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Tarot Reading - Friday May 14, 2021

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A rivalry will lead you to face a strong competition from a young woman. You must demonstrate great skill in order not to be beaten by her. This young woman will influence many people thanks to her charm, giving her a head start toward a goal that both of you will covet. Although she will not be truly insensitive to your approach, this young woman will make no move to concede victory. As her determination to achieve the goal will be as great as yours, you will need to thwart many of her actions. On the other hand, if you are successful in taking advantage of her weak points, you should undeniably be able to take more targeted actions in order to defeat her. Even if at first glance your chances at winning seem small, if you act with intelligence, it is really you who should triumph in the rivalry.

You will need to find your way in an environment where there is a crowd. It will be a place where there will be an uninterrupted come and go from morning to evening. This relates as much to your love life as to your professional life. You need to speak to a neighbor (man). You need to embark on a big journey. It will be a business trip. This trip will set off jealously in love. The person that you love will have difficulty understanding everything. You will have to explain yourself in order to reestablish harmony in your relationship with him/her. You will need to be down-to-earth in your clarifications and must not try to creep into eccentricities.

A young woman will rush you to act in a judgment, a transaction, or an action. Even if she doesn’t deliberately seek to harm you or make you make a bad decision, you will have to avoid her advice as much as possible and only take her opinion into account with a lot of precaution, as her nervousness or her distress could lead you to wrongly evaluate the context of the moment. This person will need your help or an action from you but, however, you will have to realize or take into consideration that a financial transaction with her will be monetarily damaging to you if you let yourself be guided by her arguments or her reasoning. This young woman will be subject to circumstantial alienation or momentary insanity and her thoughts will be largely erroneous or deeply troubled by the circumstances or the demands of the moment. Her disorientation will be very real and you will have to see that she frees herself from it before thinking about providing support to her. You’ll have to display great wisdom to do the right thing but there’s no doubt that you’ll have the ability to do so. However, if you want to accomplish your task correctly, it’s clear that you’ll have to demonstrate a great sense of discernment between what this young woman will ask you for and what would actually be most reasonable for her.
You will meet a fascinating person. He is a man of great notoriety who is part of the elite of society. This man has a great reputation in his field of activity (profession, speciality, expertise, ability, etc.). He is quite old, but he is still very active. He has intellectual capacities that are above normal. He has great knowledge at all levels (science, politics, philosophy, psychology, etc.). He will teach you something. You must pay attention to what he teaches you, as this will improve your life (or your way of seeing things) in a very significant manner. This man has great power over others and you will retain a vivid memory of your meeting with him.

You will have to shuttle many times from a specific point to another to fix a problem. A situation or a difficulty is a problem for you, but its solution is not found in your immediate environment. Some repetitive visits to the same location will thus be necessary to organize things in a more coherent and convenient fashion. As a result, you will have to break your routine for a while and adopt new habits which are more well-adapted to your situation. This prediction is linked to or directly relates to a woman who has recently appeared among your acquaintances. You will have to arrive at an understanding with her because she also wants everyone to benefit from a better quality of life. Even if she seems to be an important part of your problem, (on the contrary) she is the solution. This woman is older than you, and even if she seems authoritarian, she is gifted and is sensitive to your situation. On the other hand, watch your mail, because you will soon receive an unexpected letter (or notification). This letter may perplex you, but don’t worry, because in fact it does not contain anything alarming.

A person is trying to comfort you (or reassure you), but communication is not going well. You misinterpret what he/she says to you. Your imagination is playing tricks on you. You do not decode his/her intentions well and react too quickly. Be careful not to lose the friendship (or love) of a person you love because of your stubbornness. Here, you have to give up a claim, because the other person has no control over the events that are taking place, even if appearances suggest otherwise. This person has a lot of affection for you and so you must try to free yourself from a feeling that is not your own (resentment, bitterness, discouragement or deep disappointment). If you have stopped seeing each other (or speaking to each other), one day or another you will certainly have to get back in contact with him/her, because you really need each other for all sorts of reasons that you know well. Above all, do not build your own prison. A new beginning is possible. Keywords: money, ordeal, happiness and legal documents to be revised.

There will be a “human” change in your abode. Someone will to move in with you (or really near you). This is a someone who is about the same age as you are. This person is likely to move into your house (or apartment) or else into a house very close by. It is, however, possible that it is you who will move in with a friend or member of your family. Whatever the case, this change in your abode will meet a personal need and it will be a happy one. You will become closer to a person who occupies a special place in your life and for whom you have a lot of affection. You both have a great influence on each other and your cohabitation will be harmonious. It will be a blessing as much for you as for him/her.

You are facing a betrayal. Hypocrisy is present in a person of your close entourage (or in a person with whom you do business fairly closely or with whom you have fairly frequent contacts). This person is a man who is slightly younger than you. This man is getting ready to betray you (if he hasn’t done it already). However this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will succeed to harm you or be significantly detrimental to you. Since you know him well and because of his unusual behavior (incoherent or inappropriate) very soon you will be able to discover what this is about and see that something is not right in your relationship with him. More specifically, this man leads a rather comfortable lifestyle (financially), but the money he has hasn’t always been acquired in a very honest way. He’s a skilled negotiator but he feels very little responsibility for the problems he causes to other people. In general, he doesn’t feel any remorse to rob his friends (or business partners) so watch out!

By your way of reacting to an event, you are giving new confidence (or courage) to someone in your close surroundings. Your spontaneity gives rise to admiration. This person is fascinated by you. You know exactly what to do to help him/her and you do not lose a minute to act. In fact, you lived through a similar (or comparable) experience a few years ago, so this time you will not make the same mistakes. Your reasoning is good, your plan is flawless and you do not have to prove yourself to make yourself credible. You have learned lessons from the past and now you are in a position to impress.
A person loves you but he/she is under the bad influence of (or pressures from) those around him/her. This person loves you with a love that is deep and sincere, but people keep him/her away from you. Worse still, they lead him/her into situations that he/she does not want to experience. Normally, you should have a privileged relationship with this person, but this is not the case because he/she is subject to psychological manipulation by people over whom you have no influence or authority. Your relationship with this person is therefore inconsistent and irregular, whereas it should be stable and warm (maybe even intimate). In the coming months (or weeks), this person will be led to make mistakes that will have important consequences for his/her emotional life. Unfortunately, he/she will experience major difficulties. This situation is highly regrettable, but you have no power to intervene in order to free him/her from the grip of these people. You will have to show understanding and patience when dealing with events to come, because time must do its work.

Some things will rush favorably into your life conditions and will put you in a position to consider a new, large-sized investment. An opportunity will allow you to improve your financial and social situation, in general, considerably. Your independence will be further asserted and you will take a great step toward conquering great freedom on the material level. Important people will seriously take your projects and aspirations into consideration. You will be given permission to take decisive action for the years to come. You will make completely new developments in your personal life path, either by increasing your monetary wealth or by finalizing the acquisition of a sustainable property of great value. Your judgment will be credible in the eyes of others and it will very much influence the people who have decision-making power over you, and who be a part of this new momentum in your life.

An event will be unfavourable to you. You won't experience it directly but it will be pointed out to you. You'll have to look to correct the situation, as all of this will have an unhealthy impact on the quality of life of a person that is very close to you. Someone doesn't do his/her job (or doesn't fulfil his/her task) appropriately and this will be the moment to show authority, now or never. Without a doubt, you'll have to repeat the same instructions several times so that you can get to be well understood but don't hesitate to do this, as this will be completely legitimate. You'll have to protect the rights of a woman against whom abuse is committed. This woman is a bit younger than you and you have her complete trust. Someone is showing blatant indifference (or nonchalance) towards her and she has every reason to feel that way. She's living a situation that shouldn't exist and this is practically scandalous. You can make a difference so don't hesitate to get involved or intervene in her favour.

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