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By Denis Lapierre - Thursday May 23, 2019 - Certified website

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An absurd story with a person of the opposite sex is becoming embarrassing. People are gossiping and a senseless rumour is spreading about you. Someone is spying on you and telling falsehoods against you. This person likes to gossip about others and his/her imagination is a little too fertile. In fact, if he/she is telling so many disparaging things about you, it is because he/she is jealous. He/she envies you and he/she is looking to lower you in the eyes of others in order to appear better than you. This mostly concerns your love life. You will have to avoid being too friendly (affectionate or caring) publicly towards someone of the opposite sex with whom you have a close relationship. A rumour says that you are guilty of adultery or that you have a relationship that is a little too intimate with him/her. You need to protect yourself from those with forked tongues, because aberrant things are being said about you. Your love life may suffer from this. Your friends know you well and trust you. Nonetheless, somebody is jealous...
Your thoughts and dreams betray your heart and mind. You can't forget someone (m/f) that you loved but that you never really knew. Deep down, you still love this person, and this, in some mysterious, almost inconscious, and completely involuntary way. He/she is still in your thoughts, even if you no longer have contact with him/her. Your relationship with him/her was so brief that you know almost nothing about him/her. This person takes up more space in your imagination than what he/she really took up in your life. This was somebody that was about your age. His/her kindness and charm were incomparable. What saddens you the most is that he/she faced financial difficulties (or that he/she was stuck in a standard of living akin to poverty) and that you might have been able to help him/her. This was a trouble person who lived in great insecurity on the social level. He/she was probably living through a great psychological ordeal. Getting closer to him/her would certainly have been very complicated (either extremely difficult or downright impossible.) You will have to overcome your feelings towards this person, because this love is forbidden to you and it consumes your reason and your emotions unnecessarily. A relationship with that person would have in any case not given you any hope in the face of a reality which is not yours, and whose consequences you do not have to bear.

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Copyright © 2019 (3)  Denis Lapierre