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A breakup is close. You are going to split or definitively separate from a friend (a man). You no longer enjoy being with him. On the contrary, his presence is becoming increasingly irritating. This man has annoying habits that you accepted at first, but which you can now longer bear. He is sentimental, but egocentric (he does not understand the opposite sex). He is single or divorced. He is looking for love in an obstinate manner, but this does not work. He makes many mistakes emotionally and continuously seeks to impose his tastes (his will, his life choices, etc.) on others. He allows the people around him very little room for freedom. He is controlling with his circle and this causes friction. He is impatient and has an uncompromising character. You cannot stand it any longer and things simply cannot continue this way. Even if you act against your principles (or perhaps reluctantly), your decision is made and it is irreversible.

A person in your family is sowing pessimism in your thoughts. You must not let him/her discourage you with what he/she says. Be careful if you often have discussions with him/her, because you risk provoking him/her and irritating him/her unnecessarily. There is another person in your family who is more jovial and who is clearly more friendly with you. He/she is more distant from you physically (or geographically), but is closer intellectually (psychologically). This is a person who loves to advise you (and to make you suggestions) when you feel the need. He/she is not afraid of getting you to surpass yourself in everything you undertake and his/her advice is clearly more enlightened than the first person’s. We are speaking here about a person who is a lot more optimistic about life and who has a greater affinity with you. So, if you feel the need to talk to someone, it would be more in your interest to trust the second person rather than the first. He/she has a better influence on you and you have a much more stable and strong family tie with him/her. It is a question here of a beautiful harmony between you two, and therefore with him/her you will be better supported on the human level and more connected socially.

An event will be favorable to you emotionally speaking. This event will occur at your workplace. It has to do with a person (m/f) who is older than you and who has authority over you. This person loves you in a very special way. The love they have for you meets some of your needs and desires that are among your most precious. This person has the potential of having you experience great moments of enchantment. They will take an initiative that will lead you to leave your comfort zone. If you let them act, you will experience intense pleasure. You will feel uprooted from your world, but you will be able to let yourself be guided without any danger. Here, art, intuition, fantasy and abandon will arouse euphoria and excitement. Fire and water interact together inexplicably to create effervescence and ecstasy at the same time. This event will be extraordinary and will leave you with an imperishable memory (immense joy).

You are seeking to discover a truth, but a man is preventing you from exploring or inspecting a place. This man is depriving you of your freedom of movement. You feel like a prisoner to his decisions. This worries you greatly and you need to find a way to prevent him from opposing your actions (or your will). We are talking here about a man who is related to you or a man who is very close to your family. This concerns a property (house, land or other). You have an important decision to take concerning this property, but you will not be able to do anything as long as this man opposes your actions. Why does he act in this way? What does he fear from you?

Your professional situation has a great impact on your personal life. You are going through a period of changes and upheaval, and this is influencing your mood. You are more nervous (or more confused) than usual and feel more vulnerable to the actions of others. You need to fight a certain form of uncertainty because your dynamism is diminished (loss of energy). You really have to regain your strength and regain control over the events occurring in your life. Your strength (mental, psychological, intellectual) is real and you do not have to doubt yourself. Here, we are talking about a financial request, either a request for a loan or mortgage. You will have to meet a woman who is somewhat younger than you are. She is not concerned with what you are currently going through, so it would be better for you to get back into shape as quickly as possible if you do not want to give a bad impression of yourself. This meeting needs to be a success, so you have to make sure you have all your wits about you. You are someone who needs to move (sports, physical activities or outings) in order to feel balanced, so maybe you are too undecided (or reserved) about a particular aspect. If not, then is it possible you have been putting off an important decision for too long?

You need someone to comfort you, there’s something that is making you feel sad and nostalgic. You witnessed an event that reminded you of a bad experience and this is affecting you in a distinctive way. There’s someone that loves you and he or she will give you a present to make you feel better, he or she will invite you along on a trip.

You’ll need to reconsider your relationship with someone close. It’s a woman who is older than you and with whom you have a privileged relationship. It would be to your advantage to know this woman better because she has much more to offer that you might think. This woman is passionate, honest and she has respect for you. Your relationship mainly lies with work (professional, social or communitarian). She has already refused something to you simply because of wariness because she doesn’t know you well enough and she is still hesitant to entrust you with more responsibility. You know that she shouldn’t be wary of you, so you’ll have to make an effort to show her that you are a trustworthy person. Don’t hesitate to admit your mistakes because everyone makes them (even her) and she knows it. Be honest with her in everything you tell her and she’ll be able to better judge the sort of person you are. Candor and humility are the keys to your success in your relationship with this woman. Don’t try to impress her because her life experience is great and you’ll frankly be wasting your time just as much your energy. This woman isn’t easily swayed so you’ll have to show your true colors if you want to be able to affect her. Show that you are dignified and proud of what you truly are deep down and you’ll earn her esteem.

Harmony is broken within your work environment after the arrival of a new person. This new person is a woman born under the astrological sign of Libra. By the way she acts, this woman takes into account new elements that you must eventually adapt to. Although your relationship with her will initially be confusing, complicated, and even annoying, with time, this woman is destined to become a true friend both at the personal and at the professional level. Even though she works differently from you, you will quickly find her well-organized and she will be able to teach you a lot. Her arrival is set to take place on a Wednesday afternoon in the month of November. Originally, this woman comes from a small town. She grew up in the countryside, surrounded by nature. She is romantic, a bit anxious, but also innovative and patient. Her arrival in your environment will be a matter of her questioning her previous situation and wishing to free herself from her previous job. This woman is prudent in business and she can easily fit in a job with great responsibilities. Key words: tight spaces, flight, bird, liberation.