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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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A need leads you to take pleasure in your imagination. You want to leave your repetitive tasks, and create the world rather than suffer by it. You have a taste for adventure, and as long as you stay put you'll be unhappy. Hence you need the support of your close friends, because you're afraid they feel abandoned. Whatever you do, the others will accept your decision and you don't have to worry. Those closest to you love you and they know you well. Do what you want and don't fear criticism, because your family will support you in all that you do. You have a pioneer's personality and they've always known it. As far as they're concerned, not doing what you want would be very unlike you. So you know what you have to do and liberate yourself.

You have everything you need to solve a mystery. A pretty simple ritual will help you concentrate more and it's your experience that will dictate you the right way to work or to behave to achieve your goal. There is a key number in your path and it’s the “7”. This number is associated to a pregnant woman or to a young mother who is presently trying to protect her offspring against obsession and/or excessive authority.

A delay in your financial situation should be taken into consideration. Excellent financial results are pending, but they are expected later. You have made good decisions and your progress is good, but the fruit of your labour will not come immediately. You made rewarding choices, possibly even more rewarding than you imagine, but you must be patient. Keep up the good work, because the more persistent you will be, the more you will profit (later) from your good decisions (of today). You are a true visionary and your initiatives are very pioneering. If others do not understand what you are doing, you should not worry, because later they will (undoubtedly) witness your extraordinary success. In short, your actions are important, well-founded, and well-targeted, but be patient, because you are before your time. Do not be afraid to seem like somebody that is eccentric or unreasonable, because while others might see in you only someone obsessed with senseless projects, it is rather your genius that they should see. You are strong, very strong even, and you will confound everyone!
An intense period at the love level is to come but not necessarily for the better. You will soon enter a relationship with a person who has your "carnal complements". (This means a person with the physical appearance you like best in the opposite sex and that can most stimulate your lovemaking). You will feel instantly attracted to each other. However, this relationship will only be temporary and will extinguish quickly (probably within a few weeks or a few months). This is a question of someone with an unstable and unpredictable mood. Moreover, this person's distinct feature is his/her hypersensitivity. This hypersensitivity borders irritability and this drives him/her to be impatient with everyone. But, most of all, this person's major defect is his/her great frivolity at the sexual level. This makes him/her someone open to all curiosities to satisfy his/her sexual impulses and, thus, he/she is unfaithful in love. Therefore, be careful not be vulnerable to the physical attractiveness of this person as you could quickly be driven into an extremely tumultuous situation at the emotional level. In short, starting a romantic relationship with this person is an approach that is clearly doomed to failure, even if the passion is there and even if you feel ready for all possible and imaginable compromises to make your relationship with him/her enduring.

You have a round-up to do. Even though most of your initiatives have been a complete success, others do not appear to have borne fruit. You will have to review or re-evaluate your projects, because, for some among them, you cannot trust your own good judgement alone. One project in particular involves too many variables that you do not control and which you will probably never be able to control. No, you must not abandon your projects, but you need to re-think your way of reaching your goals. Yes, you can reach your objectives, but you will have to be more astute. Do not hesitate to ask for advice or get help (delegate tasks or responsibilities), even if you have to invest yourself further to do so. Your head is full of genius ideas, so surround yourself with good people and you will make masterstrokes.

An unexpected or unintended love will manifest itself and arouse your senses profoundly. Even if you already know this person (m/f), this love is currently unlikely in your eyes, which is why you’ll be surprised to discover it when the time comes. It’ll come from a young person that is afflicted by an injury to his/her soul (psychological or affective). This young person can be distinguished by his/her sense of organization and his/her influence over people of a greater rank than him/her at a social and professional level. This person appreciates you a lot and he/she will take a very significant action in his/her relationship with you at the social or professional level. He/she will make you take advantage of an opportunity that would’ve never been presented to you without his/her intervention. His/her love for you is shy, but among the most sincere. Your connection with this young person will not really seem logical in your eyes but, if you let yourself be guided by your heart in your relationship with him/her, you’ll maintain a very durable relationship (regardless of the nature) with him/her.
An adventure or a trip lasting a few days will be given or offered to you by a person (m/f) who has a marked interest in you. This trip will take place at the seaside (or nearby). This is a person you have only known a little while. This invitation will be made to you in the context of your professional activity (work or otherwise). This person is looking for the means to seduce you or to make closer ties with you. However, they aren’t telling you everything. They are hiding a secret from you about their social life. In fact, this person is already involved in an intimate relationship with someone you don’t know. This tie is rather cloudy. It’s not a legal or amorous tie, but it carries a sexual aspect. In this case, sex is associated with money, blackmail or a loss. It may also be the result of bait, a lure or a trap with the goal of satisfying an immoral or uncontrolled impulse. This person clearly behaves excessively with regard to sexual practices. It has to do with debauchery, indecency or obscenity. This person’s doings may be direct (person to person) or even indirect (by internet, telephone, etc.). What’s certain is that their priorities (or ambitions) are different from yours, so be careful and be wise before accepting anything.

You have a great feeling on the amorous level concerning a person of the opposite sex who is older than you. This person impresses through his/her beauty, but mostly by the simply and very effective way in which he/she seduces without any effort. This is about a balanced person, but who is somewhat of a rebel with regards to the constraints imposed by society. You have a particular ease in reading his/her thoughts, and this shows that there is wonderful chemistry between you two. However, here, the context is not favorable to a greater closeness between you. Even if this person loves you, there is a major obstacle that forces to show great realism with regards to the situation The influence that this person has on you is indirect, and it must stay that way. This obstacle is very serious, and you know what it is. Even if sometimes you would like to be wrong, the reality is obvious and you do not really have the power to change things. Nonetheless, do not forget that feelings really exist between you, and that they should not be taken lightly. So act prudently, but most of all, act according to your conscience.

You will soon sign a contract with a mature man. You will negotiate with him and you will arrive at an agreement that you will sign. You will be excited to do this deal, because it will be a joyful event. This agreement is favourable for you and it contains very few constraints. You will not regret anything. You will be rather nervous at first, but everything will eventually end beautifully. There will be a pregnant woman or a new mom in your immediate surroundings during the course of these events. Either this woman has just given birth, or she is very close to doing so. This woman will bring you luck, because she carries within her ultimate fulfilment. Her present announces the start of a happy time and the realization of a dream for you. Here, even if we are talking about hard-earned money, it is nonetheless a cash surplus for you. You have great talent and you know what you are doing. Additional keywords: airplane, airport, pause, escape, remoteness, happiness.

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