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Tarot Reading - Thursday May 13, 2021

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You are eagerly hoping to take part in a large project that will take place in your community. You are prepared to do just about anything so much so that you are not left to do any task that will isolate you from other people. You like finding yourself in the midst of the action and you hope that you will be appreciated as you deserve to be. You have the necessary energy and talent and you really want to be involved in this mass movement. You are awaiting a response and it will come from a woman with the star sign Virgo. This woman is slightly reserved but she loves children. She is currently working in order to accept you as a participant in this event. She must complete some documents and think about your safety. She will soon invite you to an interview. Keywords: port, boat, residence, fertility, respect, efficiency, kindness, professionalism, Thursday morning, March.
You will receive a major gift from an elderly woman. As you are not in her will nor a part of her immediate family, this elderly woman will give you something during her lifetime that has great monetary value. This woman belongs to a class of wealthy people in society and before dying she wants make you a gift of a property or possession with a very high market value. She does not want to leave everything to her immediate family because she often felt forgotten or neglected by them. Her relatives do not deserve all she has bequeathed to them, this is why she will rid herself of some of her assets before dying. You were always there for this elderly woman and she is determined to reward you generously before dying.
Somebody wants to take you with him/her. He/she wants to take you into a large building. This building is tall in appearance (maybe because of its location), but it is not really constructed as tall (6-8 floors at most, maybe even less). It has doors and windows everywhere. This building looks a little like an apartment complex, but it’s probably a resort or even a castle. To get there, you have to cross a huge garden. The building is light-colored, but the color has been damaged by the years. There is a hearth inside, on the ground floor. The furniture is stylish, but old. There are a large number of books. The building’s interior is warm and welcoming. You are welcome there, and your arrival is eagerly awaited. You will not be alone, because many people are waiting for you. You will be at home there, and you will be taken care of.


You have made enormous efforts to improve the situation, but unfortunately, nothing has changed. It’s better that you order your life because you are about to make great changes. These changes are inevitable, so it would be better to plan your actions in a coherent manner that makes sense to others. In fact, if those close to you don’t understand you, they simply won’t support you. Nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal, but you have to avoid hurting those who love you best. A woman in your work environment will interact with you about this. This woman was born under the astrological sign Cancer and she wants to listen to what you have to say. She is ready and waiting and you can confide in her. Key words : be frank, divorce, paper bills, love, rebellion, deception, balance, release, Sunday, night, March.

Major revelation! A psychologically difficult period is now over. You had a test to overcome and you did it! You now no longer need to give accounts of your financial situation, and you no longer have to justify your transactions or your investments. A sum of money was difficult to recover (or get), but this is now a part of your past. In the future, you will be able to think about those that you love and stop worrying about a financial concern that was following you everywhere. A malicious being (on Earth or in the hereafter) had authority over you and you are now free! It is the love of someone close that allowed this. This is someone who is one of your relatives (or an intimate friend) (on Earth or in the hereafter). This is someone who is very attached to you. Following his supplications (prayers or otherwise), an “unusual” but “implacable” order was formally given (in the hereafter) in your favour so that a situation might cease immediately and definitely. This order was not given by the Divine, but strangely, it is almost the same as if it had been. In fact, this order was given by an exceptional being that is in a very high position in the hereafter. It is probably an archangel, a historical prophet, or somebody very special who has the power to accomplish very great miracles on Earth. There is no doubt that this being has a manifest and indisputable authority where he is. He commands! Obviously, he has under his authority a myriad of angels or celestial entities (an extraordinary army) ready to intervene on his orders (at any time) to fight the demon. His power is so great that he is only very rarely authorized (by the Divine) to act on Earth. Do you really realize what this indicates? Certainly, someone close to you prayed for you, but why is such a powerful being personally involved for you? Certainly, in the hereafter you must be invaluable! In short, no matter who you really are, you must be incredibly worth it!


A person (m/f) has the intention of doing justice for you. An event has evolved rapidly and this person is not really aware of what he/she has done. He/she has pain but he/she ignores concretely why. You will have to talk to him/her or go help him/her, since he/she needs immediate psychological support. His/her pain is the reflection of what you recently lived. This person seems to suffer for you, therefore, you need to reassure him/her. He/she wants to protect you or to avenge you, but his/her thoughts are irrational. This person is really vulnerable to the suffering you live through and his/her desire to come to your help is truly incoherent.

Someone is plotting behind your back. You have to watch out for a person of the opposite sex, who is somewhat younger than you. This is a person who is a part your everyday surroundings (or almost.) Despite appearances and what you believe, this person does not feel any “real” affection for you (a superficial friendship only.) In addition, he/she is not what he/she claims to be (or what he/she suggests.) On the contrary, he/she is treacherous and egocentric. He/she has against him/her her insolence and her penchant for lying (for denigrating and/or ridiculing others). This person is dishonest (from the point of view of friendship) and will not hesitate, if it benefits him/her, to betray you for his/her own interests. More particularly, your situation in love will be the target of his/her forked tongue and calumnies. This person will do you harm (unfounded assertion or accusation.) You will become aware of his/her remarks (aiming to harm you) through another person. Clearly, you will have to work to limit the damage, because false and deliberately malicious words will be said. In short, you will have to (it seems) learn to better discern your friends from your enemies, because this person is abusing (easily and openly) your trust.


You will have to do some investigating (or take an administrative action) concerning something which is not clear in an important situation. You will need an item of information that you don’t possess now, to carry out a legal (or judicial) procedure. To be more precise, you will have to obtain a document (or a piece of information) about you (or concerning your situation) in order to move ahead in an initiative which aims at obtaining justice for you (or to clarify a fact or a right). This is a document or piece of information (paper, manuscript, contract, proof or other item) which you absolutely need to protect yourself from potential complications which could arise in the medium or long term because of a reality which seems to be (legally or judicially) imprecise or ambiguous as it relates to you.

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