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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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Someone is too attracted to or too obsessed with you. This troubles you greatly and really makes you feel uncomfortable when you're in his/her presence. This person has already made you a request or an offer which you have refused, but he/she still insists. You try to be less interesting to him/her, but this does not seem to have any effect. You cannot allow yourself to be too unpleasant with him/her because your overall image to others may suffer. The person bothering you is a widow/widower or has been divorced for a long time. He/she has lots of money and constantly makes you promises in order to impress you. He/she likes to touch you and this irritates you. You will have to be firm and uncompromising with him/her, because the current situation definitely exposes you to unwanted sexual advances.

A person is going to clearly show his/her love for you. His/her behaviour will be very eloquent. This is someone who will please you in advance (or who already pleases you). This person is preparing to do something very concrete in order to get closer to you (to become more intimate with you). He/she is planning a private meeting with you. Just his/her presence at your side will make you feverish. His/her initiative will lead you to experience a great moment of happiness. You will accept his/her invitation and this meeting will be a success. You will be totally seduced. You will go walking together (a long walk). This person will totally reveal himself/herself to you. You will forget all your worries of the moment. Some of your biggest concerns will disappear forever. You will leave your comfort zone and surrender yourself. After this, you will accept something new in your life. From now on, you will see your future differently.

Someone of the opposite sex is working hard to ensure your comfort and your well-being. This person has you in his/her heart. He/she wants to know that you are safe, not only personally, but also financially and socially. Here, it is about love, compassion, and tenderness. This person loves you with a sincere love and you can trust him/her. In fact, he/she is waiting for (or hoping for) your consent to do something (important) that concerns you directly (personally). A large sum of money is at stake. This person has great respect for you, and as such he/she will not act without your permission (agreement, consent, or approval). You will be loved, pampered, and sustained.
You will have an extraordinary stroke of luck at a special moment in your life. You’ll receive a very large amount of money that will provide you with financial security for the rest of your days. It could be that you will win the lottery or be rewarded, in an exceptional way, for work or a labor of love of which you are the originator. It will probably not occur next year, but it will come. You should be patient because you have every reason to be optimistic. You will receive this money (or reward) at the moment you least expect it. Maintain confidence in yourself because time is in your favor. Do not expect money now because the time has not yet come. In fact, for as long as you wait for it to happen, you will not be deserving of it. Therefore, you must show that you deserve this reward, and this is what you will do. To receive an exceptional gift from heaven, you must be an exceptional person on earth. You are this person, and so your lucky day will come. However, remember that you cannot rely on this gift to plan your life and your future plans. This gift is not intended to replace your work but to reward it. So show that you are up to it, and you will receive the gift. In addition, only the divine knows when you will receive it, so you cannot learn that here. One clue though: providence can never be separated from faith. For most people, money is a test or a trial: rare are those for whom it is a reward. Consequently, you should avoid being in that first category of people.

You will receive a large reward. This reward is connected with your faith and your spiritual values (or your religious convictions). You will be rewarded for your past actions and future intentions. So you will be indebted to someone who is not of this world. We are speaking here about a very powerful being, but one who is good and generous. You are already committed to him (or her), but from now you will be asked to do more. You will have to renew your commitment, but this time in a more formal and concrete manner. You have a unique and special relationship with this being, and this relationship will remain reciprocal and long-lasting for as long as you respect your commitment. This reward, then, is more of an ordeal than a gift. It can cause you harm as much as it can be the cause of your renown (timeless notoriety). You must pass this test, therefore, because for you this ordeal is essential.

You need peace and tranquility. Integrity and honesty are of utmost importance in your life, but someone is currently trying to force you into an error to embarrass you. Nevertheless, as you are someone who pays close attention to detail, you will not fall for their trap. Little by little, you learned to act in a strategic and methodical manner in each and every situation, and this advantage will do you good one more time. You have the capacity to see bad things coming ahead, and unfortunately for them, this person will quickly realize it in a frustrating way. You care often unusual situations, and this is to your advantage because it is this characteristic of yours that makes you aware and always on top of the changes that happen around you. You understand your environment well, and one never should seek to face you on your own ground at the risk of falling to a quick and humiliating defeat. You are a patient and efficient person, and you will prove it once again.
A dream will come true. A wish will become reality and a woman (a friend) will be partly responsible. This woman is about your age. She is among your social circle, but she doesn’t have a close link to you (yet). She is very articulate and speaks with great gentleness. She is highly charismatic and has a lot of influence over others. She is both hot-headed and sensitive. She knows that you are limited in the actions available to you and she will accompany you to help you fulfil a dream. It will be difficult, but destiny will help you. Luck will be on your side, meaning that important details will practically resolve themselves.

You are entering into a phase of stabilization and consolidation. A major life change is not advisable for you at the moment. You must persevere in your current development, because it will be fruitful for you. If you are calling your job into question, it is better to choose a promotion in your current environment rather than changing jobs. At the moment, rooting yourself in your current environment will lead you toward a promotion or improvement of your standard of living on a professional level. If you are a student, it is clearly obvious that you must continue your education. Therefore, you had better solidify your knowledge, because in the present perspective, your current social position is most advantageous to you. Be patient, for better options will present themselves to you later.

You have something important to say to the person you love, but lack the courage to do so. What you have to say to him/her is essential but you do not manage to get it out. This is connected (directly or indirectly) with your professional or social life (recent past). You wish to rebuild your relationship with the person you love (or have a new beginning), but is this really possible after what you have been through? In theory, nothing is impossible, but in fact you know you are now in a vulnerable position. You made a mistake and this has consequences. You did not want to hurt anybody, but you have done something that is hard to explain (or to understand). You were opportunistic and are not really proud of it. Can you now be as fair to your loved one as you are to yourself? This is unlikely. Even if you doubt it, however, you can manage to do so. A trip will be decisive. Do what you have to do and do it as well as you can. Feelings must come first.

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