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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 95
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Great joy is announced to you. This is about a very inspired or even magical love story. This takes place within your professional environment. There is someone that gives you hope by acting like a clown. However, this person wants you to give up something you’ve gained before opening up to you. Compromise is not possible since you must go straight with him or her. You must hide nothing from him or her. A Wednesday afternoon in September announces itself as the moment you will finish getting close to him or her. This person is an Aries.

A woman, who is older than you and who is part of your professional environment (work or other), will make you live a unique and unrivaled experience (which will bring great love of life). This woman is very attached to you. This is a person who has a physical injury, a disability or a permanent scar. However, this feature is not very visible and it often goes unnoticed by many people. This woman is intuitive and affectionate. She loves life enormously. She’s full of good intentions towards you, and after you suffer from a difficulty, she will take a very significant action to make you have fun (or entertain you) and make you enjoy an extraordinary life moment. The joy that she’ll bring you in this occasion will undoubtedly be much greater than the trouble that will affect you. Thanks to her, you’ll forget your worries and you’ll very quickly resume the path towards a happy life full of promises. In all aspects of your life, this woman can do a lot for you and this occasion will be proof of it. This event will be inscribed in your fondest memories for your entire life. This woman doesn’t need to be described in detail in order for you to recognize her, because you know her very well and you have been feeling a lot of affection towards her for a long time.

You will enter an incredible, mysterious, or secret world. You will be inspired by some teachings you will receive, on knowledge generally reserved for insiders. You will receive this training from an elderly person. You will also do research on your own, in order to deepen your knowledge on the subject. This will affect the way you look at life and your spiritual evolution. A friend will join you at the beginning but will leave you alone in the process. The reasons for leaving you behind are not clearly established. This withdrawal might be forceful or voluntary.
A situation has become complicated due the stubbornness of the person you love. Hurtful words were spoken and you have not been able to interpret them accurately. You try to pretend that everything is okay, but deep down you feel truly ill. You no longer know exactly where you stand, but you still love that person deeply. Those around you are not aware of your distress and you don’t want to talk about it anymore. You're ready to make significant compromises in order to resolve the situation, but nothing is guaranteed, because you have no control over things. You are waiting for a response from this person and this response is not forthcoming.

You must react to a situation if you want to reach a positive and satisfactory solution, when faced with the situation you've plunged into and which you cannot get yourself out of. Detaching yourself is not an option here, because you're a prisoner of the situation. An improvement is only possible if you react. You cannot be indifferent or unstirred. You must take things in hand. If you don't you'll get yourself even more bogged down, and you risk dragging someone you love down with you. If you don't delay too much you'll receive something. Hidden concepts: animal, mountain, money, ambition, authority, impatience, balance, independence, embarrassment, hesitation, woman (friend) whose star sign is Pisces, Friday, morning, month of September.

A man is having problems with the law. This is a man of about your own age. He also has complications in his love life (jealousy, infidelity?). Your relationship with him is mainly of a commercial nature. There is often an exchange of money for goods between him and you. This man is courteous but he is also reckless and a liar. He consumes something that weakens his mental capacities (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Moreover, it is mainly due to this that his problems with the law arise. He was arrested recently and has to go before a judge. He promises to change but this does not really seem serious (empty words – he does not mean what he says). He abuses many things and feels no guilt about his excesses. He is deeply attached to self-destructive lifestyle habits and cares very little about it.
Major revelation! A psychologically difficult period is now over. You had a test to overcome and you did it! You now no longer need to give accounts of your financial situation, and you no longer have to justify your transactions or your investments. A sum of money was difficult to recover (or get), but this is now a part of your past. In the future, you will be able to think about those that you love and stop worrying about a financial concern that was following you everywhere. A malicious being (on Earth or in the hereafter) had authority over you and you are now free! It is the love of someone close that allowed this. This is someone who is one of your relatives (or an intimate friend) (on Earth or in the hereafter). This is someone who is very attached to you. Following his supplications (prayers or otherwise), an “unusual” but “implacable” order was formally given (in the hereafter) in your favour so that a situation might cease immediately and definitely. This order was not given by the Divine, but strangely, it is almost the same as if it had been. In fact, this order was given by an exceptional being that is in a very high position in the hereafter. It is probably an archangel, a historical prophet, or somebody very special who has the power to accomplish very great miracles on Earth. There is no doubt that this being has a manifest and indisputable authority where he is. He commands! Obviously, he has under his authority a myriad of angels or celestial entities (an extraordinary army) ready to intervene on his orders (at any time) to fight the demon. His power is so great that he is only very rarely authorized (by the Divine) to act on Earth. Do you really realize what this indicates? Certainly, someone close to you prayed for you, but why is such a powerful being personally involved for you? Certainly, in the hereafter you must be invaluable! In short, no matter who you really are, you must be incredibly worth it!

A conjugal situation begins and it is there to last. A wish will come true and endure over time. It is about a life blessing, whether on the love level or family. More precisely, you are in a context of coupling at the love level or in a position of fertility from a physiological point of view. Therefore, this can suggest almost anything between meeting the love of your life and giving birth to a child. This situation is also linked to a park and flowers. An event takes place in the nature during the holidays. The sun shines, so, great happiness will be born.

You arrive to an end of a stagnating period of your life. A break-free is coming up and you will have the right for a fresh start. A goal which you always had fixed is now possible and you will have the opportunity to try your luck again. Your freedom will be greater and consequently you can plan, organize and act with less limitations and greater flexibility. An unavoidable obligation awaits you, but your unwavering willpower will remain and will lead to overcome the frustrations with intelligence and control. Your combative energy which is full of spirit will be a great asset to you. A woman who belongs to the Zodiac sign of Aquarius will have a somewhat surprising impact on the progression of events to come. This woman is a doctor, or she works in a field related to medicine. Keywords: city, pet, sanitation, skills, formal declaration, indulgence, Wednesday afternoon, month of May.

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