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Thursday October 28, 2021

TAROT ✯ 2021

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You are about to take flight. You're going to free yourself from a restraint. You will be creative and you will embark on an adventure. The forces of nature are good to you and they will let you free yourself of social or moral burdens. Your skills, both physical and mental, will be exploited, and they will allow you to enhance your race and your flight with each step you're going through. You will be supported by a young person who is part of your social environment. This person is passionate and committed, and he/she likes to engage in philosophical discussions that have no end. He/she is of the astrological sign of Libra and his/her pursuit of happiness is valiant and triumphant. He/she is probably a physician or something related to medicine or to the easing of suffering. On a more specific point, he/she had a serious (or tragic) problem when he/she was a child and now occupies much of his/her time trying to prevent this kind of misfortune from happening to other children. On your side, your quest will be ambitious, so you must do your best to be vigilant, to stick to the best approaches and to dodge tricks and sacrifices. Keywords: ocean, mountain, confluence, good friend, achieve, affection, Friday morning, October.
A woman in your circle is having a lot of success in love. This woman is a relative of yours (or a fairly close friend). She is a great beauty and her power of seduction is great (sex appeal). She loves to have fun and greatly enjoys the attraction she has with the opposite sex. On the other hand, it is so easy for her to make new friends that she has become somewhat reckless. Her spouse (or lover) is jealous. There is discord in her relationship. This woman loves using her power of seduction (with everybody) and could not imagine not using it, even if she knows that this creates tensions with her partner. Although this couple always seems to reach a compromise (or reconciliation), the stress builds up and becomes harmful. The connection uniting these two people has become precarious. The actions of this woman are destabilising their relationship. Clearly, we are speaking of a fundamental disagreement between these two people. They have two different visions of things and these two visions are irreconcilable. A breakup is inevitable… It is only a question of time.
A woman is at your service. She is there to care for you and to make your life easier. She is a faithful friend whom you can blindly trust. She is devoted and she responds rapidly to your needs. She knows you well and she knows how to respond to your needs with precision, and this, without you ever having to explain or justify yourself. She is a woman who has unfortunately suffered cruelty in her youth (or in a distant past) and she knows well what it is to suffer. She should be rewarded as she merits, for this woman will not hesitate to sacrifice herself for you. For her, your happiness counts more than her own. She is a good and courageous woman who undoubtedly deserves recognition and admiration.


You will have an extremely surprising encounter with a person of the opposite sex. This person is younger than you and he/she has a very neat appearance (physically attractive). Here it’s a question of love in its "natural" state and a meeting of professional nature (work, business, education, justice, health care or other). Immediately at your first meeting, instantly and for no apparent reasons, this person will give way to a very strong attraction for you (striking, unconditional and totally inexplicable love). From your first moments with this person, you will have a devastating effect on him/her (from a sentimental as well as sexual point of view). He/she will be so in love with you, that he/she will be unable not to touch you (physically). They will probably be awkward or almost common touches (fast or with fingertips), but they will clearly be enormously respectful and very revealing touches. From the energy point of view, you will feel these touches in a very special and clear way because they will have a particularly destabilizing effect on you.

You will have a privileged and decisive contact with a young man whom you can fully trust. This young man will work with you in putting forward a cherished project, a personal endeavor, or an initiative that requires very careful planning. You will have close relations with him, as your objective will be to reach a very specific goal. This young man will be the key person leading to the concretization of your project, and you will not be able to consider taking any decision whatsoever without him (whether advice or expertise.) This is a young man with whom you will have an exclusive business relationship. His involvement in your project will be total, and it will lead to a very great accomplishment. This accomplishment will impact your life so much that you will keep a lasting memory of this young man. What is especially important to remember here is that this young man will be just as marked by you as you will be by him. This is because you will be one of the first people to trust him fully in business. He will therefore become for you a friend on whom you will always be able to count on, and you will acquire a special place in his thoughts. So, no matter the years that pass, this young man will always seek to maintain a privileged relationship with you. On the mystical level, the high regard that this young man will have for you will be so exceptional that it will be of a timeless order (that will survive death).


A mature man wants good things for you. He wants to offer you his friendship and trust. He’s a nice, honest and loyal man. He has achieved success very early in life and is ready to support you in your efforts to improve your living conditions. This is a man who takes enormous care of himself in his everyday life (health, hygiene, etc.) and who occasionally likes to take long walks (in urban parks, in mountain or forest hiking trails, or others). In the recent past, a member of his family has had to fight a serious illness (or was the victim of a serious accident) and this has led him to develop spiritually in a very special way. He is hardened in the face of death and he has become much more aware of the precariousness of life (in all its forms). He knows that you have an important choice to make (or an important decision to take), but even if he does not want to intrude on your privacy, he sincerely hopes that you will trust him.

You will have the opportunity to increase your knowledge on a topic of great interest to you. More specifically, you will be able to enrich your knowledge and/or skills in this area, thereby enabling you to contemplate (in very concrete terms) a new challenge (project) that is directly linked to this process. It will be a unique and exclusive opportunity for you. You will therefore make great headway in your personal journey, because something abstract (that has been abstract for a long time now) will take shape (materialize, be achieved or become clearer). As a result, an objective will soon be reached.


Major prediction! Your work and your good investments will earn you. Your determination will overcome your precarious situation (financial and material level). You will make many acquisitions (durable goods) in the coming years and the profitability of your projects will be prodigious. You will gain great freedom, both professionally and socially. You will be able to invest regularly and constantly more, because you will have the means to do so. Your influence over others (even the most powerful of this world) will be considerable, and you will travel a lot. Your notoriety will be so great that it will intimidate all of your rivals (even the most formidable ones). Always, people will prefer to accommodate you rather than to confront you. However, you must persevere, because your success will have to be consolidated before becoming final and recognized by all. In addition to concentrating on your successes, you will also have to learn from the mistakes of others. You will have to observe people and always make sure that you do better than them. Then, the years will go by and others will learn to either fear or admire you. So, your domination in the world of business will be both durable and extraordinarily remarkable. It will continue even after your death. You will give a great fortune to your heirs and you will be honored for several generations. Your wealth will be invaluable and it will survive for countless years (certainly more than a century, if not more).

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