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At present, you feel a sense of solitude, rejection or exclusion because of a spiritual shortcoming. You don't believe you deserve other people's love, but this is only an illusion you have to surround yourself with in order to distance yourself from your spirit. You can no longer find any sense in your life, which has the effect of creating great material and financial insecurities for you. More specifically, you suffer from an emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you are searching for love or you have recently been in a relationship breakup. It is through your spiritual belief that you will once again find your path. You need help from the beyond, but the idea that such help can exist scares you. Here, your pride and arrogance are your major weaknesses. They prevent you from being spiritually open, which is necessary in order for you to get through this difficult period of your life. Maybe it is because of an old wound that you still carry? Little matter what the cause of your mental block, you must give way to the being which is connected to you. She has the duty to protect you and to guard you from misfortune, but to do this, you must first let her approach you. She alone can enter you to cure you of your suffering and she alone can comfort you in your torment. You must open your soul to her, otherwise you will be gripped by a great anxiety. There is a woman close to you, older than you, and a Scorpio, who has the ability to introduce you to the being which is connected to you. Following many recent deaths in her family circle, she has unconsciously developed a channel of communication with the beyond. Without wanting to, she will help you discover the secret you carry within, and which you share with this being. Key Concepts: lamentation, seed, refinement, hiccup, interruption, secret, unveiling, watercourse, walkers, Sunday, night, month of March.

There is confusion about the identity of a person. You suffer the consequences of the actions of another person because you are held responsible for his/her actions (wrongly). Here, it is a question of an aberration (absurdity or mistake). This is indeed a case of mistaken identity. You are treated unkindly because you are unjustly accused (or suspected) of an act you did not commit. You need to defend yourself energetically. Unfortunately, the real culprit does nothing to exonerate you because he/she does not want denounce himself/herself. He/she want to save his/her skin at any price, even if he/she fully understands that you are accused in his/her place. He/she is using you as a scapegoat, so he/she will do nothing to help you.

Take care not to be duped or swindled by a dishonest or insincere person. This concerns a person who has already succeeded in profiting from the generosity of a close friend and who will now try to do the same thing to you. This person is a woman. She is malicious and those around you have recently spoken of her to you. She abuses people’s naivety in order to live in luxury (or to satisfy a vice). She will try to find your weak point, because she hopes to extract money from you (or something that belongs to you and which is of great financial or sentimental value). This woman is a manipulator and is very skilled at putting on an act. She invents misfortunes for herself to attract greater pity from others. Be perceptive, because you must be uncompromising towards her. She will require something from you and you must clearly refuse. What is more, this woman need not lecture you, so ignore her or distance yourself from her.
A friend, a woman about your age, will make herself enormously helpful or will give you a very precious service. This woman wants to help you through a difficulty in your love life. (A present or future event.) More concretely, a person who believes that he/she can dominate you on the amorous level brings you more anxiety and fear than actual love. Be careful not to argue with him/her, because this would only make things worse. This person is scrupulous, impatient, infuriating, and he/she does not accept any wrongdoing on your part with respect to the relationship that he/she wants to have with you. This is someone who is comfortable financially and who thinks that he/she can have anything he/she wants with his/her money. This person has against him/her his/her indifference and nonchalance towards the suffering of others, and he/she can be verbally or psychologically (or sometimes physically) violent when frustration becomes too great in his/her mind. Thankfully, this person is only passing through your life, because he/she will not be able to take control over you. Your female friend will help you overcome your ordeal and her support throughout this whole affair will be unwavering. She will help you make enlightened decisions regarding this person's abuses and her friendship will clearly be invaluable.

You are in an impressive period of your life. Major changes are coming on the professional and/or financial level. You will make a series of new decisions. You want to give yourself better chances for the next opportunities that will present themselves to you, and in this sense, you know that you will have to rethink your future plans. As such, you are going to change or reevaluate your short-term priorities to conform yourself to a new reality that will become permanent. Everything is evolving, you have new aspirations, and you will therefore do what is necessary to adapt. You are in a good position to take new directions (career plan, investment, relocation, or other) and as such the changes will be numerous (or important) in your life over the next year (or months).

You feel challenged by basic questions regarding your life on Earth, and this has been going on for a while. These questions will manifest themselves more soon, because you will inevitably need more certainty in order to undertake a spiritual journey that you will be called to make. Some of the answers that you seek are vital and can be found in a document whose teachings come from an ancient manuscript. You carry a burden with you and, even if it is incorporeal, it is very heavy to bear. You have fallen several times becauses of this burden, but you have always gotten back up. Your quest will lead you to a beautiful place where your burden will be taken on by a being from somwhere else. What awaits you is a thousand times more beautiful than what you know on Earth. Even if your mission is far from over, you will soon get a moment of rest worthy of your efforts. You will be able to rest and recharge. You will not believe your eyes when you will see what will happen at that time. You are on the last stretch of your journey and, without you really knowing, you are about to do a great act which will earn you eternal praise in the world (the next world) that is intended for you. However, be patient, because even if you will get access to it, this world is not yet allowed for you.
An extraordinary event will take place. It has to do with an unexpected or unhoped-for development concerning a woman (a very close friend). Her conditions of life are going to change and radically improve. This rebound is directly related to her love life. This woman is going to find love while away from home or on a travel junket. This trip will take place quite close by (certainly no more than 200 km from her home or her place of work). You don’t know the man whom she will meet. This man will fall head over heels for your friend and she will make special arrangements to open her door to him and welcome him into her life. This man has a privileged and extremely solid social position (especially financially). He will be very sensitive to your friend’s precarious situation in terms of finances. Unhoped-for initiatives are to be anticipated on his part. A project in cooperation with your friend that you have scrapped can finally be realized.

You will purchase a device or machine (mechanical, electrical, electronic or other) that is very useful but which as has great monetary value. We are speaking here about something that has a specific function and that is expensive. As the asking price is too high, you will not be able to include it in your current expenses. You will, therefore, have to have a special budget for this purchase. You may not have such a sum of money at your disposal, so a loan and/or deferred payments will probably prove necessary. One thing that is certain is that you will have to get approval (or make an agreement) to make this acquisition. Let us be clear, this is not a question of fixed property, but of a mechanical or other type of device that is movable. It will serve you well and it will be very useful (a functional object). It will give you an ability you currently do not have and it will fill a critical need. In terms of possibilities, therefore, we are no doubt speaking about a car, a machine, a household appliance or recreational device, a work tool, a computer or something similar.

A man is manipulating you by pure ignorance. Even if he is not doing it deliberately in order to cause you harm, he is robbing you of your creativity. This man is a very close friend. He is financially comfortable and he spends a lot of money for his leisure activities (or for his entertainment.) This is a man that you see every day (or almost.) He has a lot of affection for you, but he speaks a little too quickly. In addition to being impulsive and touchy, he speaks more than he thinks. In his way of being, he is controlling and he has a too great hold on you and what you have to do. You have personal objectives and ambitions, but he is constantly turning you away from them. You will have to learn (as much as is reasonable) to avoid letting yourself be overly governed by him. Even if he is an intimate friend, you need to understand that you are dominated in most aspects of your relationship with this man. You will have to apply yourself to take more initiative with him (or without him), because you have life goals that are legitimate (in addition to being interesting) and you must absolutely not abandon them because of him. Certainly, this man is often right, but it is not clear that your way of seeing things is not as valuable as his (if not better). Be more autonomous with this man and he will end up realizing that to be different from him does not necessarily mean being wrong. One thing is certain, you are more creative than him, so you have everything to gain in achieving greater independence towards him.

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