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You feel helpless. You sense a danger but you don’t know its nature. It results from an initiative you have undertaken. You are afraid to have provoked a disaster through your ruthlessness or your stubbornness. Now you feel powerless, for you have reached the point of no return. But careful, it is only a sensation. You must control your emotions if you want to continue to progress. You have done nothing wrong and you must stop worrying about a misfortune that will not happen. You have a woman friend. She is born under the astrologic sign of Aries. You will make an important deal with her. It will take place on a Monday morning during the month of July. You mustn’t worry about spending rashly. The legal papers will be in your favour and the transaction cannot be terminated on a whim. You are a totally independent person and you will remain so. A journey is also foreseen for your vacation.

You have a serious disagreement (past or present event) with a man (or a woman) working in law (attorney, judge, police officer, etc.). This person's virtue is his/her patience and his/her opportunism. He/she is courageous and authoritarian. He/she works on behalf of someone else, either a person or an entity (a company, the government, an organization, etc.). In your disagreement with this person who works in law, it turns out that you are accused of having committed an illegal action or of having committed an act that has caused harm to a person or entity. Naturally, you disagree (partially or completely) with what you are being reproached for but, despite everything, you must defend yourself and protect yourself from the disastrous consequences that this accusation could have on your life. You will need to proceed to a settlement or an agreement. Otherwise you'll have to subject yourself to a very serious constraint from a legal standpoint (a demoralizing fine, indemnification or conviction). You must absolutely react, as you need to preserve a freedom that you enjoy and that you appreciate more than any other.

A written or verbal conflict with a young man is beginning to grow. This young man is not physically violent, but he is aggressive in his manner of speaking and writing. He is increasingly making you worry. He has a disagreement with you and he makes your life difficult. You recently tried to reach an agreement with him, but nothing has been successful. In fact, he is not at all interested in making efforts to try to understand you, and he does only what he pleases. He has harsh words towards you, and his attacks are really bad-natured. This young man is much younger than you and he has no respect for your age. Even if you have more experience and knowledge than him, he doesn't care, because he is convinced that you are wrong. He behaves despicably, and you would do well to no longer bother yourself with him. Other people in your area have much more positive (good) energy to bring you than him. Do not waste your time trying to reason with him, because you will not manage it and it will eventually start to sicken you. Stop tormenting yourself for him, because in reality nothing is dramatic. So, let time do its work and you will certainly triumph over him later.

A man in your family loves you a great deal. This man has made you an offer you have not yet accepted. You are asking to be allowed to think about it, but your thinking is practically useless because you already know you will accept. You have absolute confidence in this man and you are very happy with his offer. It is a question here of money and of a signature (business, finance, investment, acquisition, etc.). This also concerns a vehicle (car or other type of vehicle). You will have more money in your possession (greater purchasing power) and you will enjoy greater freedom. This vehicle will allow you to go and find (or obtain) something very significant. This is something that will also be very symbolic for you socially. It is possible that you purchase this vehicle, but this is not necessarily about that. In any case, this is an important change (progress, development) in your life. You will be very happy and you will experience great joy.

A friend or a man in your immediate surroundings wants you to think about your situation. Your situation is ambiguous in terms of your love life, and this man wants to help you see more clearly. He has a clear position with regards to what you are currently living through, and he is looking to bring you to question yourself on the way you see things. He doesn’t want to push you, but at least he wish to provoke a reaction from you. From his point of view, you cannot stay like this, so expect to have a frank and honest discussion with him. This man only wants what is good for you, so you do not have to feel threatened.

You must pursue your dreams. If you don’t, you need to be aware that people will judge you based on your accomplishments. Your projects may seem crazy from other peoples’ perspectives, but for you, they are stimulating and within reach. Don’t let other people talk you out of this, because many are jealous of what they cannot accomplish themselves. You are right, they aren’t. Your house belongs to you and you can organize it the way you want. You can remodel it your way and you have the right to be eccentric. You have been interested by specific pieces of furniture for a while and now is the right time to purchase them. It doesn’t matter how you finance your projects, you will know how to maintain a stable budget even though other people may say otherwise. Your judgment is good and you will stay within boundaries. A legacy will follow you and you will know how to make a good use out of it.

The stubbornness, lack of understanding or harebrained ideas from someone close to you will cause you to take a break from your friendship with him/her. This will create a rift between the two of you for a while. This person, with whom you share a great camaraderie, will indulge in immature thoughts or actions which you really cannot condone. You will limit your contact with him/her until he/she comes back down to earth. You both have opposing points of view or opinions regarding a specific topic and you must keep the situation from worsening by pulling back for some time.

Someone wants to confide in you, but they can’t. They feel guilty about an event that happened in the past. Their poor choice has had a negative impact on your life. The incident is still very clear in your mind. You have suffered for something that either should not have concerned you or which you did not deserve. This person wants your forgiveness, but is afraid to approach the subject with you. Knowing they were wrong, they are afraid that you will blame them again.

You will have an unexpected or unhoped for encounter. This encounter will be with a man who has the power to improve your professional or financial situation. This is a man who regularly takes important financial decisions. He will offer you an opportunity that will allow you to maximise your future prospects on the professional (or financial) level. You will even receive an admission or confession from him. This encounter lets you know that you have a future that is different (for the better) from what you believe. A fortunate project will be realised. This man will also allow you to free yourself from the actions (or influence) of an aggressive woman. This woman is already angry with you after an incident that does not concern you. The consequences of this on your morale have been disastrous (dreams and projects for the future crushed) and have affected you for a very long time.