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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 94
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A man will soon return from a trip. With him, this man brings charm and harmony. He is a self-educated man. He is very intuitive and has learnt everything himself. He works a lot, even late into the night. He is unassuming and quiet. Although he is a man who deserves attention and respect, he often goes unnoticed in the crowd. He has either received an inheritance or will receive a large inheritance soon. He manages his money well and knows how to make it grow, despite sometimes taking risks. He is a skilful negotiator as much as an opportunist. He often succeeds in making large profits from his transactions. He is a man who brings you luck and who you enjoy having close by in your day to day life. He fills you with spirit and you are delighted at his return.

Someone in your circle (a woman, a friend) is going through a series of unlucky (or difficult) events. Her marital problems are partly the cause of this. You are not indifferent to the situation and this leads you to react (to take her part). This woman should move away (or avoid meeting certain people) for a while in order to resolve her problems. This is a woman whose virtues include her manual dexterity and her love (or great knowledge) of the arts. She has a somewhat impulsive temperament, but is nonetheless a person on whom you can rely. Her financial situation is precarious and consequently she has to make sacrifices. This woman will soon appear before the justice system (court, judge, lawyer or other) to resolve her marital dispute. Justice will be done and an order will be issued. This woman will have need of your support and friendship to get her through this ordeal. Warning: There will be serious tensions and everything will not proceed as desired. Despite your good intentions, you will have to show extreme caution so that your actions really are favourable (to you and to your friend), as the slightest error of judgement could have totally unintended consequences.

A relationship that you have with a young person (1) (m/f) in your surroundings is not being described honestly. Someone (2) (m/f) feels in competition with you and tells unfounded stories about what you live (or do) with this young person (1). In fact, an event which took place recently was told out of context in order to spread an image of you that would make you seem depraved. Here, we are talking about a young person (1) to whom you have given your help (either material or financial) in order to accomodate him/her, or to release him/her from a social difficulty (emergency or great misery.) This young person (1) thanked you with a written note filled with good words and showing a great sensibility towards you (poem, thank you card, or other.) This made the second person extremely jealous (perhaps without you knowing it) and you should act to manage the situation well in order to prevent false stories about you spreading through gossip. In short, your generosity towards a person (1) in need displeases another. This is someone (2) who has amorous (or sexual) intentions towards the person whom you helped. Be on your guard, because your every move will be scrutinized to try to find a flaw in your behavior with this young person. A single mistake on your part could be "cruely" dramatized in order to make you fall into disgrace in the eyes of people around you or in your neighborhood.
A person you have known for a long time is thinking seriously about seeing you again. This is a person who is older than you are. You have a lot of affection for him/her. This is someone who was close to you in the past but who now is practically no longer part of your life. This is a person you have known in the workplace and whose departure was sudden. When that happened, it affected you deeply. It was (almost) a test for you (great pain, rupture). A member of his/her family has recently died and this has made him/her think deeply about his/her future and about the ties he/she wants to preserve with those that are dear to him/her. Today, he/she wants to reconnect with you; this is one of his/her priorities because you still count a great deal to him/her. This person wants to visit you and you will be very happy to see him/her again. This will be an exceptional reunion and you will share a lot of joy in being together again.

Long-term financial planning will be necessary for you. Important changes will force you to be more mindful of the way you manage your financial means. This does not necessarily mean this will be a constraint for you, as it is likely for this to be part of a new career (or business) plan or the anticipation of retirement in the coming years. Your lifestyle is not in question, as this is a matter of adaptation and reorganization. Obviously, you will learn to better appreciate what you already have before considering new acquisitions. Furthermore, by administrating your budget in a more conscientious fashion, you will earn on new aspects that had been unknown to you until then. More specifically, taking into account your real goals in life, there is no doubt that this task will allow you to consolidate your assets and become wealthier.

Someone in your surroundings has an inordinate love for you. You are not in a romantic relationship with him/her and that is what you want. This person is in a rather comfortable financial position and he/she is using it to try to impress you. You frequent him/her almost every day. He/she is stubborn and patient. He/she persists in maintaining an emotional connection with you in the hope that you will one day end up succumbing (to his/her advances). It is clear that he/she can simply not consider being in love with anyone other than you. His/her social life is fairly limited and this is probably what explains this delicate situation. Despite your repeated (more or less direct or obvious) refusals, he/she has not yet given up. You will receive a letter or a written document from this person. This piece of writing will be connected to the romantic feelings that he/she has for you and it will be very revealing.
You are eagerly hoping to take part in a large project that will take place in your community. You are prepared to do just about anything so much so that you are not left to do any task that will isolate you from other people. You like finding yourself in the midst of the action and you hope that you will be appreciated as you deserve to be. You have the necessary energy and talent and you really want to be involved in this mass movement. You are awaiting a response and it will come from a woman with the star sign Virgo. This woman is slightly reserved but she loves children. She is currently working in order to accept you as a participant in this event. She must complete some documents and think about your safety. She will soon invite you to an interview. Keywords: port, boat, residence, fertility, respect, efficiency, kindness, professionalism, Thursday morning, March.

A transaction is difficult to complete. A person is not playing fair with you. Be on your guard, because this person wants to fool you. It would probably be best to withdraw from a negotiation that is going nowhere, because in the conversation that you have with him/her, hypocrisy seems to take precedence over honesty. This person is of the opposite sex, and he/she is older than you. You do not know him/her personally, and this is an additional reason to doubt his/her (dubious) honesty and of the apparent contradictions coming out of his/her mouth. Here, we are talking about somebody who lives above his/her means and who feels no shame in deceiving people (to lie to them shamefully) with the goal of getting their money. Be vigilant, because in this negotiation (or discussion), lying reigns supreme!

Beware, as someone (m/f) is jealous. This is taking place in a professional or work setting. This person is going to try to obtain more benefits for himself/herself at your cost. If you work in a company where there is competition for clients or business opportunities, it is this person that will try to steal your clients or contracts. If not that, then he/she will try to make himself/herself look better in the eyes of a superior in the chain-of-command in order to try to demonstrate that he/she is more competent at carrying out duties that have been assigned to you. This person wants to obtain unfairly what you have achieved through loyalty and honesty over the past few years. He/she will speak ill of you to people who have a business or work relationship with you, no doubt! This person wants to demean you and he/she will certainly lie in order to get what he/she wants, as that’s the only real option he/she has to discredit you.

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