately, everything is not black and white. A compromise, therefore, is possible without jeopardising this opportunity. Think carefully about what you do, because you can obtain more without having to renounce your gains of the past (quality of life).

There is someone who needs gentleness. This person is older than you and their astrological sign is Cancer. He/she needs you to be more present in their life. He/she has a problem which is troubling them a great deal, but you don’t think this problem should require that much attention. This person doesn’t see things the same way you do, as a result, you should make a greater effort to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, your perception of the situation isn’t really an accurate reflection of reality. Things aren’t as you believe them to be. This person is hyper-sensitive and their network of friends has become much smaller in recent years. He/she has some financial decisions to make and some important legal papers which require his/her official approval. You must listen to them and treat them carefully. Key words: fishing, road, car, material achievement, stubborn, unwell, persuasion, gradual improvement, laughter, Friday afternoon, the month of March.
A demon is hiding behind an angel! Someone you have been frequenting for a short time may lead you into a shameful conspiracy of which you could be the victim. This is a man who is just passing through your life. He may be recognizable by a scar or disability that he still retains after an accident that happened in the past. He is trying to convince you of his influence in business, but he is lying (or despicably exaggerating it). This man does not have the money (or fortune) he claims to have. Instead, he is trying to scam you out of yours. The great kindness he feels toward you is only a facade. His personality is totally different. In fact, this man is insensitive, dishonest and despicable. He will try to obtain some personal information about you for despicable purposes. Be careful not to let him manipulate you because you risk having big regrets. Be extremely vigilant because he is cunning. Take care not to fall into his trap because you risk losing all (or most) of your savings.

You will need to respond rapidly to a situation that only appears to be urgent. A man is trying to gain attention and his actions most often result in unpleasant consequences for others. You know this man well, but unfortunately you can’t do anything to get him to demonstrate more maturity. However, you are aware that one day something truly serious could happen, so you don’t want to assume any risks in relation to what he tells you. This is why, even if he often wastes your time, you always agree to stop on his behalf and to listen to whatever he has to tell you that’s new. Most of the time you are able to properly evaluate each situation, but it still happens from time to time that you get trapped by one of his frequent fantastic stories. For sure, this doesn’t provide much reassurance, but what can you do? In short, you will soon experience an event that will go beyond anything you have seen until now with this man. Yes, you will have to respond quickly, and it will be very tragic, but the announced disaster will truly be anything but serious. In short, this man knows no limit to his foolishness and, despite yourself, you will also realize it very soon.

An opportunity that is to come will be favourable on the professional level (business, money, etc.). A woman that is related to you (or who is very close to you) is going to make you a business proposal. This woman has the distinction of being very beautiful and has a great power of seduction. Even if she fascinates many men around her and arouses their desire, she is currently undergoing a major disappointment regarding love. She needs to take control of her life again and it is this that will lead her to want to start a business partnership with you. Your knowledge and your skill impress her and she will ask you to join her in her venture. She knows that you can play a large role in the project and she will insist a great deal in order to convince you. You fit well with one another and consequently you can do great things together. Her project is viable and has great potential. If you accept, your relationship will consist of luck (favourable environment) and intelligence (informed and imaginative decisions).
You will have to show yourself to be more serious (or more formal) regarding feelings. You are a person who loves intensely, but at the moment this is not necessarily (or sufficiently) reflected in your small everyday actions. The image that the opposite sex has of you is perhaps not the same as it was in the past. Your life has changed a lot in recent years, consequently you will have to adapt to a new reality. What was once evident is no longer so today. You do have, however, a greater ability to seduce (in a different manner) than before and you could do things completely differently. You have gained experience over time and you have grown in maturity, so it is all just a question of will (what you want versus what you do not want). Be a little more precise (specific, exclusive, eloquent) with your initiatives and the opposite sex will not remain indifferent.

A young person with whom you have a very strong emotional connection should seriously consider separating from the person he/she is in a relationship with. We are speaking here about a young person who is close to you and who is very talented in his/her field (work or the arts) but who is somewhat introverted regarding his/her private life. He/she does not confide much in others and he/she handles most of his/her difficulties in secret. His/her love relationship is relatively new but it is already unhealthy. He/she should end it because the other party constantly infantilises it and verbal abuse is already apparent. He/she can certainly not maintain this loving bond for very long because certain words (spoken by the other party) make it known that unacceptable (or immoral) (or even violent) actions are coming soon. Harmony really does not exist in this relationship and a breakup is inevitable, even necessary (perhaps sudden and hasty). This relationship clearly is not viable and will also cause your friend considerable financial losses.

Your actions will bring you closer to a person for whom you have a deep respect, even a great admiration (or even love). Although you will not necessarily act in order to achieve this end, the impact of your future actions (work or other daily activities) will directly connect you to this person. In the coming months (or weeks), you will regularly have long conversations together. Honesty and frankness will be at the forefront and a sincere friendship between you will be born. Although you will focus on the present moment, it will rather be in the long term that this person will envisage a relationship (or partnership) with you. Your relationship will be built on mutual trust and this person will have a lot of good feeling for you. He/she currently has a major project in mind and when the time comes, he/she will discuss it with you first (unexpected proposal). This person is quite spontaneous and you will notice this fairly quickly. His/her bond of affection for you will be obvious and will be much more significant than you can imagine for now. A real long-term relationship is forecast for you two. You will become intimate friends (deep friendship or more).

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