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By Denis Lapierre - Wednesday July 24, 2019 - Certified website

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You will be confronted with a love that is unattainable. You will be attracted to a person that you can't have or is impossible to love. It will probably be someone married or already in a relationship. So, you should avoid any insignificant contact with this individual, even if this will hurt a lot. It is highly likely that you are tempted by one another, but you have to avoid this. You will be subject to social pressures and don't insist, or else, you will face big problems.
You will leave for a few weeks, probably for two weeks, more or less (if not more). This will be a journey of personal renewal rather than a vacation. You will take some distance from your everyday stress and your financial worries. You will go to a mountain or to a mountainous location. It will be a lonely place where there are very few houses. You will see some stunning scenery. You will write a lot. It will be poems, thoughts, letters, or other. You will feel wonderfully good. This trip will bring you closer to a being from the beyond that you respect greatly. This will be a time of closeness for which you have been waiting a long time. Your encounter with this being will appear to be unreal, but in truth it will be undeniable. You will come back greater from this trip, and you will almost become a new person.

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