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The knowledge that you have acquired will be profitable for you. There will be balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions. You are entering an era of splendor, and everything will go well for you. Your knowledge will allow you to understand the inner workings of things and the results that will be necessary for you to realize a dream. You will be able to make your assets turn a profit for you. There will be relationships and exchanges. Dialogue will be essential, and it will enrich or consolidate your existing links. You will be able to find similarities between things that are fundamentally different and you will mange to prove that you are very creative in your initiatives that are aimed at establishing your dominance over your rivals. It is certain that you have had to work for a long time to get there, and you will be greatly rewarded. Whether you are isolated in a hidden corner or at the head of a group in the midst of chaos, you will find a way to exercise your power, and do it very intelligently.

A mostly unimportant incident is having exaggerated effects. A woman who is vain and easily irritable is deeply outraged that her advice has not been followed and she blames you (in an unreasonable, outrageous, and disrespectful way) for an event that has degenerated. She requires explanations (or repentance) from you for something for which you do not have to justify nor defend yourself. It is obvious that you acted with honestly and good will, but this woman absolutely wants to reprimand someone (anybody, or the first person she sees) in order to divert the wrongs and prevent the blame from falling on her. In short, you do not have to bear the blame for something for which you are not responsible. Yes, there was an unfortunate incident, but this woman is surely more to blame than you with regards to what really happened. Here, do not argue unecessarily with this woman, because actually you will never have the last word with her. This woman is not used to taking the blame for her mistakes and she certainly will not start to act differently with you even if you show flawless reasoning. In short, do not waste your time with her (ignore her and take care of something else) because this is probably what is best for you to do to forget this whole story without any real importance.

A trip (that you plan to make) will probably have to be cancelled or postponed because of the risks involved. Even if this is a dream trip for you (or a trip that absolutely has to be made at least once in your life), you have to show that you are reasonable. This trip includes elements that lead one to seriously believe that there is a danger, so you will have to be more careful than usual. The signs (or recent events) speak for themselves, so do not take anything lightly. The situation is problematic and you have to really take this into account. If you are preparing to undertake this trip in spite of everything, be extremely vigilant. People are wary of strangers, objects are confiscated or stolen, and fundamental freedoms are compromised. So be careful because you absolutely have to be forewarned of the danger!

You are subjected to an anxious atmosphere in terms of love. You need a greater affection than what you currently receive. You no longer feel cherished as before and you doubt everything. Given that you are a fragile person, you definitely need to be protected from the torments of love. The one who can help you do not belong to our world (a deity, an angel or another). Even if you cannot see or talk to him/her directly, he/she is very much present in your life and he/she sends you the message that he/she can help you. He/she implores you to talk to him/her and to confide in him/her.

You are very interested in the fate of a friend who is overwhelmed by events. Even if he/she has done nothing blameworthy to deserve what is happening to him/her, his/her situation is very unfortunate. You are a very valuable moral support for him/her, and he/she greatly appreciates the comfort that you bring him/her. In addition to being very close to you, this person has a "symbolic" place in your life. He/she has something special that others do not have, and you feel very concerned by what he/she is living through. Your love for this person is unconditional and, if necessary (or if you could) you would even be willing to give your life for him/her.

Your romantic situation is unclear. It is even strange. So much so, that you yourself no longer understand what is happening to you. You have ambition, but you have the distinct impression that everything might collapse at any time. You certainly bear a wound of love inside you. Of course, you make an effort to make everything fun and exciting, but it seems that you cannot manage to act effectively and/or sustainably. Presumably, you work too much to achieve your purposes, and this is clearly not reasonable. Maybe you need to impress (again) the person that you love and make him/her rediscover what he/she appreciates the most in you… If this is the case, you have to show your attachment plainly and unambiguously, because indifference is not an option. On the other hand, if the person you love is not your partner and never was, you will probably have to try a new approach in your romantic relationship with him/her. Everything is possible, but for this you must absolutely be more strategic in your way of doing things. In addition, you might be in love with the wrong person, so it might be appropriate to try your luck with somebody else. As such, understand that if the person in question does not appreciate your true value, your efforts will always be futile. Yes, you have to keep the flame alive, but do not forget that love should give us wings, and not consume us.

Your general social situation is changing favorably and your level of wealth (financial and material) will increase. You appear more determined than ever to do everything you can to realize a dream, and this will benefit you more than you think. In this sense, you will have the support of a person of the other sex who is between 36 and 45 years old (or very close.) This person is new in your surroundings and you do not know him/her very well. He/she is easily noticeable by his/her great beauty and his/her way of dressing, which is very neat. This person puts meticulous care into his/her appearance, which makes him/her very physically desirable. Without really wanting to, you will impress him/her. You will make such a strong impression that he/she will look in the following months to spend more and more time with you. However, here it is a question of an ambiguous relationship, between true friendship and love. This person will be very friendly with you in certain circumstances and rather insensitive in others. At certain times, he/she will feel a real amorous desire for you (as physical as it is sentimental), while in others he/she will turn away from you. In short, even if you will develop durable and very solid links on the personal level with this person, (in the forseeable future) he/she will remain inaccessible to you on the amorous level. Here, the complication is not at the level of amorous feelings (which are really present) but rather at the level of a legal or moral context, which is based on taboos.

A trip, a journey or an outing will lead to find a friend from long ago. This is a person for whom you have deep admiration. You worked (at school or at work) together in the past, a few years ago, and you have kept an imperishable memory of your relationship. You will be immensely happy to see this person again and you will spend a very good time together. You will notice that your friendship has not really gone out. Furthermore, we can see that you have a (wonderful) project in common that will take shape in the future. However, nothing is revealed here about it and it will not come up at this encounter. Obviously, you will learn more about it in other circumstances.

Your professional life is affecting your love journey. Be careful not to neglect the person you love. You must re-evaluate some of your projects because the person you love sometimes feels neglected when you take a new professional decision (work or business). You are an ambitious person and obviously you want to ensure your long-term financial security, but you are also someone who needs to be happy in love. You probably do not have to reconsider your life choices, but if you gave yourself a little more quality time with your loved one (or even your family), you would realise how important you are to those you love. So even if you think you are sufficiently there for them, make sure you actually are there for them at the moments they most need you. Keywords: Professional success, love, family, balance.