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A man who is older than you are reproaches you for insubordination. This man is part of your close circle. He is man who is cheerful with everyone but somewhat capricious with you. He loves influencing people (or impressing them) with proverbs (sayings, maxims, thoughts, etc.), but he has a competitive spirit and stubbornly believes that he is always right. He is affectionate and welcoming but paradoxically he continuously seeks notoriety and the recognition of others. Why, then, is he so intolerant with you? This man is persuaded that you have a good opinion of him while your thoughts seem to indicate the opposite. You are in a vulnerable situation in your relationship with him and this frustrates you greatly. You need more independence from this man and everything indicates that it is outside help (or an opportunity) that you need (exit door, break your chains, run away, etc.).

A woman from your circle of acquaintances is ill. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus. She’s experiencing great weakness and has not been seeing to her nutrition properly. Either she is presently hospitalized, or she soon will be. This woman is a very kindly person and has shown a lot of generosity in her life. She overflows with gratitude for the small attentions that you show toward her. This woman is having thoughts of death, but her time has not yet come. She will be well taken care of and in the end will be back on her feet. Nevertheless, for her some psychological after-effects of this mishap will linger. You should continue taking care of her. Keywords: neighbour, fishing, train, tenacity, injury, distress, hospitalization, Saturday afternoon, month of January.

Somebody loves you but you do not know it. This person wishes to have the strength to confess his/her love, but he/she is constrained by embarrassment (or a lack of confidence in himself/herself). You know him/her well and you see him/her very often (practically every day or every week). This is a very good looking person who is younger than you are. To see you is often a torture for him/her because he/she would like more than anything in the world to be able to declare his/her feelings to you. His/her discomfort is so great (nervousness, embarrassment, hesitation, etc.) that he/she will soon do something that will greatly confuse you.

An amorous or emotional climate is growing or taking shape in your life and will shortly take proportions you could only have wished for. Your relationship will undeniably increase with a person who shows great kindness toward you. This person is obviously trying to protect you. He/She brings you security on the professional level and visibility on the social level. Despite his/her calm and thoughtful temperament, this person is athletic and has a heightened sense of competition. He/She has a marked interest in activities that require being in very good physical shape. If you want to carry on a relationship with this person, you will have to take care of your health seriously and be able to demonstrate great vitality. If you succeed, a great intimacy will take place between you.

Someone has returned in your entourage. You have not seen this person for many years. It is someone you dislike. You are not happy to see this person again. There has always been tension between the two of you. You consider this individual to be a liar, dishonest and opportunist. You have already had an argument with him/her and you are worried that such arguing will repeat itself. You hold a big grudge against this person and you do not want to have to deal with or cooperate with him/her. It is a humiliating situation for you. You will act in a radical way once and for all. However, be careful that this does not hurt you.

You have to make something. It will be an object or an artistic work which will have for you a high sentimental value and that will become immortal (which will long outlive you). To create it, you will have to use precious materials that are very symbolic for you. Your work will also induce respect because it will have a spiritual value which will transcend the reality of the contemporary world in which we live in. Its mystical character will be clearly established, and for many people, after your death, it will allow a contact or communication with the afterlife. This is about interactivity with an actual entity of the afterlife: a real being (angel or deity) or a specific phenomenon that is attributed to this being.

A request that you will make will be accepted. An important step for which you have high hopes will be given to or allowed you. However, this will first require the approval or authorization of a person who has a decision-making power over people (judge, administrator, director, committee member, or other). This person will have a decision to take regarding you and this decision will be favourable to you. You will not have your answer right away, because this will probably take a few days (if not, certainly less than one month). You request (or your candidacy) will thus be accepted by this person and you will have the green light to prove yourself or to conduct your project to completion. But be careful, because this will require a lot of effort and work. You will have to show patience and determination. Here, it is also about a trip (mandatory or compulsory) and a legal document.

Your perseverance in business or work will pay off for you. Your tasks, good ideas and honesty will enable you to profit, to accumulate important riches (savings, investments, property, etc.) and to earn a solid reputation among people in your midst. You will learn to recognize your weaknesses as well as your strengths, which will give you a clear advantage over those who stray by not knowing how to measure their capabilities and limits. Your name and signature will be respected by all authorities, and many will have confidence in your promises and projects. Your honesty and reputation will make you into a well-respected person and, as a result, you will have nothing to fear in terms of being refused or rejected on the grounds of your requests for permits, loans, investments or other things from large institutions (banks, public administrations, international societies, etc.). You will prove yourself in everything you undertake, and you will be the first person on whom one can count when one is seeking somebody competent and devoted. To put it plainly, on the professional path, because your initiatives will be intelligent and you will be an indefatigable worker, you will encounter very few setbacks.

You have a constant reflex to protect yourself from people. You have developed distrust of strangers and you don’t begin to trust people until they have really demonstrated that they deserve it. You acquired this distrust after a painful misadventure that you experienced in the past. You were humiliated during an event by someone you trusted completely. This person betrayed and ridiculed you and you were deeply wounded by this event. You now have the desire to change or improve your life but you are constantly fearful that people are hiding things from you. You need to understand that, even if this fear is often paralyzing, it isn’t unhealthy for you. Your mind has developed it purely for self-defense and you need to maintain this fear for your own good in the future. Therefore, you mustn’t try to fight it. Rather, you need to try to control it. You have acquired a prestigious weapon for your defense and your duty now is to learn to master it. You now have the gift of foreseeing dangers and you should be proud of it.