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A departure is expected in your immediate surroundings. A young woman that you like a lot is about to leave. Even if her goal is not to leave those she loves, her absence will be long lasting. You will certainly be sad, but you will stay in touch. The reasons for her departure are professional (studies, work, healthcare, or other) and have no connection with her social links (family, friends, community, etc.). For her, this is an opportunity to grasp, because that chance will probably not come again. She is thus leaving both happy (for this opportunity) and sad (to leave her family).

A woman is sad or depressed. You have a profound attachment to this woman. She is faced with a separation which is proving painful for her. You must stay closer by her side. You must show her all of your support to help her get through this testing situation. It is imperative that this woman updates legal or financial papers due to this separation, but she does not have the strength or the motivation (or the necessary skills). A money transfer complication or interruption (pension, allocation, inheritance or otherwise) is at stake. You must also take this woman to a place of rest, healthcare or vacations, so that she can regain her strength. All of this will cost you a lot of time and effort, but you have the necessary ability and willpower for the task. This duty has been imposed upon you, but it is also a personal desire for you. You are very attached to this woman and you are more than willing to do all of this, putting your own little everyday concerns to one side.

You are not sleeping well because something's bothering you. You are beset by a secret or a mystery. You are not easily able to clarify the situation because a woman is keeping something from you. This woman is a very close friend in a work context. You have known her for a long time and she's used to confiding everything to you. She is an intelligent person and always rational with you, so you do not understand her attitude. You have garnered some information from a third party, but that does not correspond to the reality that you know yourself. Your friend seems to have trouble understanding her relationship; more specifically with respect to its associated romantic activities. She finds things extremely irksome. Her presence will be required at a court and she will have need of a lawyer. A discord at the financial or marital level is undeniable. But more importantly, your friend appears uncertain and confused in the face of her sexual orientation. She is highly embarrassed – even shaken – by her thoughts. She feels repressed sexual desires or she has allowed herself to become embroiled in a sexual encounter she considers out of the ordinary and which brings her shame because of it. This is probably why she keeps things secret from you.
Things do not go your way. Others disappoint you. Bad luck sticks with you. Beware of accidents. You have to prepare everything carefully and monitor more closely small details. The slightest mistake can lead to disaster. You are dynamic and do constant efforts, but there is always a little something that hinders or prevents the success of your projects. You must constantly reconsider your decisions because you seem to lack the means to carry successfully everything you do. You must demonstrate your skills and foresight in your relationships with others, because the risk of failure, separation and decline are real. Beware of what you are told by others, since someone is lying to you.

A woman, older than you, will offer you a job. This job will involve in travelling. This woman, by her nature, is beneficial and protective for you. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She belongs to your professional environment. She is charming and has a physical beauty that is quite useful when negotiating with others. This woman seeks for your friendship for a long time, but it has not yet been fully acquired. In fact, she finds that you have an exceptional potential in your area of responsibility or expertise, and seeks to have a unique interpersonal relationship with you. She recently went through a painful experience at the professional level and for her; you are the ideal person to help her get back on her feet again. Keywords: communication, warmth, friendship, sensibility, pride, relief from pain, on Sunday afternoon, month of February.

A person is thinking about you. This person wants to give you a surprise (enjoyable or fun). This is a person who deeply loves you. He/she is quite young. We are speaking, however, about someone impulsive who is not welcome in your family (or is badly viewed by your relatives). Much is said against him/her. He/she is despised and disparaged. It is above all his/her past, in fact, that causes a problem. He/she has already been involved in an unfortunate event (youthful indiscretion?). He/she has, in fact, been held responsible (held to be guilty or the main guilty party) for an event that went wrong. He/she has never been forgiven for this. Now your relatives fear that this person will bring you nothing but troubles and worries. For your part, you share a secret with him/her. This is something intimate that you cannot reveal. This person went astray and thanks to you he/she found his/her way once again. He/she has rediscovered meaning in his/her life and feels indebted to you. You are very important for him/her and this puts you in what may be a delicate (or extremely delicate) situation in the current context.

A friend will tell you some very disappointing news. This friend is a man who is about your age. He is a neighbor (or a man living in your neighborhood) that you see regularly and who, each time you see each other, speaks a lot to you. This news does not concern you, but rather him. This man is cheating on his wife (or his girlfriend) and he is getting ready to leave her. This is an opportunistic man who is perpetually dissatisfied in love. He always wants more. Whoever the woman that he is with, he does not consider loyalty as an absolute obligation or ultimate responsibility. He is not embarrassed to woo new women at any time, even when he is already in a couple. His girlfriend/spouse is very naïve, and she will be very shocked when she will understand what is happening. You will also be shaken, because the nonchalance with which your friend is preparing to bring you this news is disconcerting, even perhaps discouraging.

You will be reconciled with a woman on the professional level (work, business, studies, or other). You will have a frank and honest exchange, and you will end a disagreement that has been unnecessarily protracted. You have interests in common and you will conclude that it is better to put an end to a dispute that harms you both (increasingly). You are two civilized people, so you know that resentment will get you nowhere. Here, this is about money or performance (productivity vs. non-productivity), so it is serious. You can cooperate together and you can manage to accomplish great things by putting together your strengths and your ideas. You are two talented and creative people, so you have everything to gain by uniting to arrive at your goals quicker and more easily. In addition, a third person, a man who is somewhat younger than you, seems to benefit from your disagreement. As such, it is clear that you have to be on the same side in order to avoid finding yourselves in a position of weakness compared to him. Behaviors must thus be reversed, otherwise you will both end up being subjected to (or falling under) the domination of this third person.

Somebody has a problem with money and this is causing a disagreement (a chain reaction) with several others. This person has a very serious problem and it is forcing everybody around him/her to react. You will have to intervene urgently, but you must avoid doing too much, because the whole burden (stress) of this situation must not rest solely on you. You are not alone in being able to intervene and you should not take everything upon yourself if you can have some help. In fact, another person will be able to support you in your approach (a professional, a financial adviser or other). The person that you will help will have to learn to be more independent and realistic in his/her way of spending (managing) his/her money. You will have to help him/her to be more reasonable. It will be difficult, but feasible. All of this seems to follow a recent truck delivery. Somebody is asking for compensation. There may also be a possible seizure (of furniture, a car, or other).

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