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(Thursday August 05, 2021)

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A "step by step" success is coming. You have within you the perseverance necessary for you to climb important social and professional ladders, and you will achieve great things. You will succeed thanks to your efforts and your determination, and you will have a great influence in your environment. You have extraordinary potential and your life achievements will be remarkable. You will take audacious decisions, but you will be patient. Thanks to your life experience, you know not to rush anything, so you will take the time to complete each of your tasks before considering each of your following challenges. You are the kind of person who builds his/her life on unshakeable foundations, and you will not do anything without the deep conviction that you can reasonably succeed at whatever you are doing and this, without losing your recent achievements. Because you will go up the steps one by one, you will have a firm footing and you will never be able to fall from more than one step at a time. As such, your failures will be few, and they will only have a very small impact on your overall life path. In short, you are careful, but you are also particularly intelligent.
A person close to you is (or is becoming) prey to overwork. This is a woman who is younger than you. You have a lot of affection for her. She is a part of your inner circle. She works too much and she is living with great anxiety. People ask her to, or recommend her to work less and to slow down her life’s pace, but she doesn’t want to hear anything. This woman is faced with important financial problems, and this is why she insists on wearing herself out (physically and mentally) in order to avoid a meltdown. For the moment, her determination to her task is ensuring financial balance for her, but this balance is extremely precarious and it is only temporary. This woman is on the verge of exhaustion and her health is decaying. She will not be able to maintain this pace indefinitely, because it is too much for her. Her psychological balance is seriously compromised as well. This woman must absolutely rest, because she is going straight towards hospitalization or a (long) forced absence from work.
You feel like fighting, but you must not act lightly. Your actions must be both justified and coherent. Your achievement will match the level of wisdom displayed in your approach. To that effect, caution is called for, but quitting is not an option. It says here not to back up in front of effort. Even if appearances are frightening, your adversary dreads you even more. Your opponent thinks he knows some of your weaknesses, but in reality he doesn't. You therefore have the mission to impress, and you must not fear to act like it. Time for theory is over and you must now show what you're made of. But be careful: a display of strength is a thousand times superior to a display of violence, be it verbal or physical. Hidden concepts: female friend of the Libra astrological sign, mountain, hardship, climbing, beginning, consultation, tactic, move, renewal, will, music, legal outcome, Monday, night, month of September.


After a period of uncertainty, you are more conscious than ever of your needs. You can better distinguish the difference between illusion and reality, and you can now rely fully on your physical perceptions as much as your mental ones. An entity from another world invites you to continue your spiritual training, and to share your experiences with a person who loves you and whose star sign is Gemini. You have other stages to get through in your search for new knowledge, and this person is destined to accompany you in your journey. Hidden concepts: wound, emotional shock, return of hope, ocean, love, Monday, night, month of June.

An animal will help you get through a test. It's an animal that lives in your house or that you're near to every day. It can avert you from dangers that lie in wait for you, and it has the capacity to kindle a spiritual force in you that's dominant in various ways. This animal communicates with you through a subconscious link that you have with it. It's an omen of peace and health for you. It can support you through illness just as well as it can ease your internal suffering. It will bring you wealth and prosperity of the sole in your worst moments of uncertainty, as well as during the happiest times of your life.


You will receive a gift from a person of the opposite sex. This person is older than you. He/she is a part of your surroundings (of your everyday comings and goings). It is someone who is currently struggling with communicating their feelings towards you. He/she is oversensitive (or psychologically or sentimentally uncomfortable) and he/she loves you. This gift has a great symbolic value. It reflects the strong admiration this person has for you. It will be a very emotional gesture on his/her part. The objective of this gift is also to put an end (if possible) to a misunderstanding or an uncertainty that was created between you two. It is meant to establish (create) a relationship (new, improved or different) with you or to rebuild a relationship that has recently deteriorated or ended between you. It is someone with whom you make transactions or trades on a regular basis (hand to hand money circulating). He/she has already lied to you about important (or fundamental) information regarding him or her and he/she wishes to clarify the situation (or set the record straight). He/she knows that he/she has made a mistake and is seeking your forgiveness (remorse, regret, sense of guilt) or is looking to be accepted by you (despite everything).

You show an aggressive instinct which is very productive from a professional standpoint. You like to dominate and express yourself, and your power is respected. Your internal battles at work are quickly settled or stopped since you impose your will. You know how to reign over your entourage and nobody dares to rebel against you. Even if some people believe they have more power than you, they are wrong. It’s simply that they don’t know you well or even that they haven’t ever really seen you in a critical or determining moment. Your ambition is great and any people who will dare to harm you expose themselves to great problems. It is clear that you are a person who is dominant on a professional level, and that you have destructive capabilities against your adversaries. Those who still don’t fear you are those who don’t know you.


Your memories contain traces of a difficult past (suffering?). A bad period in your life (constricting or unhappy) still regularly haunts and distresses you. Because of this, finding yourself alone with yourself is an ordeal that constantly needs to be overcome. More specifically, you are always searching for an inner peace that has difficultly gaining a foothold in your thoughts (also in your sleep and in your dreams). Your life's journey, however, is now leading you where you want to go and you will undoubtedly reach your goals (especially on the emotional level) (this is only a matter of time). Fellowship is very present in your life and you have the support of people who are dear to you and have all your trust. Do not worry, though, because these famous memories will cease to trouble your thoughts, for your existence now takes you elsewhere. Where you are going, the sky is blue, nature is green and the sun is shining. (Fulfilled love, shared happiness and long-lasting engagement).

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